2 months ago, the #1 imaging service we in the radio industry call Short Bus Radio was taken over by Westwood One.

Dave Meffert, who owned SBR for 13 years, left the company as soon as SBR changed ownership. However, despite all that’s been happening with SBR recently, Dave still produces SBR imaging, and will continue to do so for a long time.

Short Bus Radio is still always up to the challenge of creating imaging that’s new and fresh. Nothing literally has changed since the Westwood One takeover. Your station will still receive new content every week, ready to go for your station.

In a PPM world it’s nice to know you have a imaging service you can count on for the latest sweepers and promo shells, music imaging, beds and FX, and more.

Short Bus Radio just launched their new website, which you can checkout here. New and potential clients can listen to the newely updated format demos and get a free 30 day testdrive to try SBR.

I like the new site design. The demos still say Dial Global, But I bet they’ll change to saying Westwood One soon. All in all, I still highly recommend SBR.

Seats are starting to fill up fast. Contact Westwood One and get Short Bus Radio in your market today before there’s a full tank of gas!