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March 2016

4 new jingle packages from RadioScape

RadioScape Music has released 4 new jingle packages for 2016.

Florida’s WPOZ

If you have been to Florida, you have probably heard Z 88.3 FM with their “Safe For The Little Ears” Christian format that covers most of the state. With the help of Tate Luck, Dean O’Neal, Jim Hoge and Top Christian Radio Consultant John Frost, RADIOSCAPE has created a 10 cut package with short slogan cuts, shotguns, long ramps and voice-over cuts that will keep a production crew busy for a long time. Please listen to the newest Contemporary Christian package from RADIOSCAPE, and contact us for availability in your market.

Here’s the new Z88.3 package.

Faith Radio

‘FAITH RADIO” was considering an “off the shelf” package from RADIOSCAPE, but decided to trust us with their Imaging for their News/Talk format. What we created is a strong instrumental imaging package with beds that can be looped for their in-house production. It also includes vocal show openers and closers for special programming. This is a 6 cut package that covers a lot of ground.

Listen to Faith Radio’s new jingles here.

New Mexico’s KANW

O.K…. so the nice people from KANW-FM in Albuquerque called us wanting an Imaging package that was up-beat, but not too aggressive and not too sleepy. We came up with a package that covered all of their requests and fit nicely with their format. Radioscape is proud to offer this 19 cut package with lots of variety that will sound fresh in your market for a long time.

Take a listen to KANW’S new jingles here.

Classic Top 40

Top 40? ……Classic Hits? ……Oldies? ……Retro?………..Whatever you call it, RADIOSCAPE’S “CLASSIC TOP 40” 12 cut imaging package brings back the fun in radio. It features brass intensive fast moving cuts that feel like the songs that your listeners still enjoy. Be the first in your market to air these fun high energy good time jingles.

The new classic top 40 jingles can be found here.

In my opinion the new WPOZ jingles were worth waiting for. With Z88.3’s new airstaff it was time for RadioScape to release Z’s new jingles.

Don’t sit on these, all of these packages will be locked out of markets in a short amount of time.


Power Impacts now available from Sticky FX

Recognize this situation? You’re in the middle of a production that needs to be finished yesterday and you’re looking for that one specific impact to give your promo or ID that punch to get it started the right way or that one impact that makes your production go out with a bang. And you’re already browsing over an hour through all of your libraries for that one perfect impact……. you know it’s in there somewhere but you can’t find!

These days are over! Sticky FX Productions knows just like you do that time is of the essence when it comes to the way today’s production world works. So we already did the time consuming work of making the best selection of every impact for every situation with our library ‘Power Impacts’.

Stop browsing through all your libraries for that perfect impact, you’ve got all the impacts you will ever need at your fingertips with ‘Power Impacts’. 100 Impacts in various styles, lengths and energy levels. All elements are logically categorized. There’s the ‘Direct Hits’ which give your production instant and powerful punch. ‘Fade in Impacts’ that are great for transitional purposes. The ‘Whoosh Impacts’ are ideal when you need more subtle power. And when you wanna get really nuts with your production, there’s the ‘Crazy Impacts. In each category you’ll find impacts with long tails, short tails, short hits and even special summer and winter impacts.

Power Impacts has 100 impacts that will make your imaging leave a mark on the radio dial! And you’ll also get 10 bonus Power Drones!

Give your imaging the impact it deserves! Always the perfect impact at your fingertips with ‘Power Impacts’. Check out the demo and track listing here and get this power tool for your station today!

Here’s the link for you to hear the Power Impacts demo.

Simply put. Get this library on your station now! After hearing the demo, you can use this library with another sticky FX library.

TM Studios is HOT in Dallas!

This has been quite a week for the team at TM Studios.

3 jingle packages in the same week have been releaced. Today’s Best Hits, Peak FM, and now this new package for KLIF FM Dallas.

Introducing… HOT in Dallas!


With Legendary CALLS, an ATTITUDE Driven Brand and a Heavy-weight caliber BATTLE in the BIG D, HOT 93-3 is always under the microscope and in the spotlight when it comes to major-market CHR competition. No doubt, the CHR crown in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX is coveted and with a recent format adjustment, re-focus perhaps, HOT 93-3 is in it best position to win. TM Studios is very proud to be a key ingredient in this new Branding strategy with HOT in DALLAS. Check out our blend of line-riding Urban and CHR tracks mixed with a HOT vocal sound that flows in or out of any part of the HOT 93-3 playlist.

