Radio imaging competition is good. Your station has a choice from the biggest and most successful imaging libraries and services anywhere

Here’s another one of those highly successful and most talked about imaging librarys you’ll find

I mentioned Splat! back when I started this blog, and I’m really surprised everybody is taking notice

Splat! is a Dave Meffert creation and is airing on over 600 radio stations nation wide. It’s smart imaging for the busy radio programmer

Splat! Launched it’s new website and updated all of the format demos last month. No longer do you need to contact the company to air the sounds of Splat! on your station. Instead, you just fill out the form on the sign up section of the new website, and that’s it. Are you programming a cluster? No problem, just provide Splat with station call letters separated by commas

You have 2 options. You can either use Dave Meffert himself to voice your station, or use your own voice talent

This is a great imaging service that I 100% highly recommend you use on your station. After hearing the updated formats demos I can say that Splat! will be the imaging service of choice for many more program and imaging directors for the foreseeable future

Splat! is a barter only service and is market exclusive

Radio Stations, here’s the sign up form. Just fill up the form and your done!

Splat! will help with those tight deadlines. Grab Splat! Now for your station or cluster before the station across the street does, and all seats fill up!