Think you heard the KYGO logo in the modern era? Well, take a listen to what Bruce Upcherch created.

The package was releaced last july and has become one of many successful packages I have ever heard on air in the Country format.

There’s nothing I don’t like about this package, so hear are all the things I like about New Country KYGO.

1. Vocals sound amazing! Using the Zone radio imaging vocal group, Bruce Upcherch naled the vocal stile perfectly.

2. The instrumentation is perfectly naled. Bruce and his team made a country package sound completely true to the format. Heck, it’s so good, it can even work on a classic country station. And it shows.

3. The package has enough room for station frequency, long positioners and call letters.

The best part about this package is that it’s on over 3 duzzon country stations. Yes, country stations coast to coast have taken notice and are using this package. Is your station one of them?

I can’t wait to hear what the Zone team have in store for the next KYGO installment, should KYGO decide to order another custom package from them.

In the meantime, I highly recommend this package. You’ll be glad to use it. Lock it up in your market now, before it gets locked up!