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Wise Buddah launch brand new ‘Plus’ Service

AC is the first format in the brand new Plus jingle service from Wisebuddah in London. 

Adaptable to any sonic logo, frequency and strap-line, Plus makes it simpler than ever to refresh your station sound…

• Simply go To this page.

• Choose your format

• Select your IDs using our shortlist system

• Send us your choices with your lyrics – and we’ll do the rest!

Plus also offers an optional update service so that your station will always sound fresh and current.

Currently available in AC format, Wisebuddah are set to launch two new formats in the coming weeks… so watch this space.
Current clients for AC Plus include leading radio brands in Ireland, UK, Italy, Belgium, Germany, plus a host of stations across America and Canada.

Lock up the new plus service on your station now before your competiter does!

Side note: Adlibs on all jingles can be removed to give your station a strate up sound. Also the 2 other formats that will launch are Country Plus and CHR Plus.


Wise Buddah’s first country jingle package releaced. Radio Veronica 2016

The first Country jingle package in Wise Buddah History has finaly releaced.

Radio Veronica return to Wise Buddah

The Spring of 2016 has seen Wise Buddah combine forces with Radio Veronica’s Creative Director Guido Sprenger to create the new sound of Holland’s legendary Radio Veronica. The new package comprises 23 new Themes, including Main IDs, TOHs and a suite of Information Elements.

Guido said: “Radio Veronica went back to the roots of the station. We were looking for fresh, happy, positive jingles that sound modern but still wink to the 80’s 90’s and 00’s music that we play: Pop Rock with some brass! I knew that Wise Buddah could deliver this sound. I worked with Marc Vickers 5 years ago, and once again he delivered exactly what we were looking for!”

Wise Buddah’s Creative Director Marc Vickers added: “It’s a privilege to be back on air with Radio Veronica, who have always been a great pioneer of radio jingles in the Netherlands.

For the sound of the new package, the challenge was to equally reflect the past and the present. To create a high energy sound that fits seamlessly next to classic tracks.”

A busy start to 2016 has seen Wise Buddah packages debut on new stations including Premier Praise & Mellow Magic (both UK), Red FM & 98FM (both Ireland) and R101 (Italy), amongst many others.

Not only is the new Radio Veronica 2016 package available to AC, Hot AC and Christian stations, but for the first time, Country stations will be able to use this new jingle package. This is WB’S first jingle package for the Country market, and they did it wright! If you play Bret Eldrage, Matti And Tae, Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton, you need this package.

This new package can be played in full By clicking here.

This package will get locked out of markets quickly. Don’t sit on this package to long! It’ll even get locked out of country radio markets quicker than you think.

Also watch this space for the IMGR Country service from WB, shouldn’t be to much longer now before that service gets releaced and locked up.

Side note. This package is sung in a different language. Contact WB to have the package sung in English. If your a Country station, you may want to use a different logo melody than the original Radio Veronica melody. US Stations, please contact AdLarge media for more information and to lock this package up in your market, while it’s still available.

4 new jingle packages from RadioScape

RadioScape Music has released 4 new jingle packages for 2016.

Florida’s WPOZ

If you have been to Florida, you have probably heard Z 88.3 FM with their “Safe For The Little Ears” Christian format that covers most of the state. With the help of Tate Luck, Dean O’Neal, Jim Hoge and Top Christian Radio Consultant John Frost, RADIOSCAPE has created a 10 cut package with short slogan cuts, shotguns, long ramps and voice-over cuts that will keep a production crew busy for a long time. Please listen to the newest Contemporary Christian package from RADIOSCAPE, and contact us for availability in your market.

Here’s the new Z88.3 package.

Faith Radio

‘FAITH RADIO” was considering an “off the shelf” package from RADIOSCAPE, but decided to trust us with their Imaging for their News/Talk format. What we created is a strong instrumental imaging package with beds that can be looped for their in-house production. It also includes vocal show openers and closers for special programming. This is a 6 cut package that covers a lot of ground.

Listen to Faith Radio’s new jingles here.

New Mexico’s KANW

O.K…. so the nice people from KANW-FM in Albuquerque called us wanting an Imaging package that was up-beat, but not too aggressive and not too sleepy. We came up with a package that covered all of their requests and fit nicely with their format. Radioscape is proud to offer this 19 cut package with lots of variety that will sound fresh in your market for a long time.

Take a listen to KANW’S new jingles here.

Classic Top 40

Top 40? ……Classic Hits? ……Oldies? ……Retro?………..Whatever you call it, RADIOSCAPE’S “CLASSIC TOP 40” 12 cut imaging package brings back the fun in radio. It features brass intensive fast moving cuts that feel like the songs that your listeners still enjoy. Be the first in your market to air these fun high energy good time jingles.

The new classic top 40 jingles can be found here.

In my opinion the new WPOZ jingles were worth waiting for. With Z88.3’s new airstaff it was time for RadioScape to release Z’s new jingles.

