The legendary ‘103.5 KTU’ now has a complete new, custom-made sound on the air by PURE Jingles.

Broadcasting from the top of the Empire State Building, WKTU is serving New York a contemporary mix of rhythmic pop songs. Pharrell Williams – Happy, Katy Perry – Dark Horse and Cash Cash – Take Me Home are among the most-played currents on the station. KTU’s programming is built around veteran market talents, including Paul ‘Cubby’ Bryant in the morning, and Hollywood Hamilton’s drive time show.

A population of 16 million people (who can choose from over 40 stations!) makes New York the world’s most competitive market. Despite a comfortable Top 5 position, ‘103.5 KTU’ has the ambition to innovate and grow, Creative Services Director Dave Foxx explains. “We want to take the station into a more cosmopolitan place, where the atmosphere is like a very upscale nightclub – it serves only the finest food and drinks, the staff is dressed to the nines, and the music is constant and very sexy. The lights are always moving and flashing to the beat, and the crowd is beautiful! That should all be reflected in our on-air sound.”

“I have always loved US radio for its tempo and drive, and its great imaging”, PURE’s Creative Director Diederick Huizinga says. “KTU’s new custom-made jingles are designed to go with many genres; from today’s hits to cool classics like Destiny’s Child’s Jumpin’ Jumpin’. To sell current music we also produce dedicated Power Intros. More playlist-current material is being added regularly. The Beat of New York should sound larger than life, and we’ve tried to accomplish that with the new package.”

“We fell in love with the groundbreaking work that PURE Jingles has been doing in Europe for brands such as 3FM, NRJ and BBC Radio 1”, WKTU Program Director Rob Miller adds. “KTU has always been ahead of the curve, and truly reflects the multicultural New York radio market. We needed something that made us stand out above all competitors. This sounds incredible, and is exactly what we have asked for. It also respects the music flow, which is essential to win in the ratings. Did I say it sounds HUGE? PURE Jingles helps us to take our imaging into a whole new stratosphere, it will do the same for you!”

Pure Jingles has added the new WKTU custom package into the JingleBox for all stations. The company also launched A brand new website.

What is the pure jingles JingleBox?

With the JingleBox, you can choose individual main themes from over 300 jingles instead of picking an existing package. It’s like choosing a custom package – but paying the price of a resing.

Choose any jingle, choose any logo

Radio stations get the ultimate choice since they won’t end up with any Urban cuts, just because station X in country Y ordered their package at a time when THEY were playing lots of Urban. Another feature is that JingleBox clients have the freedom to choose a logo melody, which the PURE Jingles team works into in all the cuts.

The JingleBox is for any music format, from CHR to Country, AC to Hot AC, and Classic Hits to Rhythmic CHR.

See what you can create for your radio station with the JingleBox! Click this link to be taken directly to the new JingleBox page.

Side note: You can find the new WKTU package under Dance.

Make sure to ask Pure jingles about creating mixouts of the jingles you selected, even your own sung promo and weather beds like WKTU did with their jingle package!