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IMGR Country is here!

IMGR Country has arrived!

While IMGR CHR and Hot AC contain a jingles option, IMGR Country does not contain and updating jingle service. Instead, all you get with IMGR country is just that. Another country imaging library updated weekly. Sweepers and promos, FX, Artist and listener content, ETC.

If you need a jingle package, there are loads of choices for your station. Wise Buddah has jingle packages that can be used on Country stations, and Reelworld and TM Studios have some amazing Country packages to choose from.

IMGR Country will be locked out of markets quickly, so don’t sit on this new imaging tool. Sign up now before your competiter does!


Megatracks announce new offerings to radio stations

MEGATRAX PRODUCTION MUSIC has inked partnership agreements for a full slate of radio imaging services from IMGR, the imaging production service from WISE BUDDAH and TIRADE, radio imaging for Sports and Talk radio from PETE GUSTIN. MEGATRAX will now offer seven format options — Top 40, Hot AC, Rock, Sports and Mexican Regional with News Talk and Country packages rolling out in early 2016.

VP/Sales PHIL MACKO said, “Radio has always been near and dear to MEGATRAX. We’ve seen changes in our radio clients’ needs, and for years have sought the perfect imaging partners. Our standards for sonic quality and service are quite high, so our search wasn’t easy. I’m proud and happy to say that the search is over. Our partnership with IMGR and TIRADE will provide world class products to our radio clients. We’re honored to be their partners.”

IMGR will be available throughout NORTH, CENTRAL and SOUTH AMERICA excluding CANADA. TIRADE will be available to MEGATRAX clients in all of NORTH, CENTRAL and SOUTH AMERICA.

Megatracks will provide future and current IMGR clients production FX and music beds for sweepers and promos.

To get IMGR on your radio station before your competitor does, Contact AdLarge Media or Wise Buddah directly.

IMGR. The first 12 months.

Over these first 12 months, IMGR has grown from 1 format to 3 formats.

To celebrate a job well done, here, in full, is IMGR’S very first press reliece in 2014

Introducing IMGR, a brand new radio production service delivering daily quality content to radio stations worldwide, via an innovative online interface.

Combining aspirational Imaging and contemporary sounding jingles into one service, IMGR creates a distinct improvement on existing platforms and raises the bar in quality and user experience

Based in Seattle, WA, IMGR is a partnership between Wise Buddah Jingles & Music Imaging and Steve Pigott, well known for creating and revolutionizing Imaging services worldwide. The service was announced at RadioDays Europe in Dublin yesterday.

“Taking a couple of years out and enduring an unbiased, objective assessment of radio imaging has enabled me to focus on the next generation of production services. IMGR is fresh, unique, powerful and has the edge on anything else out there”, said Steve Piggot

IMGR boasts an exiting line-up of both fresh and experienced production talent with contributions from some of the most recognized and respected names in the business, including George Taylor – who has played an integral role in developing the sound of CHR radio in recent years.

IMGR comes in a CHR presentation, a Hot AC presentation, and a Country presentation. The service has already beaten the competition over these 12 months. They hope to add even more clients in the next 12 months.

In regards to the Country format, the demo isn’t even online yet, but already a bunch of stations have signed on before the official demo comes out. Well done!

IMGR’s jingle package starts with a 12 cut starter kit. After that you get 3 new jingles every quarter, 12 cuts every year!

You then receive a huge imaging library of pre-produced sweepers and promos, workparts, music beds, listener and artist audio, production FX and branded intros. All of these elements update literally every week.

Everything is customized with your voice talent

You can edit all of the cuts online via IMGR’S new multi-track editter. You can also download literally everything and build your own library of customizable workparts. All of IMGR’S catagories are culler coaded.

Hundreds of stations everywhere are using IMGR. Is your station ready to take your imaging to the next level?

It’s time to burn your old jingle and imaging service, and start creating your own imaging masterpieces with IMGR! I can’t recommend it enough

IMGR is a creation of Dave Meffert and Mark Goodier. It’s being described as the next big thing since Short Bus Radio. I can’t agree more

Here’s the newely launched IMGR website. Go here to listen to monthly audio highlites from these 3 formats!

Market exclusive and ready for your station now. Lock it up in your market before the station across town does

Watch this space. I’ll let you know when the demo for the new Country format is up.

My Wise Buddah review. a big a+ jingle company, will dominate the radio jingle industry.

The radio jingle industry has now seen new lite, thanks to Wise Buddah.

Launched in 1999, the jingle company is now 16 years old, and growing.

They have evolved from 1 jingle package to hundreds of jingle packages for a radio station to choose from.

Wise Buddah jingles contains…

Logo flexibility. You can have Wise Buddah sing your jingles with any logo you want, no restrictions even if your logo melody is a heritage logo melody.

Tuns of edets and mixouts provided to your station at no extra charge.

Vocal Stile options for every station.

Jingles can be sung in any language.

IMGR is starting to take over the updating jingle and imaging service arena as well. It not only revives the updating jingles concept, but you also get song stems, power intros spisific to your station playlist, and a couple more surprizes.

I highly encourage any and all radio stations around the world to get Wise Buddah jingles and or IMGR. You’ll be happy you did. AdLarge Media handles US distribution, but US radio stations can always contact WB directly to get a jingle package. IMGR comes in 3 formats. CHR, Hot AC and Country. The Country demo isn’t on the website yet, but radio stations in the Country arena can sign up now.