HOT Sonic Mixtures, HOT Textures, HOT Tempos ALL make HOT in DALLAS the ultimate CHR-Mainstream package with the ideal Urban twist.

This gives TM’S package total count to 6 so far in 2016 with MIX 2016, WYCD 2016, and Shine 2016.

I said it once, and I’ll say it again. TM Studios has the most diverce line of jingle packages for every format. Chances are there’s a package that’ll fit your playlist.

This package contains the new all feemail vocal group. This package works best on CHR, Rhythmic CHR and Christian radio stations.

Don’t sit on this for to long, this package will get heated up in most markets faster than you can lock it up in yours.

Here’s the package, cut by cut. Click this link to hear it.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find another new package on TM’S site later today. Watch this space!

Urban Radio Imaging got a new TRIL

It was Super Tuesday March 1st and The Radio Imaging Library (TRIL) by Capital of Media announced it was expanding its imaging service with a new Urban format.

For existing subscribers, all 3 formats CHR, Modern AC and now Urban are all accessible.

No extra licenses per format, simply one login that include three formats.

You could say on this Super Tuesday, TRIL is unstoppable 🙂

They’re the fastest growing imaging service, with thousands of imaging elements ready for immediate download.

Everything you need for radio imaging is in TRIL: intros, promo-shells, FXs, beats, workparts, artist drops etc. When you’re part of the TRIL Family and couldn’t find what you’re looking for, just drop them request in your TRIL Dashboard and you’ll have it within 48 hours – produced by one of the six TRIL audio producers.

Get your trial today on

Don’t sit on this fastest growing library for to long, it’ll be locked out of radio markets sooner than you think.

PEAK FM from TM Studios. The package that keymatches your playlist.


The New PEAK FM package started with one question: How much IN-YOUR-FACE-ROCK can a Hot AC jingle package have? OK got it – now add more! We did. PEAK FM in The Springs has a lot “Cool Mom’s” in their extremely dedicated fanbase. Their kids are young, their lives are hectic, their vans are mini …and their music is PINK and BON JOVI with some BEASTIE BOYS mixed in because sometimes you just need to hear some Beasties! It’s not quite CHR, not really HOT AC and its not full on HARD ROCK…maybe we can’t really label it. We CAN say that if you are targeting the ferociously loyal “Cool Mom’s” in your market then chances are PEAK FM is the perfect fit.

This new package literally keymatches every song on your playlist. I meen that for 1 reason. After listening to Peak FM last week for 3 hours strate everytime you hear a jingle it would always keymatch songs back to back without any interruption!

Every jingle in this package will keymatch everything from Billy Jole to Pink, Beverley Staunton to Bon Jovi, even Demi Lovato to Hanna Montana.

The breakdown is 15 cuts total. 10 main themes, and 5 utility cuts Weather, 2 Promo beds, and 2 instrumental cuts.

This package is baced on the legendary WPLJ New York logo melody. You can use any logo you want, as well as your choice of vocals. For example, Peak FM chose solo vocals throughout the package.

Don’t sit on this package to long, as this package will clime up a mounton of radio markets quickly. Gett it on your station now and start keymatching!

Perfect for AC, Hot AC and Christian radio stations.

Here’s the PEAK FM jingle package. Play all cuts here.

The 10 best tips when using Sung Jingles

Thanks to a company called LFM Audio, I found the 10 best tips when using sung jingles.

Here they are!

Sung Jingles are one of the most effective ways to strengthen your brand and help listeners recognize your station. The perfect way to transition from segment to segment, jingles are an important factor in creating a slick sounding, brand conscious station, but what is the best way to use them?

1. Switch them up regularly to achieve a fresh sound. Consider purchasing a bulk lot of jingles at the start of the year and rolling out a few different ones every season. This is a great way to introduce new sung jingles as having them produced at the same time ensures a consistent yet updated sound. Have special holiday or promotion themed jingles factored in separately.

2. Avoid repetition. There’s no need to announce something that has already been stated in the preceding jingle ie: ‘This is our top five songs at five’ if the intro jingle had already mentioned it. It sounds clunky and wastes precious airtime on unneeded information, just launch straight into the content. Always follow a station call with music rather than dialogue and never speaking over the melody, listeners recognise and identify with logo jingles and the flow shouldn’t be interrupted.

