I got a couple of suggestions from some TV stations via facebook for me to feature this package on this vast list of television news music packages.

Here you go guys! I won’t mention those stations here, you know who you are. But thanks for suggesting this awesome package!

This Is Home – News & Image Package.

This Is Home takes a ground breaking, comprehensive and unique approach that combines the hottest news music in the business with vocal image elements that will set your station apart and help you rocket your station to the dominant market leader. . . all in one awesome package! Built on a strong 3-note signature that solidifies a memorable sonic brand across your entire station, those 3 notes also reinforce the 3 powerful words “This – Is – Home” in the multiple vocal branding elements.

Here is a link to the montage, which you can listen to here.

This is one of the newest news music packages written and produced by Dave Meffert. Along with a full news package, you’ll also get a full image campaign with 10 full sung jingles that features the same 3 notes of the news music package described in the description above.

Want to tell your audience that your TV station is home to them? Grab This Is Home news and image package on your TV station now before the competition does!