New jingle package for AC and Christian radio stations. Created for KLJY Joy FM ST. Louis and WRRM Warm 98 Cincinnati.

Christopher Huneke, Program Director Warm 98 , Cincinnati:

“Plain and simple..these jingles just sound fresh.  It’s exciting to have a jingle package that defines the sonic feel of today’s and tomorrow’s Adult Contemporary radio”

Mike McVay, Senior Vice-President/Programming Cumulus Broadcasting:

“The experience Andy and Oli bring from a worldwide platform makes it more exciting than any jingle package I’ve ever heard.”

2016 has seen new packages coming in from left, right and center. The new Warm 98 package created by Sound Quadrat, in my opinion fit today’s christian music perfectly. And if you play 90’s christian music on your station, these jingles will work.

And don’t worry if your and AC station. These jingles will fit the format.

Grab this package now before it gets locked up in your market!

Here’s the complete Warm 98 package.

Side note. If you need add libs removed they’ll be happy to do that.