The radio jingle industry has now seen new lite, thanks to Wise Buddah.

Launched in 1999, the jingle company is now 16 years old, and growing.

They have evolved from 1 jingle package to hundreds of jingle packages for a radio station to choose from.

Wise Buddah jingles contains…

Logo flexibility. You can have Wise Buddah sing your jingles with any logo you want, no restrictions even if your logo melody is a heritage logo melody.

Tuns of edets and mixouts provided to your station at no extra charge.

Vocal Stile options for every station.

Jingles can be sung in any language.

IMGR is starting to take over the updating jingle and imaging service arena as well. It not only revives the updating jingles concept, but you also get song stems, power intros spisific to your station playlist, and a couple more surprizes.

I highly encourage any and all radio stations around the world to get Wise Buddah jingles and or IMGR. You’ll be happy you did. AdLarge Media handles US distribution, but US radio stations can always contact WB directly to get a jingle package. IMGR comes in 3 formats. CHR, Hot AC and Country. The Country demo isn’t on the website yet, but radio stations in the Country arena can sign up now.

Their jingles are sung in various languages, but all in all, their jingle packages are well produced and will work in any radio format from AC to CHR, Hot AC to Country. Don’t like what you see? no worries Wise Buddah will do a custom package for your radio station. And if your a returning customer, they will welcome you back to the WB family of clients with open arms.

Grade: A+.

Go here to sign up with IMGR,

And go here to listen to the various packages available.

Don’t want to use IMGR? No problem! Combining Wise Buddah jingles with another imaging library like Short Bus Radio might be a good idea.

Wise Buddah. The jingle company that’ll dominate the radio jingle industry in no time at all. After hearing all of their custom jingle packages available on the WB website and the IMGR format demos, I highly recommend Wise Buddah big time.