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October 2015

New Kiss FM jingles from Wise Buddah

Berlin’s Kiss FM has returned to Wise Buddah in London for the third time, for a host of new updates. The brief was designed to blend the electronic and experimental sound of the station with the urban, CHR playlist that forms the backbone of the their identity. Together producing one of the most progressive packages in the market.

The updates include new Information Elements, a selection of music beds, 2 TOHs and a tailored ‘Kiss FM Toolbox’, which comprises of almost 1000 individual pieces.

Jem Godfrey, Director, Wise Buddah Jingles: We always get excited when Sebastian calls as working with Kiss is always a great creative experience. They actively encourage us to get all of our audio toys out, throw the rulebook away and just have fun. What could be better than that?

Sebastian Voigt, Programme Director, Kiss FM added: “The new 2015-package is the next logical step in our long lasting cooperation with Wise Buddah! They have set a new standard for creative and on-point urban CHR sound design and it gives our station a very unique look and feel in the market.”

Wise Buddah has recently completed new packages for Switzerland’s Radio Pilatus, NPO Radio 2 (Holland), Antenne Bayern (Germany), BBC Asian Network and Absolute Radio.

American stations can either contact WB directly, or contact AdLarge Media for all the information.

Go here to listen to the new Kis FM package.

Kiss FM is available for your station now. Get it before your competitor does!


Television news music packages. One And Only, First news, News Source, This Is Your News

One And Only.

Bold and confident. The One and Only sets the tone right up front with a sonic signature that announces your newscast to the audience. The structure of the rhythm arrangements allows for awesome sound design options; it’s a dream for designers and editors. Hard-hitting posts off the top, strong transitional elements and hot sound effects greatly compliment the total power of this package.

Listen to the One And Only news music package here.

First News. This gets confusing. So let’s take it one package at a time. 1 package is titeled First News Music from Non Stop Music. That package has been 100% remixed and reworked and ready for your station’s newscast. Discription reads as follows.

First News’ live orchestration delivers a powerful, memorable, and distinct news logo. 30+ themes and variety for all your branding and promotional needs. First News will capture the loyalty and respect of any demographic.

Here’s where you can listen to the first news package.

Now, the current 2015 first news package description.

Get running out of the gate! These tracks all start with a powerful and rapid pace to create urgency and to ensure your viewers know your are “First”. The powerful and memorable sonic signature jumps out of the tracks to brand your station. The consistent driving rhythm sections lay great under your content as a stage-setting bed to maintain urgency and excitement throughout your entire newscasts. You’ll find everything you need from orchestral to gritty electric guitars to set the perfect tone.

Here is the link to hear the new 2015 First news package.

News Source.

News Source instantly sets the tone for your newscasts as the “Source” for important information. The carefully crafted tracks evoke a sense of urgency, authority and trust without being too aggressive or going over the top. This is the perfectly balanced package for stations wanting a sense of traditional values while at the same time including today’s hard-hitting contemporary tones.

Listen to News Source here.

This Is Your News.

This Is Your News creates the iconic “clarion call” to listen up and pay attention to your newscast. There is no doubt that your audience will feel a sense of trust and honesty when this package is married to your graphics and anchor talent. The orchestral overtones are perfectly composed with urgent rhythm backdrops to clearly define to the listener that “This Is Your News”.

Listen to this is your news here.

All news packages are market exclusive. Get these on your newscast now before it’s to late!

Television news music packages. The X Package, Daily News, The Edge, Advantage

More television news music goodness for your TV newscast!

The X Package.

This package brings a great sense of rhythm and pacing to your newscasts. The strong signature is complemented with a driving beat that perfectly sets up your graphics and video transitions to punch up your show elements. This style works great with heavy sound design elements to allow you to dramatically sync your visual and audio accents and draw your viewers’ attention to each segment.

Listen to The X Package here.

Daily News.

There is an amazing amount of depth and variety with the Daily News Package. It is rooted in a more traditional news sound, but as you search through the tracks you will find electric rock elements, contemporary rhythm sections as well as acoustic instrument flavors. Everything ties back to the very recognizable orchestral signature.

Listen to the sound of Daily News here!

The Edge.

Named “The Edge” for a reason, this package jumps out of your speakers and cuts through the clutter with an alerting 4-note signature that demands your audience’s attention. It’s a strong sound for hard news and breaking news stations that want to sonically brand their stations with a great sense of urgency.

Listen to The Edge here.


Everything in this package leans toward urgency and moving forward. This is accomplished with an immediately recognizable signature complimented with strong, forward-mixed rhythm vamps to drive your news message home. Also included is a nice variety of lighter arrangements with the same signature to help you to perfectly brand your individual newscast departs or segments.

Listen to Advantage here.

Both The X package and The Edge will not only work for Fox O&O stations, but it’ll work for any station.

There are 2 packages named First News. I’ll feature them tomorrow. To avoide confusion, one is titeled First News, the other is titeled First News Music.

All of these packages featured here are market exclusive. Get them on your TV newscast now before all seats are full!

Television news music packages. Seize the day, High Velocity, and Alive

Seize the day.

This upbeat package features rhythmic pop guitars and light orchestration with a great high energy. Seize the Day features separate franchise, topicals, and investigative themes. NBC version is available.

