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Classic Hits

Reelworld relieces the next generation of classic hits. Introducing K-Hits, Chicago!

The new sound of Classic Hits. The K-Hits package takes the signature sounds of the format and brings them to life using today’s production techniques.

Retro synths, 80’s guitars and that big stacked vocal sound come together to create a Classic Hits package with the excitement and emotional impact of the songs we love – without sounding dated.

K-Hits has always been a little more cutting-edge, a little younger, a little different than the average Classic Hits station. Our new jingles elevate the sound of K-Hits and make us a true pioneer of the format.”

Todd Cavanah Vice President of Programming CBS Radio/Chicago

Package includes:

• 10 Core Themes

• Top Of Hour

• Holiday

• Weather

• Contest

This package gives any classic hits station a fresh coat of paint. A full 2 thumbs up from me.

This new package features a full 20 voice sound that will cut through, and give your station the energy it deserves.

Lock this package up in your market right away, before it really gets locked up!

Here is the full K-Hits package check it out!

The all beverley vocal option is available to stations not wanting to use the 20 voice vocal group.


4 new jingle packages from RadioScape

RadioScape Music has released 4 new jingle packages for 2016.

Florida’s WPOZ

If you have been to Florida, you have probably heard Z 88.3 FM with their “Safe For The Little Ears” Christian format that covers most of the state. With the help of Tate Luck, Dean O’Neal, Jim Hoge and Top Christian Radio Consultant John Frost, RADIOSCAPE has created a 10 cut package with short slogan cuts, shotguns, long ramps and voice-over cuts that will keep a production crew busy for a long time. Please listen to the newest Contemporary Christian package from RADIOSCAPE, and contact us for availability in your market.

Here’s the new Z88.3 package.

Faith Radio

‘FAITH RADIO” was considering an “off the shelf” package from RADIOSCAPE, but decided to trust us with their Imaging for their News/Talk format. What we created is a strong instrumental imaging package with beds that can be looped for their in-house production. It also includes vocal show openers and closers for special programming. This is a 6 cut package that covers a lot of ground.

Listen to Faith Radio’s new jingles here.

New Mexico’s KANW

O.K…. so the nice people from KANW-FM in Albuquerque called us wanting an Imaging package that was up-beat, but not too aggressive and not too sleepy. We came up with a package that covered all of their requests and fit nicely with their format. Radioscape is proud to offer this 19 cut package with lots of variety that will sound fresh in your market for a long time.

Take a listen to KANW’S new jingles here.

Classic Top 40

Top 40? ……Classic Hits? ……Oldies? ……Retro?………..Whatever you call it, RADIOSCAPE’S “CLASSIC TOP 40” 12 cut imaging package brings back the fun in radio. It features brass intensive fast moving cuts that feel like the songs that your listeners still enjoy. Be the first in your market to air these fun high energy good time jingles.

The new classic top 40 jingles can be found here.

In my opinion the new WPOZ jingles were worth waiting for. With Z88.3’s new airstaff it was time for RadioScape to release Z’s new jingles.

Don’t sit on these, all of these packages will be locked out of markets in a short amount of time.

Imaging Showcase. Fantom producer

United Stations Radio Networks presents… Phantom Producer

The World’s First Radio Imaging App

A complete station imaging service that can be controlled, customized and assembled from your desktop, iphone or ipad… in just seconds!

Main Sequencer

Revolutionary design and concept — un-imaginable flexibility.

Preloaded Samples

Everything you need to image your station in one semi-automated service.

With Phantom Producer and our unique user interface, you can generate as many different sweepers and jingles as you like.

No learning! No new gear! Just an entirely new way of producing and imaging!

As a subscriber to Phantom Producer, you get:

Our proprietary assembly engine that creates in just a few clicks

Fully voiced, fully mixed jingles and sweepers

Weekly updates for a current sound

Big savings in cost, big savings in time

TOH jingle ramps, short shotguns, music and listener sweeps

Unprecedented flexibility and customization

Imagine having the ability to produce world class imaging, download it, and have it ready for air in a matter of seconds!



A morning show with its own imager? Now it’s possible. Phantom Mornings is the new production imaging service exclusively catering to morning shows. Topical and timely imaging made fresh daily – customized instantly via the Phantom App – and on the air in seconds from your desktop, iPad or iPhone. The sound of the show is in your hands.

