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January 2016

New Imaging Blueprint website and services

After a successful 2015, which saw Imaging Blueprint partner with Premiere Networks for domestic distribution in North America, the production service is proud to announce the next iteration of their website.

Tom Cross, Imaging Blueprint Director said – ‘The new site builds upon the familiar layout centring around their improved Artist Blueprint category, introducing intuitive and improved search functionality plus a host of production service world firsts, most noticeably our Vocal Processor. Just upload your VO, choose from a list of presets and receive a download link to your processed audio, simple.’

Adam Burgess, Imaging Blueprint Director added that ‘December’s highlights include 3 mashups for the 2015 Top 30 Countdown. New Year’s workparts, branded intros and an introduction to our new Vocal Processor. It was felt after speaking with some of our clients; separating the mashups into more bite sized pieces would create slicker and more compelling imaging, whether it was a Top of Hour opener or shorter IDs within the Countdown. Our team and clients agreed another common issue, although subjective, with these types of mashups was the manipulation of the songs being too far away from their original keys or tempos. Taking this on board the team made a concerted effort to group songs that would work more harmoniously with each other.’

2016 is going to be a huge year for live music with some of the world’s biggest artists back out on the road, travelling from city to city on their world tours. So Imaging Blueprint created Promo Blueprint! They wanted to create an Artist Promo kit that could be used in a multitude of ways, whether you just want to take one transition to use within something you’re already building or use the piece as a whole. You can add, remove or re-order songs in your mix, all the bpm and key info are provided plus click on ‘related audio’ to see the full shopping list of audio that has gone into making the finished IB mix. We believe It’s this kind of detail that gives you far more flexibility.

More new imaging service world firsts are to come. In next month’s highlights the team will be showcasing another imaging service world first…

Go here to check out IB’S new website.

Get Imaging Blueprint on your station now before your competitor does!


KOST 2016 and Kiss Seattle 2016 from Reelworld

It’s now official. Reelworld has relieced the new jingles for KOST Coast 103.5 Los Angeles.

Press reliece taken from the All Access Website.

Reelworld has completed and released its all-new jingle package for AC stations, with a launch at iHeart Media AC KOST (103.5)/Los Angeles.

KOST 2016 is a jingle package designed to complement broad AC playlists; from current hits to the biggest songs and artists of the past three decades.

Commented REELWORLD Creative Director ERIK HUBER: “Working on a jingle package for such an iconic set of call letters as KOST-FM is truly an honor. The magnitude of what we were composing was front of mind throughout the project, from the initial concepts through to final mastering. I think we’ve created something truly special, just like the station. This package is a perfect synergy of tempos, moods and textures that somehow manage to sound timeless and current at the same time. It’s an instant classic!”

Added KOST PD MICHAEL La CROSSE: “I wanted to start 2016 with something brand-new for KOST. REELWORLD created a jingle package that’s exciting, contemporary, feels good, and sounds right at home next to any song in our deep playlist.”

The package features 12 core themes, including two top-of-hour themes and weather and traffic imaging.

To listen to the demo or the entire package, Click here.

Also, as a bonus package, Reelworld has relieced Kiss Seattle 2016. A brand new jingle package that’s as fun, energetic and exciting as today’s biggest hits.

Click here to listen to the package cut by cut.

I’ll start off with the Kiss Seattle 2016 package. You get 10 main themes with various mixouts, and a Top Of Hour cut. Unfortunately, no utility cuts Morning Show, Promo, Weather, Contest, News or Traffic beds are provided. It’ll sell well as usual, but points deducted for no utility cuts. Still, it’s a great package.

Kost I expected this to happen. If you remember KOST Christmas, you’ll be amazed at the new KOST custom. This is a package that RW naled successfully and I can’t wait to hear it on more stations soon.

I would get a jump on these packages. Both will be locked out of markets vary quickly.

Kiss Seattle and KOST are available to Christian radio stations as well.

Get these packages on your station now before the competition gets a jump on them!

TM Studios relieces 2 new packages

TM Studios has relieced 2 new jingle packages for Hot AC and Country, respectively.

Hot AC/Christian Radio.

MIX 2016

MIX 2016 exemplifies the new sound of HOT AC Radio. Produced for WRQX in Washington D.C., MIX 2016 demonstrates the perfect “Mix” of tempo, style AND substance. Listen to the demo and you’ll hear a nice fusion of the station’s vocal brand with its musical identity. We produced percussion that HITS hard but made sure every cut remained very “musical.” We used ultra-contemporary synths, killer live musicians and wrote themes that were built to sound perfect along side today’s hit music.

MIX 2016 covers all the bases with many dynamic themes, morning/jock cuts, all requisite utilities and even a pair of contemporary holiday cuts.

You can have TM sing your slogan. The cut by cut section contains the slogan category, however no actual slogan is sung. Instead, the package contains mail and feemail voices saying “The Original!” before the frequency.

I have to say that this is well worth the wait. Stations shouldn’t sit on this… for as once this package came out 10 stations started using it. I love this package. I think you’ll love it too and you’ll want to use it on your station.

Here is the cut by cut page for the all new MIX 2016.

