We’re back to television news music packages after a couple of months!

Here is the rest of the Non Stop Music collection of packages.

Side note. All of these have been reworked to fit your TV newscast.


Momentum’s authoritative signature produced with live brass and strings, along with strong percussive and electronic elements makes this an excellent branding and imaging package. Plenty of themes for morning to late night as well franchise, topicals, and promo choices aplenty.


Live orchestrations recently updated with live guitars add to this big, full news and branding package. Rich arrangements and 60 powerful themes make this one of the largest and most versatile branding packages we offer.


An authoritative, confident and memorable package. Themes are arranged with a driving, powerful and purposeful tone. Created to project a credible and reliable image.


Live orchestrations combined with modern electronic elements lift up this authoritative signature. Over 69 themes make this a flexible, versatile, and unique news and branding package.


Full body news package to give any news broadcast integrity and believability.
Power! News.

One of the largest news and branding packages in the industry, Power News is licensed around the world. Its universal sound, strong news logo, and incredible number and choices of themes make this one of the most versatile music packages on the planet. Produced with live orchestration for a rich full sound.


Live orchestration combined with pop and electronic elements enhances a memorable signature. 35 themes give this package many options for your branding and promotional needs.


A driving, edgy, sound bound to bring a powerful signature to any newscast.


A classy and powerful News Music Package presents a big sound built around a strong, memorable theme. Live orchestration makes all the difference.


Strong, hard-hitting, memorable news themes put forth an indelible brand for news. Includes everything from edgy hard-hitting themes to massive orchestral cuts.

Good Day.

The Good Day News package is well adapted to support reliable and distinctive news presentations. Created for television newscasts and news radio.


Upbeat and catchy to help your brand move forward and feel the frequency.


The Premiere News package is constructed with high-energy themes and a powerful central theme.

News Force.

New News Force will grab and keep news viewer attention and never compromises in powerful news arrangements for any type of news story.

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All of the non stop music packages are now available for your TV newscast. These are also market exclusive. Grab any of these packages now before your competitor does!