CHR Top 40/Mainstream/Rhythmic

Following in the footsteps of great stations like Z100 New York and KIIS FM Los Angeles, Phantom Producer CHR offers slick, up-tempo imaging that’s produced to meet major market standards. Today’s cutting edge sound—using tomorrow’s cutting edge technology.

AC Adult Contemporary

Great listener elements, relevant artist material and a sound that reflects what’s current without being in your face. Featuring music imaging, lifestyle sweepers, on air work parts, jingles and music beds. Create the right mood for your AC station in just a few clicks.


Smart artist material and great listener shouts, delivering fun and energy to your Hot AC. Featuring a variety of topical elements, music beds, on air work parts, jingles and music imaging. Design your station’s sound right from the web page.


Country proud and turned up loud! From Nashville to Nowhere-ville, Phantom Country Hot delivers the vibe of today’s Country music and entertainment. Fresh, exciting sweepers, jingles, artist ID’s and more that will target your audience and butter your biscuits!

COUNTRY Mainstream

Looking for more steak than sizzle? Phantom Country Mainstream is world-class country radio imaging that lights up today’s contemporary stations as well as the classics. A high definition service with a down to earth style: From Keith Urban, Florida Georgia Line and Taylor Swift….. to Garth, Reba and Brooks & Dunn,…and even a splash of Waylon and Willie. Its big and bold and has all the production elements you need at the touch of a button.


Platinum rock stars deserve this ultimate Classic Rock Imaging package. Phantom Producer’s Classic Rock imaging package has it all! Drops, hook sweeps Artists dedicated sweeps and IDs, listener drops, beds and more! With weekly updates, Phantom Producer’s Classic Rock imaging will help you take your station to the next level.


Wrap the greatest music ever recorded in this “design your own” premiere imaging package. Phantom Producer’s Classic Hits delivers all the elements you need to break out of the pack. It’s full of the world class content you’ve come to expect from Phantom Producer!


An epic sound at your fingertips. Phantom ROCK provides an unmistakably cutting edge sound that’s unique to mainstream rock. Bits, beds, artist sweeps, listener shouts, music imaging and on air work parts…everything you need to get the job done so you can get to the show. Annihilate the competition with Phantom ROCK.

Besides jingles and imaging tools, Fantom also comes with the biggest library of FX and music beds you can use to make your own sweepers.

Market exclusive and ready for your station now! Grab it before it rides away with the competition!

Here’s the link to hear samples and learn more.

Imaging showcase. Pure Jingles

Pure Jingles the netherlends is one of the most popular jingle and imaging companies around the world.

A bunch of US stations already use Pure Jingles. They have jingles that’ll fit any format. From CHR to Hot AC, Country to AC, Classic Hits to Christian Radio.

Radio stations can create their own custom jingle package with a tool called the jinglebox.

You select your flaver, tempo and key, and listen to the result. Then, depending on your playlist, you select jingles that fit. Of corse, you can have Pure Jingles do a complete custom package if the jinglebox isn’t your thing.

I love Pure Jingles and am happy that the jinglebox feature has been getting allot of use here in the states. Hopefully more stations can take advantage of the jinglebox as there is allot there.

Contact Pure Jingles today and create your own jingle package for your radio station. The jinglebox feature is eazy to use, and all of their jingles fit any format.

As a side note. If you want to pare your Pure Jingles package with and FX library, Check out PANTHERSOUNDS, the buyout imaging FX company.

Imaging Showcase. Brandy Jingles

From the Brandy Website.

Brandy Jingles is not a jingle factory

We create unique sounds that perfectly reflect what your brand stands for. Custom-designed – with an ear for detail and the highest quality standards.

Brandy helps you make better media … it’s what we live and breathe. No woolly marketing-speak or shallow sales pitch. We speak your language.






Tailor-made fits best

Whether you opt for a custom-made package or an adaptation of existing tracks, your jingles should sound tailor-made. Your logo has to pop, your lyrics have to stick. Brandy will make you sound unique.

Jingles as strategic tool

Your preferred musical style should match your brand strategy and appeal to your audience. Your presenters should be wild about working with it, and everybody should be able to sing it.

A promise is a promise

We’re not salespeople. We serve in a personal, but super-professional, way. We make clear agreements and we live up to them. If you want to, you take the lead – with our consultants and producers guiding you to achieve the best results.

No limits to our efforts

Our work doesn’t stop with the delivery of a pile of audio. Brandy helps you make choices and use the jingles optimally. If you wish, we’ll even visit your radio station and show your producers how to get the best out of your new jingle package.

