the guys over at Sticky FX has relieced a new FX package called KIX FX.

When you do imaging for a station that plays rock oriented music, it can be hard to find the right FX and work parts. You don’t want the cheesy stuff. You want it to have a certain edge without being too harsh and you want it to rock and melt with your station’s music.

It’s here! KIX FX, the production library for pop, rock and alternative formats. A jam packed production tool with over 200 FX that will make your station stand out from the ones still using the boring stuff that’s produced in the same way it has always been done for decades.

The new KIX FX package has separate folders for Impacts, Starters, Fx, Beats, Drones, Separators and statics which makes it easy to work with in a wide range of formats. It blends with lots of musical styles from pop to rock and from alternative dance to eclectic.

KIX FX gives you that original edge. Legendary alternative imager John Frost who created the world famous sound for KROQ Los Angeles in the 80’s and 90’s now runs his own production service Frostbytes and says: “The new KIX FX library is really solid! The Impacts are varied and original, your use of Guitars is refreshing throughout.”

Dutch imaging director for KX Radio, Maurice Verschuuren is hooked on the sound of the new KIX FX: “KIX FX helps to bring out the best in me as producer, and it perfectly glues all the musical styles we play in our eclectic format together. KIX FX fits in every time and everywhere.”

Stew Hererra, Creative Services Director of KLOS in Los Angeles tells: “I’m using the new KIX FX for our Classic Rock format here at KLOS and I’m really digging it!”

Whether you’re a Bear, Peak, Edge or Jack. When your station is playing rock music, it’s time to get the new KIX FX. Over 200 FX and work parts for pop, rock and alternative radio!

Not just for pop, rock and alternative. It’s for every format. Country, Hot AC, Christian radio, Classic Hits and Classic rock as well!

It’s a buyout FX package for any radio station. it’s also non market exclusive. Get KIX FX on your station today!

Side note. One more FX package is coming later this month. Watch this space!