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Fame FX 2 releaced

Fame FX is back in its second edition!

As in Vol.1, Fame FX Vol.2 offers the highest sound effect variety – from super soft switchers and magic starters, to pounding guitar punches and technical wipes and hits! This 400+ package includes a variety of mixouts for nearly every FX, so you can customise each Sound Effects to your specific broadcasting needs.

Fame FX Vol.2 contains a wide diversity of styles and is designed for producers looking for a modern, creative Sound Effects package to be flexible and prepared for any situation.

Go here to hear the demo and get your copy.

Fame FX 2 is a buyout and available to any station and format. Grab Fame FX 2 now!


Introducing Audio Sweets


Audio Sweets is a radio imaging tool kit from S2blue, containing a continuously updated library of beds, promo & sweeper shells, sound design, utilities, breaks, artist drops & song drops. Plus a sweet load of programming elements.

Audio Sweets is part of S2blue and benefits from over 4 decades of experience producing imaging across radio and TV stations worldwide. We’re always looking at making radio stations sounding sweet and making your life easier and now with Audio Sweets you have the ultimate imaging pick and mix tool kit.

Membership to AudioSweets is on a station or group basis and subject to terms, conditions and contractual agreement. Contact us for more details.

Membership benefits include a constantly updating imaging library, competition and programme ideas and sweet giveaways and offers.


The composers and sound designers involved in Audio Sweets have long experience in creating broadcast music.


Simon Prentice, Managing Director of S2blue, has been brought up living and breathing radio station imaging and was woken up by being sung PAMS Series 27 as a child. Since starting S2blue in 2001 he has cultivated an impressive client list and project managed many imaging packages for the BBC and for ILR stations across the world, working alongside the most talented composers, producers, musicians and singers around.


“Rob Wills, radio presenter, producer, voiceover and station sound designer; has produced imaging for many commercial radio stations in the UK, as well as being station voice for numerous groups for imaging and commercial campaigns for radio and national TV. Now kmfm Programme Manager looking after 8 radio stations for the KM Group as well as their creative team, Rob also presents drive time.


Lee Turner is an accomplished musician with a BA (Hons) in Popular Music and Recording. As a guitarist, he has played with and supported many well known artists including Sophie Ellis Bextor, The Script, Kim Wilde, Katy Perry and recently supported Beyonce on her UK Arena Tour. Lee has also composed identification music for many UK ILR radio stations and currently has a full package being broadcast on the BBC World Service.


Jonathan has been producing for going on six years. Working not only behind the scenes on imaging, S&P and commercial production, but also on air as a presenter. He has been writing music and imaging tool kits for the sweet factory for more than 2 years, with music featuring on TV commercials for the likes of Sky Sports and MTV, and on the radio from XFM to Heart. His imaging skills can now be heard across the Bauer North Place Network on stations like Key 103, Hallam FM, Clyde 1, Radio City and many more.


Sweet Factory worker, Hannah Ralph made her BBC Radio Gloucestershire debut on ‘small talk’ at the age of 9 and wanted to work in radio ever since. As well as presenting and marketing in radio Hannah has managed celebrity talent and a busy a sound recording studio, standing her in perfect stead as a Production Coordinator at S2blue.


Julia Small, Sweet Factory worker; was born into a radio dynasty and has more than 10 years of experience working at various radio stations across the UK including Galaxy and The Revolution. Jules works hard behind the scenes making sure the sweets are ready for the radio family.

View the Audio Sweets website here.

ASX is open to every station – there’s no subscription just choose the volume you want.

Each volume is available as a buyout download, zipped up ready for you to open and mix. Consisting of remixed beds, original beds for talkover or production, breaks, sound design, artist drops and song drops… everything you need to give your station a sweeter edge. No Subscription required, immediately download now.

ASX is a buy-out website. Click here to hear the demos.

For those stations that want our sweet sound all across their station their dreams have come true with AudioSweets ID, offering sung jingles and full fat custom imaging from the AudioSweets team!

From soft AC sung transitions to in your face CHR imaging – all with that unique sweet coated sound.

Contact us about resings of the packages below or freshly baked custom packages.

Audio Sweets ID jingles can be used on CHR, AC, Hot AC and Christian radio stations. Click here to hear the jingles.

Audio Sweets is available to US stations. Get Audio Sweets on your station now!

