MicroJams, Inc. marks the end of the traditional radio id jingle service as we know it. Radio jingles have always been consistent in one regard, they’ve all sounded the same, and still do, yet have very little in common with the music of the station they promote. MicroJams are not jingles, they’re quick musical elements focused solely on branding your station’s frequency, calls, and moniker. They’re designed to flow musically within the stations playlist. Since they are musically based on the stations playlist, they immediately brand the frequency and calls with the sound of each respective format and station.

The artists and producers performing these tracks are industry pros that have worked with some of the biggest names in the music business. This makes each MicroJams package indicative to the “sound” of each particular format and consistent with that of major label product. songs. Regardless of music format, they create seamless transitions between songs. Microjams are designed for every music-driven radio station on the planet and since there is no other service that offers this approach to radio imaging, there is no competition.

Radio, as a medium, needs a facelift. Mainly to remain competitive with all of the other media choices available to consumers today. By incorporating this innovative and pioneering approach to music imaging into your playlist, Microjams will immediately make your station break away from the pack. They fit perfectly within a “Less is More” and PPM world, and are perfectly in tune with the future of radio. If you don’t incorporate Microjams into your station’s imaging, your competition will.

The sound of now…the sound of the future…the sound of MicroJams!

Meat Dave Campel, the creater of Micro Jams.

MICROJAMS is a 100% customized station imaging service created and produced from the musical mind of Dave Kampel, best known as the “Voice of Kiss FM” and former longtime Imaging Director of WKSC FM, Chicago. Dave is also the voice the mighty Z100 in NYC, the legendary KIIS FM in Los Angeles, as well as many other radio stations worldwide. His voice, production, and image has been very instrumental in launching and branding over 30 “KissFM” stations nationally during the late ’90s and throughout the 2000’s.

Prior to his career in radio, Dave discovered a natural affinity for singing and song-writing while growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has recorded and written songs with recording artists such as The Deele (LA & Babyface), Blessid Union of Souls, and Grammy award winning song-writer Greg Barnhill (Trisha Yearwood, Amy Grant, Vince Gill).

Kampel is a leader in imaging as well as musical and vocal production/arrangement. Since beginning his career in radio, he has utilized his musical talent and versatility to work with such artists as Pharell, Pink, Rhianna, JoJo, Lenny Kravitz, Omarion, Bubba Sparxx and others. Today, that experience influences his creation of tracks, grooves and elements that work seamlessly in between music while relating to listeners.

Dave has been producing on the Imaging side of radio for 10 years, and It was through this position that he struck a chord, and a fast friendship with Production Master, Eric Chase. During their first phone conversation in ’97, these guys realized that they shared a common disdain for the tired sound of radio jingles. It was then and there the decision was made to transform that very element which had not changed in 50 + years. In 2005, a “threat” from his PD to order a “new” jingle package, prompted Dave to change the sound of the jingle industry forever.

MicroJams can now be heard on radio stations worldwide. From Chicago to Istanbul, Miami to South Africa, Microjams seamlessly brand their affiliate’s radio stations with the music they play.

Checkout the new sound of now!

Micro Jams is sold via TM Studios and Westwood 1.

Get Micro Jams on your station now before the competition clames it!

Tip. Using Micro Jams with Short Bus Radio might be a good idea.