Don’t sit on these, all of these packages will be locked out of markets in a short amount of time.

PEAK FM from TM Studios. The package that keymatches your playlist.


The New PEAK FM package started with one question: How much IN-YOUR-FACE-ROCK can a Hot AC jingle package have? OK got it – now add more! We did. PEAK FM in The Springs has a lot “Cool Mom’s” in their extremely dedicated fanbase. Their kids are young, their lives are hectic, their vans are mini …and their music is PINK and BON JOVI with some BEASTIE BOYS mixed in because sometimes you just need to hear some Beasties! It’s not quite CHR, not really HOT AC and its not full on HARD ROCK…maybe we can’t really label it. We CAN say that if you are targeting the ferociously loyal “Cool Mom’s” in your market then chances are PEAK FM is the perfect fit.

This new package literally keymatches every song on your playlist. I meen that for 1 reason. After listening to Peak FM last week for 3 hours strate everytime you hear a jingle it would always keymatch songs back to back without any interruption!

Every jingle in this package will keymatch everything from Billy Jole to Pink, Beverley Staunton to Bon Jovi, even Demi Lovato to Hanna Montana.

The breakdown is 15 cuts total. 10 main themes, and 5 utility cuts Weather, 2 Promo beds, and 2 instrumental cuts.

This package is baced on the legendary WPLJ New York logo melody. You can use any logo you want, as well as your choice of vocals. For example, Peak FM chose solo vocals throughout the package.

Don’t sit on this package to long, as this package will clime up a mounton of radio markets quickly. Gett it on your station now and start keymatching!

Perfect for AC, Hot AC and Christian radio stations.

Here’s the PEAK FM jingle package. Play all cuts here.

New jingles from Reelworld. Star Radio 2016

A new year means a new sound for 95.5 Charivari. The Munich based station broadcasts across Munich with a daily reach of 214,000 listeners and is number 1 in their market.

95.5 Charivari chose the new imaging to sit alongside their Hot AC playlist featuring todays best music and in doing so, has opted for a fresh new sound comprising of 10 core jingle themes, a morning show theme for ‘Die Herold Show’ and a suite of news and information beds. They are the first in Europe to take ReelWorld’s new Hot AC package ‘Star Radio 2016’. The custom jingle themes were composed by ReelWorld’s European team with the vocals being recorded at studios in Hamburg. It features a bright and friendly sound with modern production values.

Jan Herold, Programme Director and breakfast host: “It was a real pleasure working with these guys. Straight to the point, professional, phenomenal – the new jingle package is just mind blowing!”

Star Radio is A bright new Modern AC jingle package. It’s new for 2016, available to stations all over the world! Star Radio is also available to stations in the US airing a Hot AC, AC and Christian radio format.

KOST 2016 and Kiss Seattle 2016 from Reelworld

It’s now official. Reelworld has relieced the new jingles for KOST Coast 103.5 Los Angeles.

Press reliece taken from the All Access Website.

Reelworld has completed and released its all-new jingle package for AC stations, with a launch at iHeart Media AC KOST (103.5)/Los Angeles.

KOST 2016 is a jingle package designed to complement broad AC playlists; from current hits to the biggest songs and artists of the past three decades.

Commented REELWORLD Creative Director ERIK HUBER: “Working on a jingle package for such an iconic set of call letters as KOST-FM is truly an honor. The magnitude of what we were composing was front of mind throughout the project, from the initial concepts through to final mastering. I think we’ve created something truly special, just like the station. This package is a perfect synergy of tempos, moods and textures that somehow manage to sound timeless and current at the same time. It’s an instant classic!”

Added KOST PD MICHAEL La CROSSE: “I wanted to start 2016 with something brand-new for KOST. REELWORLD created a jingle package that’s exciting, contemporary, feels good, and sounds right at home next to any song in our deep playlist.”

The package features 12 core themes, including two top-of-hour themes and weather and traffic imaging.

To listen to the demo or the entire package, Click here.

Also, as a bonus package, Reelworld has relieced Kiss Seattle 2016. A brand new jingle package that’s as fun, energetic and exciting as today’s biggest hits.

Click here to listen to the package cut by cut.

I’ll start off with the Kiss Seattle 2016 package. You get 10 main themes with various mixouts, and a Top Of Hour cut. Unfortunately, no utility cuts Morning Show, Promo, Weather, Contest, News or Traffic beds are provided. It’ll sell well as usual, but points deducted for no utility cuts. Still, it’s a great package.

Kost I expected this to happen. If you remember KOST Christmas, you’ll be amazed at the new KOST custom. This is a package that RW naled successfully and I can’t wait to hear it on more stations soon.

I would get a jump on these packages. Both will be locked out of markets vary quickly.

Kiss Seattle and KOST are available to Christian radio stations as well.

Get these packages on your station now before the competition gets a jump on them!

