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November 2015

Megatracks announce new offerings to radio stations

MEGATRAX PRODUCTION MUSIC has inked partnership agreements for a full slate of radio imaging services from IMGR, the imaging production service from WISE BUDDAH and TIRADE, radio imaging for Sports and Talk radio from PETE GUSTIN. MEGATRAX will now offer seven format options — Top 40, Hot AC, Rock, Sports and Mexican Regional with News Talk and Country packages rolling out in early 2016.

VP/Sales PHIL MACKO said, “Radio has always been near and dear to MEGATRAX. We’ve seen changes in our radio clients’ needs, and for years have sought the perfect imaging partners. Our standards for sonic quality and service are quite high, so our search wasn’t easy. I’m proud and happy to say that the search is over. Our partnership with IMGR and TIRADE will provide world class products to our radio clients. We’re honored to be their partners.”

IMGR will be available throughout NORTH, CENTRAL and SOUTH AMERICA excluding CANADA. TIRADE will be available to MEGATRAX clients in all of NORTH, CENTRAL and SOUTH AMERICA.

Megatracks will provide future and current IMGR clients production FX and music beds for sweepers and promos.

To get IMGR on your radio station before your competitor does, Contact AdLarge Media or Wise Buddah directly.


My opinion on the new TM Studios

Ever since Dave Meffert left TM Studios last month October 5, to be exact all of the packages on the site has now been remixed and reworked with some changes

For CHR and Hot AC, TM Is now introducing us to the new feemail vocal stile. In short, it’s a all girl vocal group. It’s a 20 voice vocal group For a station that’s CHR and Hot AC, I can say after hearing it that TM did and amazing job and I’m happy that it’s gaining allot of stations. This new vocal sound can be found on such packages as Kiss TM and Complete Hit Radio

No other vocal changes were made. The group sing used on Pure AC has also gained allot of stations.

Can’t wait to hear what TM puts out next with the new girl group and the new Pure AC group! I’ll bet we won’t hear the last of these 2 groups for a long time. Well done TM!

Television news music packages. The non stop music collection

We’re back to television news music packages after a couple of months!

Here is the rest of the Non Stop Music collection of packages.

Side note. All of these have been reworked to fit your TV newscast.


Momentum’s authoritative signature produced with live brass and strings, along with strong percussive and electronic elements makes this an excellent branding and imaging package. Plenty of themes for morning to late night as well franchise, topicals, and promo choices aplenty.


Live orchestrations recently updated with live guitars add to this big, full news and branding package. Rich arrangements and 60 powerful themes make this one of the largest and most versatile branding packages we offer.


An authoritative, confident and memorable package. Themes are arranged with a driving, powerful and purposeful tone. Created to project a credible and reliable image.


Live orchestrations combined with modern electronic elements lift up this authoritative signature. Over 69 themes make this a flexible, versatile, and unique news and branding package.


Full body news package to give any news broadcast integrity and believability.
Power! News.

One of the largest news and branding packages in the industry, Power News is licensed around the world. Its universal sound, strong news logo, and incredible number and choices of themes make this one of the most versatile music packages on the planet. Produced with live orchestration for a rich full sound.


Live orchestration combined with pop and electronic elements enhances a memorable signature. 35 themes give this package many options for your branding and promotional needs.


A driving, edgy, sound bound to bring a powerful signature to any newscast.


A classy and powerful News Music Package presents a big sound built around a strong, memorable theme. Live orchestration makes all the difference.


Strong, hard-hitting, memorable news themes put forth an indelible brand for news. Includes everything from edgy hard-hitting themes to massive orchestral cuts.

Good Day.

The Good Day News package is well adapted to support reliable and distinctive news presentations. Created for television newscasts and news radio.


Upbeat and catchy to help your brand move forward and feel the frequency.


The Premiere News package is constructed with high-energy themes and a powerful central theme.

News Force.