Listen to Seize the day here.

High Velocity.

The High Velocity News Music Series is an attention-grabbing package with a distinctive sonic brand, containing moving bass lines and commanding strings. You will be effectively branded with a strong logo your viewers will recognize as yours.

Listen to High Velocity here


The Alive News Music Series offers an aggressive and triumphant music package. It provides punchy percussion with the addition of brass and strings.

Listen to Alive here

All television news music packages are market exclusive, and available in your market. Grab these packages on your local newscast now before the competition does!

Television news Music packages. Target, Primetime News, Innovation, Empire.


Target features live guitars, synth and brass to create a fast paced package for your viewing audience.

Listen to Target here.

Primetime news.

Strong, hard hitting, memorable news themes leave an indelible brand for the news. Everything from edgy hard-hitting themes to massive orchestral cuts.

Listen to Primetime news here.


A fully orchestrated package that sets the tone as the traditional “newscast of record” for your market. Bold horns and strings announce your newscast’s sonic brand. The signature builds to a crescendo to announce your anchors at the most powerful point of the arrangement. These tracks are all great stage-setters to transition throughout each phase of your newscast with the perfect mix-outs and orchestration.

Listen to the Revolution News Package here.



Beautiful and epic. This package has a big sound of a full orchestra announcing your news as the “Empire” in your market. Rolling timpani, symphonic strings and clarion horns are heard throughout the package to set the stage for elegant compositions that demand respect. Great alternate versions bring electric guitars, solo piano and contemporary sounds to compliment any segment of your newscasts.

Listen to Empire here.

Market exclusive. Get these packages on your TV newscasts now!

TM Studios reworks their jingles

The TM Studios website has been reworked and has relaunched.

As part of this new relaunch, all of their jingles and services were reworked and you can now listen to all of their packages online.

With Dave Meffert out, Bruce Upcherch has completely reworked and reproduced all of the jingles and imaging libraries.

What does this mean, exactly? Well, it means more mixouts when you air the jingles. It also means that all of TM’S imaging libraries gained new features, like music imaging for Short Bus Radio.

The changes also introduce a brand new all feemail vocal sound to the companies list of vocal stile choices. The all feemail sound is frunted by legendary vocalist Beverley Staunton. MIX 2016, Kiss TM, and Complete Hit Radio CHR are some of the packages featuring this new vocal sound.

I love the new all femail approache and I hope you will as well. It’s a 10 voice vocal group. This group also marks Beverley Staunton’s debut on allot of newer TM packages, though I can see some older packages getting the Beverley treatment, we’ll see!

I still highly recommend TM studios 100%. It was high time for a makeover.

Get TM Studios on your radio station today! You’ll be glad you did!

Television News music packages. Moving Foreword, In-sink, and Image

Here are some more television news music packages you can use on your TV newscast!

Moving Foreword.

Created for WFOR-TV Miami. A vibrant, guitar driven package with a distinctly positive Sonic Brand.

Based on the DR. Fill theme from 2002-2010.

Here the upbeat, positive sound of Moving Foreword here!


A large and completely updated package with a distinguished orchestral sound accented with contemporary tones.

Hear In-sink here.


They say image is everything. This package takes that to heart with a strong signature as well as complex arrangements that create a rich and full package. Whether you are looking for a more traditional sound with orchestration and horns, or shredding it with gritty electric guitars, this package has the variety and depth to give you that perfect rich musical image.

Hear Image here.

Market exclusive and ready for your TV newscast. Get these packages now before the competition does!

television news music packages. Shelly Palmer News Music Packages

We continue now into our television news music packages catalog with all of the Shelly Palmer News Music Packages.

All of the original demos are 100% reserved. When you air the packages today though, all cuts like all other packages are completely remixed and remasterd for today’s TV newscast.

Here’s the discription.

We exclusively represent the Shelly Palmer News Music Packages! Strong, hard-hitting, memorable news themes put forth an indelible brand for news. Includes everything from edgy hard-hitting themes to massive orchestral cuts.

The packages are…

M3.2 Package

Palmer News Package

Millennium 3 Package

Brave New World

Building Pride

Go hear to hear all of the original Shelly Pommer news music packages!

Every package is 100% market exclusive. Get these packages on your station’s newscast now before it’s to late!

Television News Music Package. This Is Home – News & Image Package

I got a couple of suggestions from some TV stations via facebook for me to feature this package on this vast list of television news music packages.

Here you go guys! I won’t mention those stations here, you know who you are. But thanks for suggesting this awesome package!

This Is Home – News & Image Package.

This Is Home takes a ground breaking, comprehensive and unique approach that combines the hottest news music in the business with vocal image elements that will set your station apart and help you rocket your station to the dominant market leader. . . all in one awesome package! Built on a strong 3-note signature that solidifies a memorable sonic brand across your entire station, those 3 notes also reinforce the 3 powerful words “This – Is – Home” in the multiple vocal branding elements.

Here is a link to the montage, which you can listen to here.

This is one of the newest news music packages written and produced by Dave Meffert. Along with a full news package, you’ll also get a full image campaign with 10 full sung jingles that features the same 3 notes of the news music package described in the description above.

Want to tell your audience that your TV station is home to them? Grab This Is Home news and image package on your TV station now before the competition does!

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