Welcome to the television news music part of Radio Imaging Fun For Everyone!

This is where I begin to branch out from just doing radio jingles and imaging to being the place for both radio and television stations.

This is where I post television news music packages from everywhere. Warner/Chappell Music, 360 Music and Stephen Arnald Music.

All of the television news music packages were ritten and produced by Dave Meffert and have been completely reworked for today’s newscasts.

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Television stations with local newscast presence. Grab these packages in your market now while you can, as all television news music packages are 100% market exclusive!

All news music packages can use any sonic logo you own. All packages are 100% flexable.

Let’s get things started with a news package called Impact.

The Impact News Music Package continues to be one of the most recognizable premium Sonic Brands in the industry. Live guitars, brass and strings give this package its grand feel. Versatile and jam packed with sweeping orchestral themes along with a percussive guitar driven sound. Impact delivers tons of promo and topical mixes to round out your branding and imaging needs.

Television stations, listen to all of the Impact package here.

Impact includes the world faimiss NBC chimes for NBC O&O stations.

Grab Impact now on your station, before all seats fill up!

Side note: Radio Imaging Fun For Everyone! is still going to feature radio jingles and imaging. This new part of my blog is going to be and expansion of what I’m doing.