New News Force will grab and keep news viewer attention and never compromises in powerful news arrangements for any type of news story.

Click this link to hear all of the newely reworked Non Stop Music packages.

All of the non stop music packages are now available for your TV newscast. These are also market exclusive. Grab any of these packages now before your competitor does!

Premier Networks to distribute Imaging Blueprint in the United States

From All Access.

PREMIERE NETWORKS will provide exclusive domestic distribution for IMAGING BLUEPRINT. After offering the innovative imaging library to international stations in 2013, PREMIERE will expand distribution to Top 40 and Hot AC stations across the U.S. beginning DECEMBER 28th.

“We’re excited to expand our partnership with IMAGING BLUEPRINT to include domestic distribution,” PREMIERE NETWORKS VP/International Business Development TANYA JUHASZ said. “Affiliates around the world have experienced the value of this cutting-edge service, and we’re confident stations here in the U.S. will enjoy reaping the rewards as well.”

“After working with TANYA and the team on international distribution for IMAGING BLUEPRINT, we are thrilled to be a part of their domestic lineup!” IMAGING BLUEPRINT Dir. ADAM BURGESS said. “It’s a real honor and a privilege to work with such a fantastic team of people and to have the unique sound of IMAGING BLUEPRINT on a roster alongside some of the world’s greatest production talent.”

I would like to say to everyone involved with Imaging Blueprint these first 3 years, congratulations. You really erned this new venture into the United States, and I can’t be more proud!

Listen to the Imaging Blueprint demo by clicking this link.

This year has been great in the radio imaging seen. AdLarge Media distributes Wise Buddah and IMGR in the US, Short Bus Radio has a new ownership in Westwood One, and jingle companies reliecing new products.

This year isn’t over yet so watch this space for more imaging stuff to come!

People who want to find this story can go to and typing imaging in the search box.

Radio Disney Country review. Superb, just superb!

Bilbord did a great review of the new Radio Disney Country branding.

I’ll post this review here, then add some words of my own.

From Bilbord. This reviewer is from Fairbanks, Alaska and listens to RDC on Wild 94-3.

Radio Disney Country was one of those radio station ideas that instantly made sense from the moment it was announced to Billboard in June. Let mainstream country stations dither on whether country’s youth movement is desirable or sustainable, or whether Taylor Swift was ever good for the format. A month later, Kelsea Ballerini’s “Love Me Like You Mean It” went to No. 1, making it clear that even if Swift was no longer country’s youth ambassador that, there is still a need for the position.

Radio Disney Country launched Nov. 4, timed to arrive with the CMA Awards. Unlike its “family top 40” namesake, Radio Disney Country exists online and on local country radio stations for now, and if there’s a station made for online radio’s infinite dial, it’s this one, but so far this is a test of what a true pureplay can accomplish. It is, at least, starting out with Radio Disney’s cume and publicity unmatched by any Internet radio station besides Beats 1.

In an opening day interview, Radio Disney GM Phil Guerini told the Washington Post that Radio Disney Country will go beyond country’s traditional walls. It would be easy now to do an “acoustic pop for younger listeners” format that goes from Ballerini into Vance Joy. Radio Disney Country isn’t that, but in the first 24 hours it was possible to hear EDM artist Audien’s current pop hit with Lady Antebellum on lead vocals, or pop-era Taylor.

As with Radio Disney itself these days, there are long stretches where its new country sibling doesn’t sound so much like “the other.” Unlike the early ‘00s, Radio Disney doesn’t have to manufacture that much of its own pop music now. There is a presence of young artists from outside radio’s walls here, but not a preponderance. Both stations also have a number of songs that aren’t particularly youthful in focus, but aren’t inappropriate for a family radio station either. So you’ll still hear Darius Rucker’s “It Won’t Be Like This For Long,” one of those acceptance-of-adulthood songs that very much marks mainstream country at its most, well, mainstream.

