Here’s my review on Reelworld’s new jingle package for K-Hits, Chicago.

Things I like.

1. Slogan mixes. There’s room for everything you can think of as far as your positioner goes. This is a great package that features various keys and tempos.

2. Vocal sound. How do you describe a jingle package in 1 word as far as vocals are conserned? Huge! How about a 20 voice vocal group with a 10 voice option for those stations who don’t want that big of a sound.

3. The package stands out. Especially the Weather bed. Very Michael Jackson-ish in the opening string section.

4. Room for call letter placement. Yes, you finaly have a classic hits package inwhich you can use frequancy and call letters at the end of every cut.

5. The package keymatches your playlist. This is what I call a keymatch package. You can go from song to song just by matching the key of the song.

6. The instrumentation is spot on! This is what I call a true classic hits package without sounding harsh.

There’s nothing as far as the stuff I don’t like. If there’s 1 thing, it’s that RW should add more vocal options. Other than that, I think I’m through with this review.

Here’s the K-Hits chicago package.

I say this package is worth a listen to and if your a classic hits station, you should totaly use it on your station.