Our television news music packages continue now with these packages.

The Hammer.

Bold and flashy with a commanding spirit. Big orchestration with loud drums and guitars give this small package a big driving force for your news branding.

Here The Hammer news music package here.

The CBS Enforcer.

As “One of America’s most recognized Sonic Brands”, the most respected CBS stations choose “Enforcer” as their sonic news brand. “Enforcer” is the one the industry has come to rely upon as the definitive CBS branding signature.

Built on a dynamic signature that evokes immediate respect and trust. From traditional, bold, orchestral arrangements to rockin’ sports tracks…so much variety, it’s like a mini library catalog just for your news cast! Included are sound design elements and stingers, all built into one package.

Over 1100 dynamite tracks to choose from. If you are looking for a music package that will set you apart and drive ratings success, there’s only one choice….the “Enforcer”.

Here a small montage of The CBS Enforcer here.

The NBC Collection.

This is the consummate NBC News Music package. With over 1,200 cuts, stations have access to traditional orchestral tracks, driving sports and contemporary sounds, along with unique stripped-down organic and acoustic compositions. Hundreds of mix-outs and special sound design elements are available to perfectly compliment any of your branding goals for special content segments. We’ve also included special versions for NBC Sports, Olympics & Election coverage.

Listen to a small montage of The NBC Collection here.

ABC Eyewitness News.

This package is trusted by the number one TV station in America, WABC…and all of the other ABC O&O’s as well. This is the authoritative sound that instantly evokes respect and trust. This package is deep & rich with orchestral, new contemporary updates, strong sports elements, fun entertainment and lighter versions.

Hear a small montage of ABC Eyewitness News here.

As we go through the news music packages together, you’ll find that all of the themes in eatch package have been remixed and rearranged by Dave Meffert, the world’s famous music producer you’ll come to admire.

I encourage everyone to keep watching the television news music tag g.

For now, TV stations. Get these packages now on your newscast before you run out of time!