Power Impacts now available from Sticky FX

Recognize this situation? You’re in the middle of a production that needs to be finished yesterday and you’re looking for that one specific impact to give your promo or ID that punch to get it started the right way or that one impact that makes your production go out with a bang. And you’re already browsing over an hour through all of your libraries for that one perfect impact……. you know it’s in there somewhere but you can’t find!

These days are over! Sticky FX Productions knows just like you do that time is of the essence when it comes to the way today’s production world works. So we already did the time consuming work of making the best selection of every impact for every situation with our library ‘Power Impacts’.

Stop browsing through all your libraries for that perfect impact, you’ve got all the impacts you will ever need at your fingertips with ‘Power Impacts’. 100 Impacts in various styles, lengths and energy levels. All elements are logically categorized. There’s the ‘Direct Hits’ which give your production instant and powerful punch. ‘Fade in Impacts’ that are great for transitional purposes. The ‘Whoosh Impacts’ are ideal when you need more subtle power. And when you wanna get really nuts with your production, there’s the ‘Crazy Impacts. In each category you’ll find impacts with long tails, short tails, short hits and even special summer and winter impacts.

Power Impacts has 100 impacts that will make your imaging leave a mark on the radio dial! And you’ll also get 10 bonus Power Drones!

Give your imaging the impact it deserves! Always the perfect impact at your fingertips with ‘Power Impacts’. Check out the demo and track listing here and get this power tool for your station today!

Here’s the link for you to hear the Power Impacts demo.

Simply put. Get this library on your station now! After hearing the demo, you can use this library with another sticky FX library.

New Sticky FX package. Broken Air

When you’re imaging a CHR-, Hot AC- or Greatest Hits-station in a crowded market and you need production fx that really make you stand out from the rest and still fit the sound of your station, you need Broken Air!

A unique and distinctive sound with lots of punch and energy but also a neutral sound that makes it easy to blend with all your other imaging material.

Break open the airwaves and knock your competition off the air with this multi-format imaging tool. Containing 200 fresh and original fx and work parts like fierce Starters to create attention with right after a stop set or newsbreak. Air Breakers that make it a piece of cake to slice up your message in clear and understandable content. With the Low Breakers you can give your ID’s or promo’s an incredible amount of punch and the Phone Breakers are awesome to create your own Contest imaging with.

Then there’s the Take offs that give your message a feeling of urgency and an increasing level of energy. Need a smooth transition with a punch, you’ve got it with the Whoosh Hits. We also added several Beats which are great when you want to slam a promo or talkoverbed together real quick.

And finally you’ll find some authentic and unique Radio Tune Shots in this fx library that come in handy in lots of situations.

Wanna get working with this 200 piece production tool right away? And knock your competition off the air with this new fresh imaging tool for CHR, Hot AC or Greatest Hits formats. Download Broken Air right now!

Also works for CCM and Country stations! It’s a multi-format FX library.

Go here to listen to the demo.

The Grand Rapids baced company has had a strong year. More stations choose Sticky FX for their FX needs.

Add yourself to the long list of stations using Sticky FX. Download Broken Air today and knock your competition off the air !

New Sticky FX Package. KIX FX

the guys over at Sticky FX has relieced a new FX package called KIX FX.

When you do imaging for a station that plays rock oriented music, it can be hard to find the right FX and work parts. You don’t want the cheesy stuff. You want it to have a certain edge without being too harsh and you want it to rock and melt with your station’s music.

It’s here! KIX FX, the production library for pop, rock and alternative formats. A jam packed production tool with over 200 FX that will make your station stand out from the ones still using the boring stuff that’s produced in the same way it has always been done for decades.

The new KIX FX package has separate folders for Impacts, Starters, Fx, Beats, Drones, Separators and statics which makes it easy to work with in a wide range of formats. It blends with lots of musical styles from pop to rock and from alternative dance to eclectic.

KIX FX gives you that original edge. Legendary alternative imager John Frost who created the world famous sound for KROQ Los Angeles in the 80’s and 90’s now runs his own production service Frostbytes and says: “The new KIX FX library is really solid! The Impacts are varied and original, your use of Guitars is refreshing throughout.”

Dutch imaging director for KX Radio, Maurice Verschuuren is hooked on the sound of the new KIX FX: “KIX FX helps to bring out the best in me as producer, and it perfectly glues all the musical styles we play in our eclectic format together. KIX FX fits in every time and everywhere.”