At Brandy, we don’t believe in a signature sound, but signature values. Every package is custom-designed to integrate seamlessly with your brand, with production quality to match the music you play. We believe you should sound unique, with music imaging that reflects the personality of your station.

Any radio station can use Brandy, but their packages are 100% market exclusive.

Brandy’s jingle packages fit any format. AC to CHR, Christian radio to Country. All formats jingle packages are unique. Plus, you can create your own jingle package that fits your format by filtering and selecting a stile like Rock, pop rock, and even balid. for soft AC formatted stations.

The only formats available on the Brandy website are CHR and AC, however those packages will work for formats such as Hot AC, Country and Christian Radio.

Check out the Brandy website and discover their sound, and you’ll soon see what I mean!

Brandy is based in Belgem, but their jingles will work in any country.

I highly recommend Brandy. The jingle packages on the site sound great and I can’t wait to hear how they’ll sound here in the United States and how they fit formats like Country, a format known for using CHR sounding jingles these days.

Get Brandy on your station today!

Imaging showcase: TGP Tony Griffin Productions

Great Music… Better Prices!

Tony Griffin Productions

Dallas, Texas

For over 20 years, Tony Griffin Productions has been a major force in station identification for radio and television in many formats… in addition to becoming the largest supplier of Classic Hits/Oldies jingles on the planet.

But that’s not the only format we’re known for: we’ve got imaging music for just about any type of station you can think of, A/C, Lite A/C, Hot A/C, CHR, News, Newstalk and Sports, Country, Jazz, and even Christmas packages.

If you don’t hear exactly what you need, or are looking to set a new standard in your format…we can design and produce a custom project especially for you, to truly highlight your sound, and enhance your image for better ratings and higher revenues.

From New York to San Francisco, from Providence to Pittsburgh, St. Louis to New Orleans, Chicago to Dallas, Houston to Seattle, Orlando to Anchorage… I guess we could go on and on til the fat lady sings, but the simple fact remains… that Tony Griffin IDs and musical imaging are a major force behind the success of hundreds and hundreds of stations across America, and around the world.

Just ask any of our clients… they’ll tell you…that you won’t find anyone who can surpass our attention to detail and service.

Broadcasters like Clear Channel, CBS, Cox, Entercom, Saga, Cumulus, and many more, already know… that Tony Griffin Productions delivers!

But that’s not all we do, by any means. We have years of experience… writing, producing, and recording virtually all forms of music, from rock to country, jazz to gospel, vocal choirs to 80 piece symphony orchestras.

TGP has several Instrumental Music Libraries available… to improve the quality of your production, as well as Instrumental Thematic Music Packages… in News/Talk/Sports, and Smooth Jazz styles, to help you in “branding” a higher quality, professional image.

We’ve also created music campaigns for nationally syndicated radio shows, television news and promo music, film scoring, television themes and TV series scoring, theme and source music for commercial and cable programs, major theme parks, cruise ship lines, corporate sales meetings, theater shows in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, international music for Great Britain, Australia, Africa, Canada, Haiti, Japan and more, as well as commercial length jingles for local, regional, and national advertisers.

There probably isn’t an area of music production and recording that TGP hasn’t been involved with, and we welcome the challenge of working with you to solve your particular needs… from the smallest market, to national or even worldwide projects.

We invite you to listen and to see what’s new… and how TGP and great music imaging can help you stand out above the rest!

Tony Griffin Production’s line of Classic Hits/Oldies packages can and will fit AC and Christian radio stations.

Visit TGP here and listen to what they have to offer!

Contact TGP for more info and to air one of their packages on your station today. Every package is 100% market exclusive.

Tomorrow I’ll post discriptions about all of their music libraries and news/talk packages. Stay tuned!

TM Studios Newest Packages

TM Studios has proven from time to time that their jingle and imaging packages stand the test of time.

TM’S jingles are fantastic! You never know what to expect when you listen to them, and in the end, they become really successful.

Here’s some info on some of the latest stuff. Keep in mind that Dave Meffert produces allot of the stuff you hear from TM, sometimes he collaborates with other producers to bring energy to the jingles.

For News/Talk.