You also won’t hear that much Swift; it took me two-hour stretches of listening before she made her first appearance. In fact, until I heard Danielle Bradbury’s “Friend Zone” — one of the Radio Disney Country songs that you won’t hear on mainstream country — that I finally heard a song that takes high school as its theme, which Swift brought to the format for the first time nearly a decade ago.

One of the best, most notable aspects of Radio Disney Country is its strong concentration of female artists (and yes, consecutive female artists). Ballerini’s No. 1 hit was, in part, an industry make-good for the dearth of female acts, and an attempt to put the great Nashville nightmare of “saladgate” behind them. On Radio Disney Country, Maddie & Tae play next to Jana Kramer.

It’s also worth noting that, across two listening sessions roughly twelve hours apart, I heard a vastly different station. The opening night broadcast featured Betsy Spina and artist interview audio to tie in with the CMAs. There was a lot of Radio Disney Country-specific imaging including a custom song intro from Hunter Hayes. The next morning, Radio Disney Country was jockless and the imaging was actually all from Radio Disney itself.

These are station launch hiccups — as was the song I heard twice in the course of a half-hour on the first day — but if there’s anybody whose side channel shouldn’t and doesn’t have to sound like an Internet side channel, it’s a Disney property. Like Sirius XM’s The Highway, there is significant “national superstation” potential here, if properly taken advantage of.

Here’s Radio Disney Country on Nov. 4 at 8 p.m. ET:

Lindsay Ell, “By The Way”

Darius Rucker, “It Won’t Be Like This For Long”

Rae Lynn, “Better Do It”

Big & Rich, “Run Away With You”

Luke Bryan, “Play It Again”

Sam Hunt, “Break Up In A Small Town”

Dan + Shay, “Nothin’ Like You”

Maddie & Tae, “Shut Up And Fish”

Big & Rich, “Run Away With You”

Rae Lynn, “God Made Girls”

The Band Perry, “Live Forever”

Audien f/Lady Antebellum, “Something Better”

Lucy Hale, “You Sound Good To Me”

April Kry, “Fireflies”

Hunter Hayes, “Still Fallin'”

… and here’s the channel on Nov. 5 at 6:20 a.m. ET:

Hunter Hayes, “Still Fallin'”

Thomas Rhett, “Crash And Burn”

Rae Lynn, “Better Do It”

Tim McGraw, “Top Of The World”

Brothers Osborne, “Stay A Little Longer”

Hunter Hayes, “21”

Danielle Bradbury, “Friend Zone”

Rascal Flatts, “Rewind”

Maddie & Tae, “Fly”

Jana Kramer, “I Got The Boy”

Kenny Chesney, “Save It For A Rainy Day”

Lindsay Ell, “By The Way”

Taylor Swift, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

My thoughts. These songs are the same songs when I heard the new sound of south jersey’s WPER Cat Country 107.3. However, WPER uses a localized playlist, it’s live most of the time, and the imaging and jingles from 360 Country from TM Studios fit the new branding perfectly. WPER airs Tast Of Country Nights, but that doesn’t concern me one bit as that program is syndicated and uses the same imaging and jingles used during local programming.

All in all this was well worth the wait and launch, and I’m really excited that over 3,000 specific Country stations got on board. In 2 words, superb job one and all!

There are Country stations everywhere airing RDC with different names, imaging and jingles, as well as having a localized playlist and community presence. Chances are you can listen to RDC anywhere you go!

The internet radio station itself uses 360 Country, Jingles and all. If your station needs new imaging and jingles, consider using 360 as your next imaging service, just like RDC and over 400 Country stations nation wide!

Short Bus Radio review. Always new, always fresh.

2 months ago, the #1 imaging service we in the radio industry call Short Bus Radio was taken over by Westwood One.

Dave Meffert, who owned SBR for 13 years, left the company as soon as SBR changed ownership. However, despite all that’s been happening with SBR recently, Dave still produces SBR imaging, and will continue to do so for a long time.

