Here is a voiceover artist I recently discovered in 2013. His name is Cam Buzz Brainard.

About Cam Buzz Brainard.

Cam Buzz Brainard hails from Flint Michigan, raised on Bob Seger tunes and Detroit Tigers baseball. His career has taken him from the “Great Lakes State” to New York City, Los Angeles and finally Nashville.

Kids know him as the friendly voice of Disney Channel and sports fans know him as the host of “This Week In Baseball” on FOX, taking over a decade ago for the late great Mel Allen. He is also the smart aleck announcer for “Maximum Exposure”, hosts “Breed All About It” on Animal Planet and is the promo voice for the TV series “Friends” in syndication. You will also stumble across his voice on Discovery Channel, Travel Channel and a ton of radio and TV commercials.

You can catch Buzz weekday mornings on “The Highway” the road to new country on Sirius XM (Sirius 60/XM 16). Weekends Buzz and his partner Storme Warren host the biggest country music party in America with the syndicated show “Music City Saturday Night”. And if you wander just outside of Nashville and beyond music row you can check out Buzz’s Alternative Country show “Altville” also in syndication.

Home base is historic Franklin, Tennessee where he lives just off Main Street with his stunning wife Sandy, his son and best buddy Hank, two dogs and a guinea pig. He operates from a killer, tricked out home studio/man cave which is perfect for watching sports, playing poker and hiding from responsibility.

Useless Fax.

• Broke both arms as a child (at separate times) doing evil knieval stunts

• Has taken batting practice and thrown out first pitch at Dodger Stadium

• Prefers to listen to music old school…on vinyl

• Tears up during “Brian’s Song” every single time

• Peed his pants on television (Bozo’s Big Top)

• Has jumped out of an airplane

• Doesn’t believe in superstition or Oprah Winfrey

• Maintains a single digit (just barely) USGA handicap

• Is an ordained minister (thanks to the internet) and has performed a marriage ceremony once.

• Always splits aces and eights in Blackjack

• Names his pets after Hall of Fame worthy baseball players

• Has driven a NASCAR at California Speedway

• Has a very large scar on his left hand (from a broken beer bottle and a wild night)

• Is in the first scene of “Clear and Present Danger”

• Got a hole-in-one (3rd Hole) at Vanderbilt Legends North Course

• Is a semester short of a college degree

Buzz started voicing radio stations in 2005. Since then he has hit the bigtime. His voice is being used on over 400 radio stations and growing. Is your station one of them?

I highly encourage stations who currently use Buzz to stick with him. He is really good and he’ll take care of your station’s imaging. And if your not one of the stations using Buzz, I highly recommend him. You’ll love the quick turn around.

Here is Cam’s shiney new website. Check it out!

Contact Atless Los Angeles to get Cam Buzz Brainard in your market. You’ll be glad you did!