Jingles that don’t sound like jingles, and whose sound is indistinguishable from the current hits − that’s how Brandy describe the new custom package they produced for Qmusic. The package features tracks with a seldom heard production value.

Qmusic doesn’t wait until listeners show signs of listening fatigue. The station’s popularity continues to grow in Belgium, and it received a record-breaking score in the latest listener poll in the Netherlands. Still, management decided to give the station a thorough make-over, including new visual and sonic identities.

The slogan is now “You make us Q”. And the jingles are no longer entirely sung, but rather a mix of subtle singing, voiceover and superb music in their own distinctive structure: an immediately recognisable instrumental logo, a great music track with sparse vocals and a spoken clincher. Power and authenticity were the key production values.

YMUQ consists of 7 basic cuts, a TOH sequence, and a whole series of functional tunes for news, weather and traffic. Now, Qmusic has the tools in-house to create a strong sonic brand, and the DJs can use them to make perfect transitions.

Now available in the USA, and around the world!

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Market exclusive and available for use on your station. Grab it now before your competitor does!