GrooveWorks just released a brand new television news music package available to NBC television stations only.

For 2015, it’s called the NBC news package.

NBC News Package

Recorded with the 80-piece Prague Symphony Orchestra, this rich and dynamic news package is heard on WNBC New York, KNBC Los Angeles, WCAU Philadelphia, KNTV San Francisco, KNSD San Diego and others. With over 170 mixes and the signature NBC chimes, it’s the perfect sound to sonically brand your NBC news programming.

If your and NBC station with a local news presence but your missing something, this package is worth checking out. You get everything from news opens, bumpers, weather, community and topical beds and more!

GrooveWorx did a fantastic job with this new music package, and I 100% recommend it to all NBC O&O stations. Period!

Go here to listen to it for yourself.

Already on NBC stations coast to coast. Grab the new NBC news package on your NBC station now before it’s to late!

Side note. While we are talking television news music, I’ll be posting more packages in the next couple of weeks. Watch this space!