It’s now official. Reelworld has relieced the new jingles for KOST Coast 103.5 Los Angeles.

Press reliece taken from the All Access Website.

Reelworld has completed and released its all-new jingle package for AC stations, with a launch at iHeart Media AC KOST (103.5)/Los Angeles.

KOST 2016 is a jingle package designed to complement broad AC playlists; from current hits to the biggest songs and artists of the past three decades.

Commented REELWORLD Creative Director ERIK HUBER: “Working on a jingle package for such an iconic set of call letters as KOST-FM is truly an honor. The magnitude of what we were composing was front of mind throughout the project, from the initial concepts through to final mastering. I think we’ve created something truly special, just like the station. This package is a perfect synergy of tempos, moods and textures that somehow manage to sound timeless and current at the same time. It’s an instant classic!”

Added KOST PD MICHAEL La CROSSE: “I wanted to start 2016 with something brand-new for KOST. REELWORLD created a jingle package that’s exciting, contemporary, feels good, and sounds right at home next to any song in our deep playlist.”

The package features 12 core themes, including two top-of-hour themes and weather and traffic imaging.

To listen to the demo or the entire package, Click here.

Also, as a bonus package, Reelworld has relieced Kiss Seattle 2016. A brand new jingle package that’s as fun, energetic and exciting as today’s biggest hits.

Click here to listen to the package cut by cut.

I’ll start off with the Kiss Seattle 2016 package. You get 10 main themes with various mixouts, and a Top Of Hour cut. Unfortunately, no utility cuts Morning Show, Promo, Weather, Contest, News or Traffic beds are provided. It’ll sell well as usual, but points deducted for no utility cuts. Still, it’s a great package.

Kost I expected this to happen. If you remember KOST Christmas, you’ll be amazed at the new KOST custom. This is a package that RW naled successfully and I can’t wait to hear it on more stations soon.

I would get a jump on these packages. Both will be locked out of markets vary quickly.

Kiss Seattle and KOST are available to Christian radio stations as well.

Get these packages on your station now before the competition gets a jump on them!