So I heard the new Spine jingles online yes, they finally got around to putting them on their website.

I like these jingles some. Unfortunately, I don’t think these jingles are worth your money. No cut by cut feature on the site tells me that the site for Spine is way too basic. Also, they don’t use live instrumentation like the rest of the jingle companies, and0 the vocals could be produced a little better.

Further more, I don’t think that Spine will take off. I mean sure, the jingles are good, but I just don’t think Spine will get as many stations as Wise Buddah, for example.

So in short. Spine jingles, based in the netherlends and Grand Rapids, Michigan is a good jingle company on paper. But after I heard the jingles they have and a basic website desine, I can definitely say that Spine is a work in progress for sure.

For now, I would stick to jingle companies such as Pure Jingles and Wise Buddah. Those 2 jingle companies are well polished with live instrumentation and vocals that are vary well produced. Plus IMGR has been getting more and more new stations every month.