If your like most of us in radio, your going to eather reimage your station, or change your format in the new year. It happens allot, and you certenly need to be ready for whatever strikes!

Here are some suggestions for you, incase your A changing your imaging package or B starting over this next year.

Jingles are important. They don’t stop the music flow cold these days. They are ment to both keep the music going and start and end formatic elements such as Weather. TM Studios, Reelworld, and Wise Buddah are the 3 biggest jingle and imaging companies you can pretty much use, no matter the format. All 3 have imaging services for example Wise Buddah’s fastest growing all in 1 imaging service is IMGR. And let’s not forget TM’S line of true updating jingle and imaging services those are worth checking out!

Need and imaging library? One imaging library I highly recommend is Benztown. Their libraries are top notch and worth checking out. New clients are WSRW FM Grand Rapids Benztown AC, WBEB Philadelphia Benztown AC, and the Iheart media cluster in Los Angeles using various Benztown imaging libraries. All of these clients I mentioned were using Reelworld’s Production Vault in the past all of them have since dropped PV all together for Benztown.

I hope your imaging is good this year! And keep checking back for new jingles and imaging in the new year!