The first Country jingle package in Wise Buddah History has finaly releaced.

Radio Veronica return to Wise Buddah

The Spring of 2016 has seen Wise Buddah combine forces with Radio Veronica’s Creative Director Guido Sprenger to create the new sound of Holland’s legendary Radio Veronica. The new package comprises 23 new Themes, including Main IDs, TOHs and a suite of Information Elements.

Guido said: “Radio Veronica went back to the roots of the station. We were looking for fresh, happy, positive jingles that sound modern but still wink to the 80’s 90’s and 00’s music that we play: Pop Rock with some brass! I knew that Wise Buddah could deliver this sound. I worked with Marc Vickers 5 years ago, and once again he delivered exactly what we were looking for!”

Wise Buddah’s Creative Director Marc Vickers added: “It’s a privilege to be back on air with Radio Veronica, who have always been a great pioneer of radio jingles in the Netherlands.

For the sound of the new package, the challenge was to equally reflect the past and the present. To create a high energy sound that fits seamlessly next to classic tracks.”

A busy start to 2016 has seen Wise Buddah packages debut on new stations including Premier Praise & Mellow Magic (both UK), Red FM & 98FM (both Ireland) and R101 (Italy), amongst many others.

Not only is the new Radio Veronica 2016 package available to AC, Hot AC and Christian stations, but for the first time, Country stations will be able to use this new jingle package. This is WB’S first jingle package for the Country market, and they did it wright! If you play Bret Eldrage, Matti And Tae, Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton, you need this package.

This new package can be played in full By clicking here.

This package will get locked out of markets quickly. Don’t sit on this package to long! It’ll even get locked out of country radio markets quicker than you think.

Also watch this space for the IMGR Country service from WB, shouldn’t be to much longer now before that service gets releaced and locked up.

Side note. This package is sung in a different language. Contact WB to have the package sung in English. If your a Country station, you may want to use a different logo melody than the original Radio Veronica melody. US Stations, please contact AdLarge media for more information and to lock this package up in your market, while it’s still available.