While I won’t be posting anything new until next month, I thought I would end 2015 with my yearly roundup.

I started this website in February 2015. After 11 months, the site’s hit count went through the roof!

My imaging tips and opinions tag has gane allot of likes, and my blog has gone from 1 subscriber to almost 800 subscribers, thanks in part to Facebook and Twitter.

My blog doesn’t have any comments yet. This is still brand new, I except that.

The post’s deemed unfare would be my post about The new KYGO package from TM Studios and Zone Radio Imaging, relieced in late march. While this package went on KYGO on April 1, so far only 20 views and lack of traffic means that this post falls into the list of unfare posts category. However, on the Brightside I would say that the KYGO package has garnered allot of resings lately. It’s time to give my KYGO package post more traffic. Another post would be This post about updating jingles. It’s really worth more traffic and views because it gives new clients what they need to know about updating services. I can tell you right now that the Bruce Upcherch Zone group can be used on any updating jingle and imaging service created by TM Studios.

What’s next for 2016, more new jingle packages and imaging tools, opinions, and imaging tips galore!

What would you like to see over the next 12 months? Please let me know in the comments below! I always appreciate your feedback, suggestions and ideas so don’t be afrade to speak up!

Side note. I won’t link you guys to the post that garnered the most views this year, but it’s under the Cumulus Media tag. I’ll probably get more views and likes on that post alone.

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