Cody’s bio…

Cody Alan Merryman was born on may 17, 1993 in illinois. He was rased in Grant park until 2006, when his family moved to Michigan.

Cody’s radio imaging passion started in 1999. He started discovering radio ID jingles at first. He eventually learned all the aspects of radio imaging over time.

Cody met Dick Beyondie of WJMK Chicago in 2001. Dick was the program director during this time. Cody even said something that would air after the live broadcast!

Cody has been greatful to talk to some of the major jingle and production houses over the past 10 years. One of those companies is Reelworld, who made Cody a personal jingle package in 2002. Another company is TM Studios, who sent him a big box of demo CD’S in 2005.

Today, Cody continues to learn as much about radio imaging as possible. He still talks to jingle companies and radio stations about radio imaging, trying to learn all that he can.

Cody’s dream is to work at a radio station someday.

Cody lives in Fremont, MI. He is legally blind and uses a screen reader to get around. Cody has been legally blind since he was in infant.