TM Studios has relieced 2 new jingle packages for Hot AC and Country, respectively.

Hot AC/Christian Radio.

MIX 2016

MIX 2016 exemplifies the new sound of HOT AC Radio. Produced for WRQX in Washington D.C., MIX 2016 demonstrates the perfect “Mix” of tempo, style AND substance. Listen to the demo and you’ll hear a nice fusion of the station’s vocal brand with its musical identity. We produced percussion that HITS hard but made sure every cut remained very “musical.” We used ultra-contemporary synths, killer live musicians and wrote themes that were built to sound perfect along side today’s hit music.

MIX 2016 covers all the bases with many dynamic themes, morning/jock cuts, all requisite utilities and even a pair of contemporary holiday cuts.

You can have TM sing your slogan. The cut by cut section contains the slogan category, however no actual slogan is sung. Instead, the package contains mail and feemail voices saying “The Original!” before the frequency.

I have to say that this is well worth the wait. Stations shouldn’t sit on this… for as once this package came out 10 stations started using it. I love this package. I think you’ll love it too and you’ll want to use it on your station.

Here is the cut by cut page for the all new MIX 2016.

WYCD 2016

99.5 WYCD has come home with this new game-changer from TM Studios, WYCD 2016. It’s FAST, FRESH, and FIRED-UP! BUT we’re confident that simply hearing the music below will sell the package. Or seeing this glowing review from Tim Roberts, OM/PD and Hall of Fame Programmer of WYCD, “The WYCD 2016 TM Package is dynamic and seamlessly fits in to today’s hot country mix while keeping our branding sounding fresh!. It jumps out of the speakers in the mix!”

If it’s not already clear we are very proud of the team and excited about our brand new collaboration with one of the strongest country brands and one of the most talented country programmers in America. Contact TM to learn more and don’t sit on this one….it will become locked out of markets quickly.

It’s a version of KAT COUNTRY with room for your frequency and call letters as well as longer taglines. I really love it and I can’t wait to hear it on air in other markets soon!

Play the WYCD 2016 package cut by cut here.

Both packages are market exclusive. If you want to use any of the new offerings, I’d say grab them now before they become locked out of your market.