Radio stations. If you want some Clarification on what typs of jingles you’ll find in a jingle package or service, then you come to the wright post!

Below is the complete radio jingle dictionary. Refer back here if you are 1 brand new to radio jingles and programming a radio station or 2 if you just need a refresher sometimes we’ve all been there!

Jingle Dictionary

What’s what from A to Z

A capella

Vocals only, without any music. Jingle packages are usually delivered with lots of extra mix-outs, including the a capella versions: the isolated vocal elements of the jingle.


A.k.a. music bed. An instrumental piece of music, usually used as an underscore for a voice-over or DJ. Examples: traffic bed, weather bed, news bed. Some beds can contain both a front sing and a back sing, like the Weather bed or Promo bed.

Custom jingles

Custom, or custom-made jingles, are new, original compositions, tailor made to fit your station’s needs. When you order a custom jingle package the production time is usually longer than when ordering syndicated jingles. If possible, we suggest a 2-3 month’s time schedule. That way, you’ll be able to get the most out of the production process. Sometimes, if it’s a huge custom package the production time is longer.

Customized jingles

“Customized” sounds really fancy but it’s actually the same as “syndicated”. So: check “Syndicated jingles”.


A cut is one of the jingles from a jingle package.Jingle

A sung, musically-based station ID.

Launch Pad

A.k.a. ramp. See: Ramp.

Mixes, mix-outs

A jingle, or cut, can have many different mixes or mix-outs. Allot of modern jingle and imaging companies today like to spoil all of their clients with as many mix-outs per jingle as they can. With every cut, you’ll ALWAYS receive the extra acapella (= no music, or vocal only) version. If your jingle lyrics would be, for instance: “Your favorite hits – 102.7 – WSOB”, you would receive at least 5 mix-outs of this cut: 1. the “full version” 2. the “tag version”: “instrumental bed – WSOB” 3. the alt tag: “instr. – 102.7 – WSOB” 4. the “donut”: “Your favorite hits – instr. – WSOB” 5. the acapella version.

Sometimes, individual cuts can have different instrumental mixes, for instance a “light”, or “unplugged” mix. In that case, you’re lucky because you’ll receive the double amount of mix-outs. If they make different lengths of that jingle, you’ll also receive those. For free.


Also known as ramp jingle, launch pad or talk-up bed, this type of jingle has a longer instrumental beginning proceeding the station name or slogan. It enables the DJ to do a talk or presentation over the jingle music, usually until the vocals start.

Shotgun (jingle)

Very short jingle, usually 5 seconds or less. Can be a standalone cut or derived from a longer cut.

Slogan cut / slogan jingle

The slogan cut would be the archetype of the station ID jingles. It’s usually a jingle that contains the station’s slogan and/or frequency and the station name.

Station ID (Jingle)

Station Identity, or Station ID Jingle, is the “official” name for radio jingles, referring to the original and often main purpose of a station ID jingle: to show the radio station’s identity, or name.

Syndicated jingles

Syndicated jingles allow stations to benefit from other people’s work… :-). You can choose from a large number of jingle packages, originally customly created for other stations outside your market. You choose a package that would work for your station, write the lyrics (using the lyric sheets jingle and imaging companies provide with the packages) and they’ll sing your station name, slogan and/or frequency. Syndicated jingles can be sung in any language.
Transition jingle

a jingle that usually accommodates a change in tempo between two songs. A fast-slow transition jingle can, for instance, start at 135 BPM and end at 100 BPM. This way, it can serve as a perfect bridge between a fast song and a slow song.

This jingle dictionary was taken from the SOB website, but everybody will benefit from this dictionary. I hope that if your brand new to programming and or imaging a radio station or if you need a refresher corse, you’ll always refer to this jingle dictionary for information on what’s what from A to Z!