Their jingles are sung in various languages, but all in all, their jingle packages are well produced and will work in any radio format from AC to CHR, Hot AC to Country. Don’t like what you see? no worries Wise Buddah will do a custom package for your radio station. And if your a returning customer, they will welcome you back to the WB family of clients with open arms.

Grade: A+.

Go here to sign up with IMGR,

And go here to listen to the various packages available.

Don’t want to use IMGR? No problem! Combining Wise Buddah jingles with another imaging library like Short Bus Radio might be a good idea.

Wise Buddah. The jingle company that’ll dominate the radio jingle industry in no time at all. After hearing all of their custom jingle packages available on the WB website and the IMGR format demos, I highly recommend Wise Buddah big time.

Wise Buddah newsletter September and October 2015. WB headed to the states long turm, Dave Meffert joins the company as VP/creative

Wise Buddah has relieced it’s monthly newsletter for September and October 2015.

Here are just a couple of highlites.

The company has signed long turm, multi-year deals with 10 of the biggest radio station owners in the united states. These include Cumulus, I heart Media, CBS Radio, Beasly Broadcasting, Entercom, and Alpha Media to name afew. They expect more station owners by the end of the year. As part of the deal, radio stations will be able to use WB’S newest imaging service IMGR, as well as using any jingle package from WB’S catalog of customizable packages available on the website. All packages work for any radio format. Or, they can get a complete custom package that not only fits any format, but that package gets syndicated for other stations, giving the package a new lifespan.

In addition, Dave Meffert, the world’s popular imaging producer has left TM Studios after a long 5 year run and is joining Wise Buddah effective October 5 and will be the Vice president of creative content for WB. This means that Dave will handle all of the companies catalog of jingle packages as well as handleing imaging and production for IMGR’S formats. and creating production music libraries. Dave will stay in New York City, but his jingles and imaging he produced with TM Studios will now be in the hands of Bruce Upcherch. Dave reports to Phil Tozer, production director. for WB’s offices in Seattle, WB’S US home base.

This is a great time for Wise Buddah as the company is shuffling it’s staff. Their jingles are on stations worldwide and are customizable. I can’t wait to hear what they’ll put out with Dave in command. All I can say is congratulations to everyone involved with WB and congratulations goes out to all of the radio station owners in the United States. the fact that more owners are to follow is more great news as IMGR is taking radio imaging by storm. Literally.

Radio stations can go here to hear IMGR’S most recent highlites and sign up for this new imaging trend that everybody is talking about. IMGR comes in 2 formats CHR and Hot AC, with 2 more to follow Country at the end of the year, and AC launching earley next year. Radio stations in the country arena can sign up for IMGR Country now. IMGR CHR has hit the 50 station mark, and IMGR Hot AC has hit the 30 station mark. Incredible job for the team at Wise Buddah as IMGR is only 7 months old and is already growing it’s client base.

IMGR Country almost here!

Country radio… Be prepared… for a service that puts other services to shame!

Imaging and Jingles combined into one service for the first time.

Thousands of content files with 30 more added every week.

Fully customized for your station with your voice talent.

Regular jingle updates without logo restrictions.

Edit all content directly through the app’s multitrack editor.

IMGR Country promises to be the only service you’ll ever need, period!

Coming soon to a Country station near you!

If you would like to become one of the earley adopters, Contact IMGR today, before the station accross the streat does!

IMGR. Reelworld’s Successer

It seems like IMGR is the successer to Reelworld One and Production Vault.

IMGR is both a jingle and imaging service in 1 place. It now comes in 3 euneek formats. CHR, Country, and Hot AC.

Since I first featured IMGR they have launched a new website and added over 25 stations to the IMGR family.

IMGR’S jingle packages come with a 16 cut starter kit. IMGR then updates each format with 3 new jingles every month.

The imaging services are massive. You start with a library of sweepers and promos, branded song intros, artist audio, music beds, and production FX. Since each format is different, you can customize the sweeper and promo shells with your own voice talent. Shells can also be remixed before they go on air.

I can’t recommend IMGR enough. I hear IMGR on air on the biggest stations around the world and I think any radio station who currently use Reelworld One and Production Vault should make the switch.

The only demos on the IMGR site at this time are for CHR and Hot AC. The Country demo will be released in the fall.

IMGR is market exclusive. Don’t Wait, Get IMGR on your station today!

Tip: IMGR can be used alongside another imaging service called Imaging Blueprint. Pare them both up and sound amazing!

Imaging Showcase: IMGR/Imaging Blueprint

This is a first In what I call and imaging showcase. a series devoted to what’s new in radio imaging that I recommend to PD’S in need of new tools and toys.

First off, and all in 1 imaging service called IMGR.

This service is cool. If your looking for something to replace Reelworld One and Production vault, this is it. You get custom jingles, Pre-produced sweepers you can produce yourself, Artist audio, and more!

You can combine IMGR with another service, Imaging Blueprint. More sweeper and Artist content, but there’s also Sound effects, Music beds and beets, and afew surprises.

IMGR is available to CHR and Hot AC formats, but knowing that this is going to be a success, they’ll probably launch other formats. The best part about IMGR is that you can produce everything either online or with another workstation like Adobe Audition or Pro tools. IMGR’S updating jingles will handle any logo your current jingles use.

I personally love both services. IMGR will be a good replacement for Reelworld One, and I have no dout Imaging Blueprint will also be a success. I recommend you get this for your station before the competition does, because both services are market exclusive, and I don’t think you wanna miss out.

Stay tuned, the next couple of updating services come from TM Studios.

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