One And Only.

Bold and confident. The One and Only sets the tone right up front with a sonic signature that announces your newscast to the audience. The structure of the rhythm arrangements allows for awesome sound design options; it’s a dream for designers and editors. Hard-hitting posts off the top, strong transitional elements and hot sound effects greatly compliment the total power of this package.

Listen to the One And Only news music package here.

First News. This gets confusing. So let’s take it one package at a time. 1 package is titeled First News Music from Non Stop Music. That package has been 100% remixed and reworked and ready for your station’s newscast. Discription reads as follows.

First News’ live orchestration delivers a powerful, memorable, and distinct news logo. 30+ themes and variety for all your branding and promotional needs. First News will capture the loyalty and respect of any demographic.

Here’s where you can listen to the first news package.

Now, the current 2015 first news package description.

Get running out of the gate! These tracks all start with a powerful and rapid pace to create urgency and to ensure your viewers know your are “First”. The powerful and memorable sonic signature jumps out of the tracks to brand your station. The consistent driving rhythm sections lay great under your content as a stage-setting bed to maintain urgency and excitement throughout your entire newscasts. You’ll find everything you need from orchestral to gritty electric guitars to set the perfect tone.

Here is the link to hear the new 2015 First news package.

News Source.

News Source instantly sets the tone for your newscasts as the “Source” for important information. The carefully crafted tracks evoke a sense of urgency, authority and trust without being too aggressive or going over the top. This is the perfectly balanced package for stations wanting a sense of traditional values while at the same time including today’s hard-hitting contemporary tones.

Listen to News Source here.

This Is Your News.

This Is Your News creates the iconic “clarion call” to listen up and pay attention to your newscast. There is no doubt that your audience will feel a sense of trust and honesty when this package is married to your graphics and anchor talent. The orchestral overtones are perfectly composed with urgent rhythm backdrops to clearly define to the listener that “This Is Your News”.

Listen to this is your news here.

All news packages are market exclusive. Get these on your newscast now before it’s to late!