TM Studios are planning on allot of new package relieces and more in this weeks newsletter. Read on for more info.

2016 is looking to be pretty BIG…Here are a few things to look for…

• BIG Stations- 2016 already sees us partnering with some major players for some major projects. WYCD- Detroit, MIX 107-3- D.C., HOT 93-3- Dallas and more BIG stations are coming to TM for the first time OR back again!

• BIG Content- With BIG Stations come BIG custom projects putting even more top-tier sounds on the shelf for YOU – COUNTRY, HOT AC, SPORTS and more.

• BIG Updates- We’ve been helping hundreds of stations keep their sound FRESH and CURRENT for years. Now we continue to expand TM TRUE UPDATE – New MUSIC and new VOCALS every time – Jingles that actually update. PLUS Coming soon: TM HOT AC.

• BIG Talent- We’ve been hinting for a while… IF you THINK you know the “TM SOUND,” it’s time to Listen AGAIN. We have the luxury of working with ARTISTS all over the GLOBE. That means access to singers no one else has and musicians that perform on the BIG HITS your station is playing now.

• BIG Music- With the unparalleled creativity at TM and the power of Westwood One’s network, we have the ability to bring unprecedented content to Radio – A disrupting force impacting RADIO in 2016 is the ATOMICA MUSIC LIBRARY. This massive production music library will surpass EVERYTHING you have ever heard before.

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Here’s to 2016!

As you can see TM is going to reliece a whole bunch of new and exciting things in 2016. Keep checking this blog, you’ll know about them when each package comes out!