Target features live guitars, synth and brass to create a fast paced package for your viewing audience.

Listen to Target here.

Primetime news.

Strong, hard hitting, memorable news themes leave an indelible brand for the news. Everything from edgy hard-hitting themes to massive orchestral cuts.

Listen to Primetime news here.


A fully orchestrated package that sets the tone as the traditional “newscast of record” for your market. Bold horns and strings announce your newscast’s sonic brand. The signature builds to a crescendo to announce your anchors at the most powerful point of the arrangement. These tracks are all great stage-setters to transition throughout each phase of your newscast with the perfect mix-outs and orchestration.

Listen to the Revolution News Package here.



Beautiful and epic. This package has a big sound of a full orchestra announcing your news as the “Empire” in your market. Rolling timpani, symphonic strings and clarion horns are heard throughout the package to set the stage for elegant compositions that demand respect. Great alternate versions bring electric guitars, solo piano and contemporary sounds to compliment any segment of your newscasts.

Listen to Empire here.

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