Here are some more television news music packages you can use on your TV newscast!

Moving Foreword.

Created for WFOR-TV Miami. A vibrant, guitar driven package with a distinctly positive Sonic Brand.

Based on the DR. Fill theme from 2002-2010.

Here the upbeat, positive sound of Moving Foreword here!


A large and completely updated package with a distinguished orchestral sound accented with contemporary tones.

Hear In-sink here.


They say image is everything. This package takes that to heart with a strong signature as well as complex arrangements that create a rich and full package. Whether you are looking for a more traditional sound with orchestration and horns, or shredding it with gritty electric guitars, this package has the variety and depth to give you that perfect rich musical image.

Hear Image here.

Market exclusive and ready for your TV newscast. Get these packages now before the competition does!