More television news music goodness for your TV newscast!

The X Package.

This package brings a great sense of rhythm and pacing to your newscasts. The strong signature is complemented with a driving beat that perfectly sets up your graphics and video transitions to punch up your show elements. This style works great with heavy sound design elements to allow you to dramatically sync your visual and audio accents and draw your viewers’ attention to each segment.

Listen to The X Package here.

Daily News.

There is an amazing amount of depth and variety with the Daily News Package. It is rooted in a more traditional news sound, but as you search through the tracks you will find electric rock elements, contemporary rhythm sections as well as acoustic instrument flavors. Everything ties back to the very recognizable orchestral signature.

Listen to the sound of Daily News here!

The Edge.

Named “The Edge” for a reason, this package jumps out of your speakers and cuts through the clutter with an alerting 4-note signature that demands your audience’s attention. It’s a strong sound for hard news and breaking news stations that want to sonically brand their stations with a great sense of urgency.

Listen to The Edge here.


Everything in this package leans toward urgency and moving forward. This is accomplished with an immediately recognizable signature complimented with strong, forward-mixed rhythm vamps to drive your news message home. Also included is a nice variety of lighter arrangements with the same signature to help you to perfectly brand your individual newscast departs or segments.

Listen to Advantage here.

Both The X package and The Edge will not only work for Fox O&O stations, but it’ll work for any station.

There are 2 packages named First News. I’ll feature them tomorrow. To avoide confusion, one is titeled First News, the other is titeled First News Music.

All of these packages featured here are market exclusive. Get them on your TV newscast now before all seats are full!