WYCD 2016

99.5 WYCD has come home with this new game-changer from TM Studios, WYCD 2016. It’s FAST, FRESH, and FIRED-UP! BUT we’re confident that simply hearing the music below will sell the package. Or seeing this glowing review from Tim Roberts, OM/PD and Hall of Fame Programmer of WYCD, “The WYCD 2016 TM Package is dynamic and seamlessly fits in to today’s hot country mix while keeping our branding sounding fresh!. It jumps out of the speakers in the mix!”

If it’s not already clear we are very proud of the team and excited about our brand new collaboration with one of the strongest country brands and one of the most talented country programmers in America. Contact TM to learn more and don’t sit on this one….it will become locked out of markets quickly.

It’s a version of KAT COUNTRY with room for your frequency and call letters as well as longer taglines. I really love it and I can’t wait to hear it on air in other markets soon!

Play the WYCD 2016 package cut by cut here.

Both packages are market exclusive. If you want to use any of the new offerings, I’d say grab them now before they become locked out of your market.

New website desine launch!

Well, it took me a couple of tests… but now is the time to finaly launch my new website makeover!

Using the theme called Independent Publisher Thank you WordPress! My new desine replaces the outdated blue background with a beautiful dark red culler skeam.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I played with it. I decided to have 2 hit counter widgits one on the rite, one on the left so I can keep track of my hits and views on the site.

It’s a simple desine with many customization options for me.<br /

I hope you enjoy the all new website and leave me your feedback in the comments below!

TM Studios in 2016. What is to come?

TM Studios are planning on allot of new package relieces and more in this weeks newsletter. Read on for more info.

2016 is looking to be pretty BIG…Here are a few things to look for…

• BIG Stations- 2016 already sees us partnering with some major players for some major projects. WYCD- Detroit, MIX 107-3- D.C., HOT 93-3- Dallas and more BIG stations are coming to TM for the first time OR back again!

• BIG Content- With BIG Stations come BIG custom projects putting even more top-tier sounds on the shelf for YOU – COUNTRY, HOT AC, SPORTS and more.

• BIG Updates- We’ve been helping hundreds of stations keep their sound FRESH and CURRENT for years. Now we continue to expand TM TRUE UPDATE – New MUSIC and new VOCALS every time – Jingles that actually update. PLUS Coming soon: TM HOT AC.

• BIG Talent- We’ve been hinting for a while… IF you THINK you know the “TM SOUND,” it’s time to Listen AGAIN. We have the luxury of working with ARTISTS all over the GLOBE. That means access to singers no one else has and musicians that perform on the BIG HITS your station is playing now.

• BIG Music- With the unparalleled creativity at TM and the power of Westwood One’s network, we have the ability to bring unprecedented content to Radio – A disrupting force impacting RADIO in 2016 is the ATOMICA MUSIC LIBRARY. This massive production music library will surpass EVERYTHING you have ever heard before.

Get on the Newsletter on the front page to keep up with us AND to get your free audio which we deliver (almost) every month!

Here’s to 2016!

As you can see TM is going to reliece a whole bunch of new and exciting things in 2016. Keep checking this blog, you’ll know about them when each package comes out!

Shine 2016 from TM Studios.

The first jingle package of 2016!

Introducing, Shine 2016!

SHINE 2016 is the 4th of the SHINE series of wildly successful Positive, Uplifting Jingle packages. Produced for WRBS (95-1 Shine FM) in Baltimore, Bruce Upchurch has once again created the pinnacle of Style and Substance, especially as it relates to the Christian Music genre. Your station CAN sound contemporary, current and COOL and still remain POSITIVE and true to your target demographic. SHINE is at the forefront of all Contemporary Christian Packages available but is also perfect for AC/Hot AC. Contact us and we’ll show you how to make your brand SHINE.

You can use Shine 2016 with another WRBS produced package called Still Shinin’.

Want to go from for king and country to mercie me? Rachael Lampa to Blanka? Chris Tomlen to Building 429? Your totally covered. If your playing today’s Christian music from the past 20 years or worship songs, the new Shine 2016 package will fit whatever you play. Also works with AC and Hot AC formats as well!

Here’s Shine 2016. Play all cuts here.

And here’s Still Shinin’. Play all cuts here.

This is the first jingle package of 2016. Market exclusive and ready to be resung in your market. Grab Shine 2016 and Still Shinin’ now before your competitor does!

Are you reimaging your station or going for a new format? Here are some suggestions for you!

If your like most of us in radio, your going to eather reimage your station, or change your format in the new year. It happens allot, and you certenly need to be ready for whatever strikes!

Here are some suggestions for you, incase your A changing your imaging package or B starting over this next year.

Jingles are important. They don’t stop the music flow cold these days. They are ment to both keep the music going and start and end formatic elements such as Weather. TM Studios, Reelworld, and Wise Buddah are the 3 biggest jingle and imaging companies you can pretty much use, no matter the format. All 3 have imaging services for example Wise Buddah’s fastest growing all in 1 imaging service is IMGR. And let’s not forget TM’S line of true updating jingle and imaging services those are worth checking out!

Need and imaging library? One imaging library I highly recommend is Benztown. Their libraries are top notch and worth checking out. New clients are WSRW FM Grand Rapids Benztown AC, WBEB Philadelphia Benztown AC, and the Iheart media cluster in Los Angeles using various Benztown imaging libraries. All of these clients I mentioned were using Reelworld’s Production Vault in the past all of them have since dropped PV all together for Benztown.

I hope your imaging is good this year! And keep checking back for new jingles and imaging in the new year!

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