Short Bus Radio is still always up to the challenge of creating imaging that’s new and fresh. Nothing literally has changed since the Westwood One takeover. Your station will still receive new content every week, ready to go for your station.

In a PPM world it’s nice to know you have a imaging service you can count on for the latest sweepers and promo shells, music imaging, beds and FX, and more.

Short Bus Radio just launched their new website, which you can checkout here. New and potential clients can listen to the newely updated format demos and get a free 30 day testdrive to try SBR.

I like the new site design. The demos still say Dial Global, But I bet they’ll change to saying Westwood One soon. All in all, I still highly recommend SBR.

Seats are starting to fill up fast. Contact Westwood One and get Short Bus Radio in your market today before there’s a full tank of gas!

IMGR. The first 12 months.

Over these first 12 months, IMGR has grown from 1 format to 3 formats.

To celebrate a job well done, here, in full, is IMGR’S very first press reliece in 2014

Introducing IMGR, a brand new radio production service delivering daily quality content to radio stations worldwide, via an innovative online interface.

Combining aspirational Imaging and contemporary sounding jingles into one service, IMGR creates a distinct improvement on existing platforms and raises the bar in quality and user experience

Based in Seattle, WA, IMGR is a partnership between Wise Buddah Jingles & Music Imaging and Steve Pigott, well known for creating and revolutionizing Imaging services worldwide. The service was announced at RadioDays Europe in Dublin yesterday.

“Taking a couple of years out and enduring an unbiased, objective assessment of radio imaging has enabled me to focus on the next generation of production services. IMGR is fresh, unique, powerful and has the edge on anything else out there”, said Steve Piggot

IMGR boasts an exiting line-up of both fresh and experienced production talent with contributions from some of the most recognized and respected names in the business, including George Taylor – who has played an integral role in developing the sound of CHR radio in recent years.

IMGR comes in a CHR presentation, a Hot AC presentation, and a Country presentation. The service has already beaten the competition over these 12 months. They hope to add even more clients in the next 12 months.

In regards to the Country format, the demo isn’t even online yet, but already a bunch of stations have signed on before the official demo comes out. Well done!

IMGR’s jingle package starts with a 12 cut starter kit. After that you get 3 new jingles every quarter, 12 cuts every year!

You then receive a huge imaging library of pre-produced sweepers and promos, workparts, music beds, listener and artist audio, production FX and branded intros. All of these elements update literally every week.

Everything is customized with your voice talent

You can edit all of the cuts online via IMGR’S new multi-track editter. You can also download literally everything and build your own library of customizable workparts. All of IMGR’S catagories are culler coaded.

Hundreds of stations everywhere are using IMGR. Is your station ready to take your imaging to the next level?

It’s time to burn your old jingle and imaging service, and start creating your own imaging masterpieces with IMGR! I can’t recommend it enough

IMGR is a creation of Dave Meffert and Mark Goodier. It’s being described as the next big thing since Short Bus Radio. I can’t agree more

Here’s the newely launched IMGR website. Go here to listen to monthly audio highlites from these 3 formats!

Market exclusive and ready for your station now. Lock it up in your market before the station across town does

Watch this space. I’ll let you know when the demo for the new Country format is up.

Radio Disney Country launches tonight with live CMA awards broadcast

Imagine a country music station not tied down to any of the regular country radio procedures: It can play traditional country; pop-country; album cuts; new artists; old artists. Even Taylor Swift

Therein lies the secret weapon for Radio Disney Country, a Radio Disney spin-off that launches tonight coinciding with ABC’s Country Music Association Awards. (Both properties share Disney as a parent company.) The station, aimed at a general family audience and also teens and millennials, plans to launch into the competitive country radio arena by simply playing everything

