Here is my review on TM Studios Country Legend.

Things I like.

1. Instrumentation is good. I wouldn’t say this is a hot country jingle package. I’ll put this package under the mainstream country catagory seeing there’s steal guitar and fittle in the instrumentation.

2. Vocals are nice. I like the mail/feemail vocal mix. I wish TM offered this vocal stile more, the only other package I’ve heard would be 360 Country.

3. Plenty of room. You have plenty of room for station frequency and call letters at the end of every cut.

The only thing I don’t like is the package contains no slogan mixes, even though it clearly says slogans in the cut by cut demo. However, it’s not the biggest dealbreaker in the world, as TM said there’s room for your station’s slogans and positioners. So, that’s no big deal.

To end my review, I’ll say this. The new sonic logo in Country Legend sounds good, the vocals are good, and the package has beutiful instrumentation. It’s a good package for mainstream country stations. I wouldn’t use this on a hot country station, but that’s just my opinion.

Here’s the link to Country Legend. Have a listen.