The TM Studios website has been reworked and has relaunched.

As part of this new relaunch, all of their jingles and services were reworked and you can now listen to all of their packages online.

With Dave Meffert out, Bruce Upcherch has completely reworked and reproduced all of the jingles and imaging libraries.

What does this mean, exactly? Well, it means more mixouts when you air the jingles. It also means that all of TM’S imaging libraries gained new features, like music imaging for Short Bus Radio.

The changes also introduce a brand new all feemail vocal sound to the companies list of vocal stile choices. The all feemail sound is frunted by legendary vocalist Beverley Staunton. MIX 2016, Kiss TM, and Complete Hit Radio CHR are some of the packages featuring this new vocal sound.

I love the new all femail approache and I hope you will as well. It’s a 10 voice vocal group. This group also marks Beverley Staunton’s debut on allot of newer TM packages, though I can see some older packages getting the Beverley treatment, we’ll see!

I still highly recommend TM studios 100%. It was high time for a makeover.

Get TM Studios on your radio station today! You’ll be glad you did!