This package is being advertised as a true country jingle package. And for once, this new company has finaly naled what a true country package sounds like.

The company I’m refering to is BDP. and the jingle package I’m reviewing is the companies first effert into the country format.

Commitioned by WYTZ 97-5 Y Country in Bridgman, Michigan. This station broadcasts to the entire south west michigan area.

BDP produced what I think is one of the best jingle packages for a country station.

There are 2 flavers you can choose from. The Mainstream version, and a rock version.

While I like both versions, the rock version doesn’t feature a front weather open sing, which will probably turn some stations off. Don’t worry though, as BDP can customise your version exactly the way you want.

I like the Mainstream version better. BDP added fittle and steel guitar elements along with bluegrass instrumentation.

The package breaks down into 5 main themes, 1 top of hour, 2 jock cuts, holiday, weather and morning show cuts. That’s nice, but the finished package features all mixouts and extra production elements.

After hearing both versions, I like them both equally. But extra points go to the Mainstream package. BDP just flat out nailed it 100% with this one. Points deduckted on the rock version for not offering a frunt weather vocal sing. However, with the jingles completely customizable, there’s enough room for a front weather vocal open.

The Mainstream version nails it perfectly! Everything is there. The Top Of Hour cut maybe the catchiest toth jingle I have ever heard. Plus, combine bluegrass instrumentation with steel guitar and fittle elements, and you got a true country jingle package that is emotional, upbeat, and fun all at the same time!

The vocal group is 100% organic no stacked vocals, no synthasized beds, just the wright balance of textures.

I think we as program directers and imaging directers should support BDP for what they accomplished here. If your a country station, I 100% highly recommend the new Y Country package.

Side note. WYTZ uses both versions which means a full 22 + cut jingle package which means every element is getting allot of use on the station. However, they had to resing the morning show cuts as Wild Bill has been replaced with Matt Malone. So the lyrics you’ll hear on air is Matt Malone in the morning, 20 in a roe all day! The demo cuts has the Wild Bill version. Also, I think the station was smart not to air the rock weather bed and instead opted to use the mainstream version of the weather jingle. But all cuts work together perfectly and I’m glad I was able to hear them both on Y Country, and on the BDP site.

Lock this package up in your market before it gets locked up!