Specifically, the station will have a 60-40 split of music. Sixty percent will be popular artists such as Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan and Hunter Hayes. The rest will spotlight up-and-coming young artists, from Maddie & Tae to RaeLynn and Dan + Shay, plus singers that teens might be familiar with from TV, like Cassadee Pope from “The Voice” and Scotty McCreery of “American Idol.” At the same time, the station will play Taylor Swift’s music, even if it’s from years ago when she was still a country artist. Plus, it won’t shy away from songs like “Something Better” by electro-dance producer Audien…because the track features Lady Antebellum, a country group

[For Kelsea Ballerini, Taylor Swift comparisons used to be a liability. Not anymore

Phil Guerini, Radio Disney’s vice president of marketing, says that’s exactly how executives hope to define Radio Disney Country: Lack of definition of genres. While that idea may upset purists, Guerini says that will be a major benefit for the listeners who are already accustomed to different genres

“Even country music fans don’t purely listen to country music,” Guerini said. He noted that as the country format has embraced to have a more pop and rock-leaning sound, some of the audience (particularly the younger set) won’t seem that surprised to hear songs from a pop artist on a country station

Radio Disney Country, which like Radio Disney is available to local radio stations nation wide and on digital apps, is a natural evolution for the parent company, given that ABC is the home to programming such as the CMA Awards and primetime drama “Nashville.”The Disney Music Group even used to own Nashville-based Lyric Street Records (which has since shuttered). So the idea for a Disney country-themed station, which has been in the works for about two years, is on-brand

Radio Disney Country stations across the United States and Canada will be able to keep their playlist, programming, station name and imaging, including all jingle packages and services pryer to the local brand announcement this summer

Be prepared to air music that’s even younger than ever

Over 3500 radio stations will be launching the hole branding at once. WBCT Grand Rapids is the flagship station

If you need any imaging package ideas incase you need to change your imaging after the launch, I would recommend these services I’ll just list them here, no links as you can find them in the Country, Imaging and jingles tags on this blog

Country Splat! Dave Meffert voices this service You can use him as your signature voice or use your own voice talent. Honestly, I would stick with Dave Meffert as he’s a good fit

360 Country Jingle and branding service from TM Studios

IMGR Country even though the demo isn’t on the main IMGR site yet, the new jingle and imaging service itself has finally launched and is now available. The service is already customizable with your own voice talent. Plus the jingles are 100% in line with today’s country programmers

Short Bus Radio they have a country imaging library. Just because Dave Meffert no longer creates stuff for short bus radio doesn’t mean that they stopped updating the library

Reelworld One and Production Vault are 2 more good choices

If I had to pick something, My top 3 would be Country Splat! IMGR and 360. All other libraries will fit the station as well, but not as flexible as the top 3

As noted, Reelworld, TM Studios and Wise Buddah are providing the jingles and imaging for the new venture. Even Zone Radio Imaging is apart of it!

Splat! Review. Really worth getting for your station.

Radio imaging competition is good. Your station has a choice from the biggest and most successful imaging libraries and services anywhere

Here’s another one of those highly successful and most talked about imaging librarys you’ll find

I mentioned Splat! back when I started this blog, and I’m really surprised everybody is taking notice

Splat! is a Dave Meffert creation and is airing on over 600 radio stations nation wide. It’s smart imaging for the busy radio programmer

Splat! Launched it’s new website and updated all of the format demos last month. No longer do you need to contact the company to air the sounds of Splat! on your station. Instead, you just fill out the form on the sign up section of the new website, and that’s it. Are you programming a cluster? No problem, just provide Splat with station call letters separated by commas

You have 2 options. You can either use Dave Meffert himself to voice your station, or use your own voice talent

This is a great imaging service that I 100% highly recommend you use on your station. After hearing the updated formats demos I can say that Splat! will be the imaging service of choice for many more program and imaging directors for the foreseeable future

Splat! is a barter only service and is market exclusive

Radio Stations, here’s the sign up form. Just fill up the form and your done!

Splat! will help with those tight deadlines. Grab Splat! Now for your station or cluster before the station across the street does, and all seats fill up!

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