Impact News

Welcome, to the latest generation of news/talk imaging for contemporary radio. Impact News, from TM Studios. Impact News is powerfully elegant imaging for news/talk radio. Composed and produced by Clio and Addy Award winner Bruce Upchurch (ABC, NBC, CBS, AP), Impact News brands your station with network quality opens, closes, bumpers, stingers and promos that will give your station an air of class. Impact News launches with a 15-cut starter package. From there it is constantly evolving, with fresh, relevant updates every month. From specialty cuts for elections and holidays, to new refreshed arrangements of the starter package, your station will have a constantly replenishing pool of solid thematic support with Impact News.

Think of it as renewable production power for your newsroom; an indispensable part of your news team.

For CHR.


ALLOY IS Today’s HIT Music. Built for the legendary B-96 in the windy city, ALLOY represents the culture and sound of your Artists and your listeners. For some stations a top-shelf Jingle package is perfect (We got those!). For a station that wants to stand out and truly blend into the the music, ALLOY delivers. ALLOY also breaks new ground on the structure and texture of the standard “radio jingle” package. We have created a new category called BURSTS found in MISC below. When you sign on you will receive over 60 pieces of audio ready to hit the air on their own or blend into your production arsenal. ALLOY – Let us cook up a musical mixture for your station.


You are listening to the hottest CHR jingle package on earth. We say that with confidence and invite you to download the demo, visit our friends in the industry who also have “Kiss” packages and play them back to back. We believe you will be contacting us after you do. For the demo we’ve used the station that launched this package – the legendary 94.5 WPST in New Jersey. Dave McKay probably sums it up best:

When we were looking to update the sound of 94.5 PST, the choice was obvious! The New TM worked with us in creating a jingle package that perfectly fits between every song currently being played on Top 40 radio. The music, vocals, production, and of course, the signature logo, are guaranteed to blow you away!

Ignite CHR

From Ignite Jingles in the UK, and TM Studios in Dallas, a CHR package with pace and energy for today’s hottest stations. Available to be sung in the UK or the USA, check out the unforgettable sonic logo and powerful sings. Get some Ignite on your station now!

Ignite KISS

From Ignite Jingles in the UK, and TMStudios in the USA, a brand new cutting edge jingle imaging package for CHR stations. Standout vocals and tracks that sound perfect next to today’s top 40 hits. Check out the seven themes, 2 morning show cuts, top of hour, weather and traffic.

For AC/Christian Radio.


“Connected” is the jingle package for any Radio Station that wants to connect with listeners on a whole new level. What makes this jingle package different than every other one out there? It could be vocal arrangement, it could be the variety, it could be the message. We think it’s all of those things that give this package a heart. Our goal was to create something that would connect with listeners on an emotional level. Turns out… that’s exactly what happened.

“We received a lot of feedback from listeners saying “What was that song you played a few minutes ago” and it actually was the jingle. They were singing along and remembering it… It really connected with everyone on the air.”

JC- PD Star 103.7


Bruce Upchurch delivers another stellar product for the ever-evolving AC format. This time a brand new massive package for legendary KOSI 101.1 in Denver. COZY keeps your branding energetic, safe and never stale. Notice as you sample the Jingles below that Tempo varies and the style has plenty of range so you can transition between your wide playlist. Let us customize COZY for your AC, Lite-AC, Hot-AC or other modern format station.

FM 100

So, you have an AC station but you don’t want your jingles to sound like AC jingles? FM100 is your package! Bruce Upchurch delivers another KILLER for KSFI – FM100 in Salt Lake City. They wanted contemporary instrumentation and vocals without alienating their long-term group of core listeners. Bruce produced great beats with brilliant guitars and backing instruments without straying from the core sounds REAL AC radio fans are attracted to. FM100 is what you choose when you want to live on the (safe) edge of AC Radio Branding.

Ignite NOW

For stations that play today’s best music but aren’t just Top 40, TM and Ignite present Ignite Now. Seven main themes each with ramp, slogan and shotgun mixes, plus cuts for the top of the hour and your morning show, along with weather and news. Strong, clear vocals that ensure people know who you are while giving a cool, modern sound to your station. Ignite NOW… it could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Today’s Lite

Today’s Lite moves AC jingles into a new realm of musicality, vocal presentation and overall vibe. If you think you know what AC Jingle packages sound like…think again. Today’s Lite was created for Rob Sidney at the overwhelmingly successful WLYF-FM, Miami – 101.5 Lite FM. Rob has been returning to TM over and over, year after year, for Lite’s music branding because we listen, concieve, create and over deliver on the goals every single time. This one is massive and every track cuts through and positions you to WIN.