3. Flexibility is key. Every show opener or Top of the Hour jingle should be split into two parts; an introductory jingle with a repeating music bed, and a closing tag to wrap it up when you’ve finished speaking. This allows you set the pace when presenting without the pressure of a set time frame, racing to finish in time. Pro tip: Have two closing tags ready to go, one fast, one slow, so you can match it to the upcoming song.

4. Variety. Make sure your jingle package provides enough diversity so you can match the right jingle to the right song or segment. You don’t want to preface a fast up tempo track with a slow sedate jingle. Have an in depth knowledge of all the jingles on file and pick them to suit the genre or key to avoid nasty clashes in tone. Modern scheduling software can be utilised to pre-select and play the correct jingles making jingle management even easier for you!

5. Use jingles to create energy. Re-energize the listener after a break by playing an up-tempo jingle followed by a fast song. It indicates a new change and is a fantastic way to swing into a music sweep.

6. Flawlessly move out of song exits. Using a jingle to exit out of a song is a beautifully simple way to transition into the next segment. If the song is a fade out just wait till a natural moment after the hook melody has finished. Time it for the moment after a 1,2,3,4 beat and ensure that the jingle is of a similar tempo. If it is a song with an abrupt end, wait a few beats before launching the jingle, listeners love their songs and want to hear them out properly.

7. And into them. When moving into the beginning of a song, do the same but in reverse. You can however play the first beat of the song on the last beat of the jingle, this creates an unbeatable flow as long as you match the jingle and song correctly. You can use your scheduling software to set pre-defined cues for every song and jingle, perfect for long music only periods or automated hours.

8. It’s all about the next song. If you are playing two songs back to back with a jingle in the middle, match the tempo to the song that plays after. Don’t play two jingles in order to match both songs, but if the tempo difference between the two songs is too great, play a medium tempo jingle to bridge the gap.

9. Define your jingles. Try to make your jingles sound just a little bit clearer, processed and better than the songs you play, this can be achieved by pushing the fader all the way up at the start of the jingle and slowly decreasing it, this can be made a lot easier by pre-processing all jingles on your editing software. In a similar vein, the jingles on stations that play a lot of classics or easy listening should be a touch faster and more modern than the songs on the playlist.

10. What is the jingles job? Different types of jingles have different functions and for best use it’s important to not mix them up. Use your scheduling system to ensure that everything is used at the right time. Short edits or shotgun ID’s can be used within a segment without fear of interrupting the flow, top of the hours should be ready to go at the whole hour and ramp ID’s for talk ups followed by a song or break.

11. Bonus tip. Don’t be afraid of using sung jingles liberally at your station, with the right package, processing and scheduling, you’ll find yourself enjoying a fantastic, professional sound that your listeners will respond to.

Thank you, LFM Audio for these tips!

One of my favorite jingle companies right now is TM Studios. Their packages are very diverse and they have a wide variety of packages to choose from. TM’S packages cover every format. Reelworld is really good, to!

Hopefully this helps allot! I think these tips will be helpful to any PD and imaging director.

TM Studios releases Today’s Best Hits

Today’s Best Hits

96-3 WDVD Detroit has returned to TM Studios for another benchmark Hot AC jingle package. The vocals are TODAY, the music mirror’s the BEST HITS. It’s another unique package most HOT AC products can’t compete with. It is loaded in size and scope (to be expected) but it also contains a full range of transitional cuts built-in – meaning when moving to and from dynamic tempos – your JINGLE does the heavy lifting to make it feel seamless. Let the music speak for itself below and then get on this one quick – it will be locked out of markets fast!

This package was created to fit not only Hot AC stations, but Christian radio stations who aren’t affrade to put a little energy into their overall sound. This has Bruce Upcherch’s instrumentation stile, but it wasn’t composed by him exactly. But the TM studios team really did a good job with the overall sound of the package that it’s almost like something Bruce would most definitely create! Well done!

You can use any logo melody you want, as well as vocal sound. Heck, you can even use the Zone vocal group which I highly recommend! This package will work with Zone vocals.
Listen to Today’s Best Hits by clicking here.

Highly recommend this package to everyone in the AC, Hot AC and Christian markets. Get it on your station now as it’s 100% market exclusive!

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