TM Studios this year relieced a Hot AC jingle package for KKPK 92-9 Peak FM Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Here’s the link to hear the package.

Things I like.

1. The logo matches that of New York Cities 95-5 PLJ.

2. The package contains vocal options. You choose. solo or group.

3. The package rocks, literally. It might sound like a rock package, but don’t jump to conclusions. It’s definitely a Hot AC package.

4. The vocals are good. I like the solo mixes. I also like the Zone Radio Imaging vocal sound that some stations use.

5. The package features room for station frequency and call letters.

6. This is a keymatch package. That means every jingle you play matches any song in a station playlist.

Bottom line. If your a Hot AC station, I recommend this package. It’s fresh, it’s current, it’s upbeat, and it stands out!