Cozy Variety

Real music variety deserves real music imaging variety.  Bruce Upchurch developed 13 new themes for KOSI’s solid brand of AC radio that include slogans, ramps, morning show and utility cuts.

Here’s the new Cozy Variety package.

KOIT – Better Music

Better music screams for cutting-edge imaging.  Using KOIT’s legendary logo, Bruce Upchurch created 10 new themes that take you to the cutting edge of AC without going over it.  All cuts include ramp and ID versions.

Listen to KOIT Better Music here.

Warm in Cincinatti

Warm and refreshing imaging custom created by Bruce Upchurch for Warm 98 in Cincinnati.  20 new themes that include slogans, morning show, evening show and holiday cuts. Using the legendary KOIT logo melody Warm 98 has been using for 10 years running.

Listen to Warm 98’s new package here.

Don’t sit on these packages for to long, as these will get locked up quickly. Get these on your station today!

Desined for AC, Hot AC, and Christian Radio stations.