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September 2016

Jingle package review: Country Legend

Here is my review on TM Studios Country Legend.

Things I like.

1. Instrumentation is good. I wouldn’t say this is a hot country jingle package. I’ll put this package under the mainstream country catagory seeing there’s steal guitar and fittle in the instrumentation.

2. Vocals are nice. I like the mail/feemail vocal mix. I wish TM offered this vocal stile more, the only other package I’ve heard would be 360 Country.

3. Plenty of room. You have plenty of room for station frequency and call letters at the end of every cut.

The only thing I don’t like is the package contains no slogan mixes, even though it clearly says slogans in the cut by cut demo. However, it’s not the biggest dealbreaker in the world, as TM said there’s room for your station’s slogans and positioners. So, that’s no big deal.

To end my review, I’ll say this. The new sonic logo in Country Legend sounds good, the vocals are good, and the package has beutiful instrumentation. It’s a good package for mainstream country stations. I wouldn’t use this on a hot country station, but that’s just my opinion.

Here’s the link to Country Legend. Have a listen.


Jingle package review: K-Hits Chicago

Here’s my review on Reelworld’s new jingle package for K-Hits, Chicago.

Things I like.

1. Slogan mixes. There’s room for everything you can think of as far as your positioner goes. This is a great package that features various keys and tempos.

2. Vocal sound. How do you describe a jingle package in 1 word as far as vocals are conserned? Huge! How about a 20 voice vocal group with a 10 voice option for those stations who don’t want that big of a sound.

3. The package stands out. Especially the Weather bed. Very Michael Jackson-ish in the opening string section.

4. Room for call letter placement. Yes, you finaly have a classic hits package inwhich you can use frequancy and call letters at the end of every cut.

5. The package keymatches your playlist. This is what I call a keymatch package. You can go from song to song just by matching the key of the song.

6. The instrumentation is spot on! This is what I call a true classic hits package without sounding harsh.

There’s nothing as far as the stuff I don’t like. If there’s 1 thing, it’s that RW should add more vocal options. Other than that, I think I’m through with this review.

Here’s the K-Hits chicago package.

I say this package is worth a listen to and if your a classic hits station, you should totaly use it on your station.

Jingle package review: Buz’n Country

I have decided to launch a new feature on my blog as of today.

This new feature was inspired by Youtube channel Flossy Carter, who reviews all kinds of tek.

Here, I’ll be reviewing various jingle packages from various jingle companies.

This is a once a week feature.

Know that like Floss, I pledge no allegiance to no jingle companies. I like them all, and they have been great friends of mine for years.

If I say a jingle package is good, I’ll say it’s good. If I say a jingle package is bad, I’ll try my best to explain why.

The first package I want to review is TM Studios Buz’n Country.

Here are some things I like after listening to the package.

1. The instrumentation is good. Granted this package has little to no country instrumentation, but that’s no surprize to me.

2. There are 2 weather beds instead of 1. Good for KNMB Twin Cities to commission 2 weather beds. Gives the package more variety of tempos to pick from each hour.

3. The vocals are good. Not the best, but definitely not the worst. A mix of mail and feemail vocals with a group harmany definitely make the package added energy.

Things I don’t like.

1. No slogan mixes. Though this package offers room for positioning statements, there are no slogan mixes in the demo cuts. I did hear slogan mixes on some stations though.

2. Not enough room. I feel there is no room for station frequency and call letters. Not a big deal since most jingle companies can edit the tracks, but I would’ve loved to hear frequency and call letters out of the box.

3. The beds are too short. All beds are 30 seconds in actual length. Not enough in my opinion. 60-2 minutes should be the length.

Overall, Buz’n Country is a good package to use on any country station. Allot of stations are using this package, and I heard longer beds on some stations who use it.

I hope this review helps you out in any way when choosing a new jingle package for your station!

I’ll have more to come, stay tuned!

Here’s a link to Buz’n Country.

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