The New PEAK FM package started with one question: How much IN-YOUR-FACE-ROCK can a Hot AC jingle package have? OK got it – now add more! We did. PEAK FM in The Springs has a lot “Cool Mom’s” in their extremely dedicated fanbase. Their kids are young, their lives are hectic, their vans are mini …and their music is PINK and BON JOVI with some BEASTIE BOYS mixed in because sometimes you just need to hear some Beasties! It’s not quite CHR, not really HOT AC and its not full on HARD ROCK…maybe we can’t really label it. We CAN say that if you are targeting the ferociously loyal “Cool Mom’s” in your market then chances are PEAK FM is the perfect fit.

This new package literally keymatches every song on your playlist. I meen that for 1 reason. After listening to Peak FM last week for 3 hours strate everytime you hear a jingle it would always keymatch songs back to back without any interruption!

Every jingle in this package will keymatch everything from Billy Jole to Pink, Beverley Staunton to Bon Jovi, even Demi Lovato to Hanna Montana.

The breakdown is 15 cuts total. 10 main themes, and 5 utility cuts Weather, 2 Promo beds, and 2 instrumental cuts.

This package is baced on the legendary WPLJ New York logo melody. You can use any logo you want, as well as your choice of vocals. For example, Peak FM chose solo vocals throughout the package.

Don’t sit on this package to long, as this package will clime up a mounton of radio markets quickly. Gett it on your station now and start keymatching!

Perfect for AC, Hot AC and Christian radio stations.

Here’s the PEAK FM jingle package. Play all cuts here.