Shine 2016 from TM Studios.

The first jingle package of 2016!

Introducing, Shine 2016!

SHINE 2016 is the 4th of the SHINE series of wildly successful Positive, Uplifting Jingle packages. Produced for WRBS (95-1 Shine FM) in Baltimore, Bruce Upchurch has once again created the pinnacle of Style and Substance, especially as it relates to the Christian Music genre. Your station CAN sound contemporary, current and COOL and still remain POSITIVE and true to your target demographic. SHINE is at the forefront of all Contemporary Christian Packages available but is also perfect for AC/Hot AC. Contact us and we’ll show you how to make your brand SHINE.

You can use Shine 2016 with another WRBS produced package called Still Shinin’.

Want to go from for king and country to mercie me? Rachael Lampa to Blanka? Chris Tomlen to Building 429? Your totally covered. If your playing today’s Christian music from the past 20 years or worship songs, the new Shine 2016 package will fit whatever you play. Also works with AC and Hot AC formats as well!

Here’s Shine 2016. Play all cuts here.

And here’s Still Shinin’. Play all cuts here.

This is the first jingle package of 2016. Market exclusive and ready to be resung in your market. Grab Shine 2016 and Still Shinin’ now before your competitor does!

New jingles for Antenne Bayern

Germany’s most listened to radio station Antenne Bayern has once again teamed up with Wise Buddah Jingles. As a modern and innovative company Antenne Bayern has consistantly developed and assured its market position as leader since 1988. It now has over 4 million listeners per day.

We produced these updates to add to our main package from 2012.

Marc Vickers – Creative Director Wise buddah Jingles: “It was great to be back working with Antenne Bayern again after 3 years, whilst retaining the unique style morphing transition cuts, we were looking to freshen up the sound and give it a shot of 2015/16”

Stephan Shopf – Chief Sound design & Production Antenne Bayern: “We got incredible new stuff, the sound of the transition jingles picks up the sound of our music rotation in seconds, Wise Buddah did an amazing job!”

Both the 2012 and 2015 Antenne Bayern packages will work for AC and Hot AC stations.

Stations interested in getting Wise Buddah jingles should either contact WB directly, or in the USA, contact AdLarge Media.

Go here to listen to both packages.

This is the last new jingle package for 2015.

Compass Media launches new countdown show for CHR, Hot AC and AC. The Radio Disney Top 30 Countdown

SHOW TITLE: Radio Disney Top 30 Countdown

HOST: Ernest “Ernie D” Martinez

TIMES: Weekly

Radio Disney and Dees Entertainment have announced a distribution agreement that will provide radio stations across the United States access to the Radio Disney Top 30, a weekly program featuring the most popular songs among kids and families. Dees Entertainment is an entertainment content distributor owned by Rick Dees. The company syndicates over 50 hours of content each week including five editions of the Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 countdown show to over 1000 affiliates worldwide. The three hour Radio Disney Top 30, hosted by on-air personality Ernest “Ernie D” Martinez, originates from Radio Disney’s Burbank studios. The program showcases music and entertainment that’s relevant to kids, tweens and families and includes exclusive news and artist and celebrity interviews both in-studio and from sets and special events. Phil Guerini, VP of Programming/GM for Radio Disney, said, “One of our greatest attributes is that parents consider Radio Disney to be a trusted music-centric environment that encourages connections between them and their kids as they listen together. Rick Dees is a visionary who has long tapped into exactly what people want in pop music so we stand to benefit enormously from the expertise and resources of the global business he’s built.” Dees said, “Disney is synonymous with world-class family programming, and Ernie Martinez brings likability and broad appeal as well as relevant music for kids and families, a reason why this show has such terrific potential for stations who are looking for family-friendly music programming.”

— Dees Entertainment’s Joe Kieley and Bob Catania will oversee Affiliate Relations for the Radio Disney Top 30.

The Radio Disney Top 30 Countdown has launched on exactly 40 radio stations nation wide and is available to CHR, Hot AC, and AC stations, with a Country version launching next year.

The imaging library this show uses is the ever popular Short Bus Radio. The jingle package produced for the show, chart number jingles and all, were produced by Wise Buddah over a 5 month period. The jingles feature a high energy presentation, with a 20 voice vocal group led by heritage jingle singer Beverley Staunton. These jingles aren’t your typical jingles you would air on your station. These jingles feature live horns, synth, guitar and some orchestration with a memorable 10 note sonic logo.

I heard this new show on flagship station KKHH Houston and I 100% highly recommend you air this show on your station before your competitor does. It’s a really fun show and it’s definitely younger than other countdown shows in the market.

Contact Compass Media to air the Radio Disney Top 30 Countdown in your market today!

Side note. The AC version airs jingles that are upbeat, but not as heavy as the more powerful CHR version.

Go here to learn more about the new show. The demo on the page doesn’t feature the new jingles unless you air the program in your market.

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