Stew Hererra, Creative Services Director of KLOS in Los Angeles tells: “I’m using the new KIX FX for our Classic Rock format here at KLOS and I’m really digging it!”

Whether you’re a Bear, Peak, Edge or Jack. When your station is playing rock music, it’s time to get the new KIX FX. Over 200 FX and work parts for pop, rock and alternative radio!

Not just for pop, rock and alternative. It’s for every format. Country, Hot AC, Christian radio, Classic Hits and Classic rock as well!

It’s a buyout FX package for any radio station. it’s also non market exclusive. Get KIX FX on your station today!

Side note. One more FX package is coming later this month. Watch this space!

New Sticky FX libraries coming this month!

Sticky FX are set to reliece 2 new imaging libraries this month.

According to the newsletter, the first one will be available early September. This library is something we never done before. The library is designed and produced in cooperation with NOVAS Media and specially designed for a large Dutch radio station. The second one will be on the market at the end of September and is the successor of our first and top selling library ‘CHR Volume 1’.

Both libraries are highly anticipated.

I’ll report back with discriptions about both libraries in 2 seprit posts. In the meantime, Sticky FX has a sale going on called the Glide bundle. Over 500 FX and workparts desined for AC, Hot AC, and Christian radio stations.

Sticky FX has exploded in the USA since opening their Grand Rapids office in January. Sticky FX is also being heard worldwide. Chances are you hear elements from Sticky FX everyday!

Imaging showcase. Pure Jingles

Pure Jingles the netherlends is one of the most popular jingle and imaging companies around the world.

A bunch of US stations already use Pure Jingles. They have jingles that’ll fit any format. From CHR to Hot AC, Country to AC, Classic Hits to Christian Radio.

Radio stations can create their own custom jingle package with a tool called the jinglebox.

You select your flaver, tempo and key, and listen to the result. Then, depending on your playlist, you select jingles that fit. Of corse, you can have Pure Jingles do a complete custom package if the jinglebox isn’t your thing.

I love Pure Jingles and am happy that the jinglebox feature has been getting allot of use here in the states. Hopefully more stations can take advantage of the jinglebox as there is allot there.

Contact Pure Jingles today and create your own jingle package for your radio station. The jinglebox feature is eazy to use, and all of their jingles fit any format.

As a side note. If you want to pare your Pure Jingles package with and FX library, Check out PANTHERSOUNDS, the buyout imaging FX company.

Big Fish Worldwide relaunches

Today, Big fish worldwide has relaunched.

The new website opened it’s dores to the public this morning.

Ian Stergen is now running the company alone. Dave Meffert is no longer producing for BigFish worldwide as he now handles Imagio and other libraries for TM Studios.

From the all new Big Fish Worldwide Website.

Welcome to Big Fish Worldwide!

Click around the all-new Big Fish Worldwide to see what you see. Big Fish Workparts are used in every top five radio market, but we also work with independent producers. Whether your a major market creative services director, a freelance imaging guy, or just need some sounds to spice up your podcast, we’ve got you covered.

All the sound effects, and music beds on Big Fish are Royalty Free, which means you can use them in all your custom imaging projects without having to purchase any additional licensing. Pay once, and use it on all your stations. Get the production FX you need without breaking the bank, or surrendering precious barter.

With the company relaunch, Ian acquired all of the FX packages he worked on with Dave Meffert. He currently is working on new stuff. Right now he has launched Big Fish Weekly, which means that you get new FX and music beds once a week.

Big Fish Worldwide FX packages are buyout packages, and will work for any format.

I’ll make a follow up post as soon as I hear everything they have, and see if it’s worth buying or not. With Ian now running the company by himself and without Dave Meffert, things will be different.

Summer deals at Sticky FX

Sticky FX today has started it’s traditional summer deals program.

From the Sticky FX Facebook page.

The Sticky FX ‘Amazing Summer Deals’ are here! Get CHR Volume 1 FREE with any order over 50 EURO.

In American currency, that translates to $56 in change. This means that if you buy a Sticky FX package over $56, you automaticly get CHR volume 1 for free!

You have plenty of time. The deal lasts all summer long!

Sticky FX has hit the 100 station milestone here in the US, and I expect this number to grow during the summer months. Radio stations will be either rebranding or reimaging their stations over the summer.

Take advantage of this deal now, before summer is over!

Go here to read about this summer deal, and read what they have for you to use all summer long!

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