Here are discriptions on these next 3 packages created exclusively for television newscasts.


The Propulsion News Music Package features a perennial melodic signature with a driving, contemporary sound enhanced by live guitars and orchestral brass.

Hear the Propulsion package here.


Created for KTVU-TV in San Francisco, Icon News is a large diverse news music package perfect for multi-platform broadcast needs. It includes orchestral and contemporary themes.

Hear Icon here.


An alarming and powerful 3 note signature is quick to put your station on the top. The 3 notes carry throughout all of the compositions to consistently keep your brand in front of your viewers. The pulse-pounding rhythm beds maintain a sense of urgency for every track with the strong 3 notes appearing many times in every composition. Strong electric guitars and thumping bass guitars are mixed to the front as signature instruments in this package.

Paramount was originally created for UPN and the WB O&O stations. Don’t let that information fool you, as this package can be used on any O&O station, from ABC to Fox.

Have a listen to this powerful package here!

Get any of these packages on your TV newscast now before the competition powers up!