Ever since Dave Meffert left TM Studios last month October 5, to be exact all of the packages on the site has now been remixed and reworked with some changes

For CHR and Hot AC, TM Is now introducing us to the new feemail vocal stile. In short, it’s a all girl vocal group. It’s a 20 voice vocal group For a station that’s CHR and Hot AC, I can say after hearing it that TM did and amazing job and I’m happy that it’s gaining allot of stations. This new vocal sound can be found on such packages as Kiss TM and Complete Hit Radio

No other vocal changes were made. The group sing used on Pure AC has also gained allot of stations.

Can’t wait to hear what TM puts out next with the new girl group and the new Pure AC group! I’ll bet we won’t hear the last of these 2 groups for a long time. Well done TM!