Wise Buddah has relieced it’s monthly newsletter for September and October 2015.

Here are just a couple of highlites.

The company has signed long turm, multi-year deals with 10 of the biggest radio station owners in the united states. These include Cumulus, I heart Media, CBS Radio, Beasly Broadcasting, Entercom, and Alpha Media to name afew. They expect more station owners by the end of the year. As part of the deal, radio stations will be able to use WB’S newest imaging service IMGR, as well as using any jingle package from WB’S catalog of customizable packages available on the website. All packages work for any radio format. Or, they can get a complete custom package that not only fits any format, but that package gets syndicated for other stations, giving the package a new lifespan.

In addition, Dave Meffert, the world’s popular imaging producer has left TM Studios after a long 5 year run and is joining Wise Buddah effective October 5 and will be the Vice president of creative content for WB. This means that Dave will handle all of the companies catalog of jingle packages as well as handleing imaging and production for IMGR’S formats. and creating production music libraries. Dave will stay in New York City, but his jingles and imaging he produced with TM Studios will now be in the hands of Bruce Upcherch. Dave reports to Phil Tozer, production director. for WB’s offices in Seattle, WB’S US home base.

This is a great time for Wise Buddah as the company is shuffling it’s staff. Their jingles are on stations worldwide and are customizable. I can’t wait to hear what they’ll put out with Dave in command. All I can say is congratulations to everyone involved with WB and congratulations goes out to all of the radio station owners in the United States. the fact that more owners are to follow is more great news as IMGR is taking radio imaging by storm. Literally.

Radio stations can go here to hear IMGR’S most recent highlites and sign up for this new imaging trend that everybody is talking about. IMGR comes in 2 formats CHR and Hot AC, with 2 more to follow Country at the end of the year, and AC launching earley next year. Radio stations in the country arena can sign up for IMGR Country now. IMGR CHR has hit the 50 station mark, and IMGR Hot AC has hit the 30 station mark. Incredible job for the team at Wise Buddah as IMGR is only 7 months old and is already growing it’s client base.