For Country.


How ’bout some attitude with your country? K-9 COUNTRY delivers! Check out the vocals with growl and grit. Listen to the tempos of every cut. They get in – DROP the ID – and get out with just enough time to get the job done right. Designed for 99-5 The Wolf in Dallas, K-9 COUNTRY ain’t bringin’ anything from yesterday in the sound. Its all TODAY’S COUNTRY and it all simply KICKS! Check out every cut. There’s no throwaways and nothing that will burn too soon. K-9 COUNTRY’s a 10-cutter that will stand the test of time!

Today’s Country Favorites

Today’s Country Favorites is another example of the Down-the-middle, Mainstream Country Sound TM Studios is famous for creating. Barry Young wrote and produced the package in conjunction with Sky Phillips at 94.7 WDSD, a unique Country station covering ground from South Philly all the way down to and across Delaware. There were a few goals in mind for this one, none more important than “TEMPO” and maintaining a good “Sing-Along” factor. Enjoy a MAINSTREAM country package, produced for TODAY’s Country Stations.

The New Legend

Written and Produced by Barry Young, The New Legend features Straight Ahead, Down the Middle, Pure Country Jingles. On display are two varieties – 3-Voice Harmonies and 5-Voice Full Group sings. The package comes with all 15 cuts in your chosen vocal style. This package is also tailor made for Straight Solo Sings.

For Classic Hits.

Milwaukee’s Oldies ’15

Milwaukee’s Oldies ’15 is a great demonstration of how Classic Hits Radio (or even Oldies) can still sound current and dare we say…cool! TM Studios produced Milwaukee’s Oldies ’15 for Dave Murphy and Dave Adams at WRIT-FM. We took inspiration from current Indie, Alt, Rock and Pop hits to create a fast paced package that give just the right amount of Edge to the Classic Hits format. Enjoy the demos and let us know if you’d like to take your Classic Hits station to its next destination.

Miami’s Magic

You need a new Jingle Package for your Classic Hits station but your playlist is LARGE and you don’t want your branding to limit your stationality. You need diversity, fully custom, variety of tempos, big instrumentation, amazing vocals, multiple genres and something that will kill the competition. Experience Miami’s Magic built for the ultra-heritage Magic 102.7 in Miami and PD Ken Payne. Ken has some kind words:

We looked at other jingle houses and no one else could produce a completely custom package of this caliber. TM Studios is simply the best. The best vocals, the most talented session musicians, and most important of all-jingles that stand out on the air and stick in the listener’s head. It’s what great imaging is all about and TM has it down pat! I wouldn’t trust anyone else to brand our station.

San Antonio’s Greatest Hits

San Antonio’s Greatest Hits is the perfect blend of CURRENT and CLASSIC. How do you keep a station that plays “Classic Hits” sounding like a contemporary hit station? San Antonio’s Greatest Hits. Created for Roger Allen at KONO-FM by Bruce Upchurch, San Antonio’s Greatest Hits brings you fast/medium tempos with hard beats, BIG horns and slick vocals. All brought together and designed to bring TODAY and YESTERDAY together in one package.

Take a listen to everything new from TM. There’s something for everyone. Dave Meffert collaborated with different producers to creat TM’S newest packages.

Kiss TM can be used together with Complete Hit Radio CHR. Both packages use the same vocal group and can be sung with different logos.

The Kiss TM package is really good. The instrumentation and vocals fit CHR radio perfectly. I hear CHR stations with a teen oriented playlist who could use this package for their station. Plus using Kiss TM together with Complete Hit Radio CHR gives the station both updating jingles and a fresh sound that works between every song on their playlist.

Everything is market exclusive. Get what you want on your station now before the competition airs it first!

Hear TM Studios newest jingles here!

Reelworld revives jingle and imaging services One and Production Vault

This will make everybody very happy, even PD’S or imaging directors who have used these services before.

Reelworld has revived Production Vault and Reelworld One. In addition, the company struck a new deal to bring both services to Cumulus radio stations effective today.

Here’s the article regarding the new Cumulus deal, from All Access.

REELWORLD welcomes CUMULUS back to the PRODUCTION VAULT, PREP+ and jingle family and announces partnerships with some of their biggest stations in the country.

PRODUCTION VAULT now airs on CUMULUS stations in cities including CHICAGO, ATLANTA, WASHINGTON, D.C. and CINCINNATI. MODESTO, CA is home to REELWORLD jingles, PRODUCTION VAULT and PREP+, and WCTO and WLEV/BETHLEHEM, PA ink new deals which will see them continue to use REELWORLD for the foreseeable future.

“It’s great to be able to provide CUMULUS stations with our products and services once more”, said REELWORLD VP MIKE THOMAS. “We have so many good friends at CUMULUS across the country, so we’ve been working hard to be in a position to provide them with the tools they’ve been asking for. I’d like to thank JOHN DICKEY, MIKE MCVAY and CHARLES STEINHAUER for welcoming us back to CUMULUS not only with open arms, but with renewed excitement and enthusiasm about ReelWorld and our commitment to help their stations continue to make great radio.”

Reelworld One and Production Vault will stay with Reelworld for the foreseeable future.

Here’s some info about both services.


constantly updated radio production tools

With productionvault at your fingertips, there’s no limit to what you can do. From sweeper and promo shells ready for your station VO to playlist-current branded song intros, sound effects and custom music beds, all of your radio imaging needs are covered.

Ten Unique Formats

Updated Constantly

Targeted Topical Content

Huge Music and SFX Library

Artist and Listener Clips

Powerful Search Features

How it works

search or sort

Find the content you’re looking for with our simple and efficient navigation menu. You can even sort from the last 24 hours, week or your last login.

audition audio

Audition all of the latest content with ease via our in-line player and new scrubbable waveform displays.

download files

Like what you hear? Click the (+) icon to save your selection in your cart. When you are done selecting audio, download your files in a single click direct to your desktop.

on the go access

Find, filter and start working on content whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. Add your selected cuts to your cart and they’ll be waiting for you when you log in at the station.

built for speed

Powerful search, intelligent content categories, and a highly efficient site architecture make accessing and auditioning any of the thousands of files quick and easy.

easy to navigate

Tired of getting lost in a sea of web code and clutter? We made the site extremely easy to navigate, so you’ll never lose your way again.

Reelworld One.

your last jingle package ever

Go beyond the standard jingle package with a monthly updating service that always keeps you on-trend and sounding as fresh as the artists you play.

playlist-current radio jingles

logo and imaging workparts

song intros

custom vocal kit

three unique formats

multiple logo and vocal options

How it works


New jingles and imaging workparts land in your account the first week of every month. Simply log in and download what’s new.


Listen to the latest updates or browse your entire library. Everything is at your fingertips.


You can either grab individual files or add audio to your cart and download everything with one click.

custom dashboard

See what’s new, what’s hot, what’s happening, and what’s ready for you to download. Our dashboard greets you every time you log in, so you’ll always know what’s up (and what we’re up to!).

built for speed

Powerful search, intelligent content categories, and a highly efficient site architecture make accessing and auditioning any of the thousands of files quick and easy.

on the go access

Find, filter and start working on content whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. Add your selected cuts to your cart and they’ll be waiting for you when you log in at the station.

I’m really excited to see Production Vault and Reelworld One back in production after a short break.

There are some changes to both services you should know about. Reelworld One has been completely remixed from scratch with new producers, a new 40-60 voice vocal stile depending on which logo you use, and a hole new website and team. Production Vault hasn’t changed much, just a new website.

Both services are market exclusive. Get them in your market today before the competition does. And I encourage all Cumulus owned stations to air Production Vault and Reelworld One again. You’ll truly be happy you did.

Go to the Reelworld website to learn more about Production Vault and Reelworld One.

Imaging Showcase: Benztown

About Benztown Branding.

Benztown Branding™ provides the world’s most powerful imaging libraries with over 274846 audio elements, updated and growing daily. Containing shelled produced promos and sweepers, ramploops, branded song intros, artist IDs, listener drops, song hooks, musicbeds, individual imaging workparts and more. Benztown Branding continuously delivers the highest quality audio elements across twenty-one libraries and thirteen formats including AC, Hot AC, CHR, Country, Classic Hits, News/Talk, Rock, Classic Rock, Rhythmic, Urban, and Urban AC.

Massive Scale of Content

Updated Daily

Shelled and Customizable

Topical and Current

Designed for Seamless Production

Easy and Powerful User Experience

Unmatched Service and Attention

Collaboration from the Industry’s Best

I highly recommend Benztown. They offer imaging libraries, voiceovers, and the best imaging directors in the biz.

To learn more and to get Benztown in your market befor the competition does, Click this link.

Get Benztown in your market today!

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