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Megatracks to distribute Wise Buddah in the United States and Canada

It’s official. Wise Buddah has found it’s new US distributor!

After being represented by Ad-Large Media for a year, Megatracks is the official US distributor for all of Wise Buddah’s products.

This includes IMGR and all of Wise Buddah’s jingle packages. These products will now be distributed in the US and Canada by Megatracks, even Wise Buddah’s new Plus jingle service.

US and Canada stations should contact Megatracks for more details about IMGR and Wise Buddah, and to get WB in their market before it gets locked up.

Can’t wait to hear more of Wise Buddah and IMGR in the united states and Canada!


Radio Disney Country launches tonight with live CMA awards broadcast

Imagine a country music station not tied down to any of the regular country radio procedures: It can play traditional country; pop-country; album cuts; new artists; old artists. Even Taylor Swift

Therein lies the secret weapon for Radio Disney Country, a Radio Disney spin-off that launches tonight coinciding with ABC’s Country Music Association Awards. (Both properties share Disney as a parent company.) The station, aimed at a general family audience and also teens and millennials, plans to launch into the competitive country radio arena by simply playing everything

Specifically, the station will have a 60-40 split of music. Sixty percent will be popular artists such as Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan and Hunter Hayes. The rest will spotlight up-and-coming young artists, from Maddie & Tae to RaeLynn and Dan + Shay, plus singers that teens might be familiar with from TV, like Cassadee Pope from “The Voice” and Scotty McCreery of “American Idol.” At the same time, the station will play Taylor Swift’s music, even if it’s from years ago when she was still a country artist. Plus, it won’t shy away from songs like “Something Better” by electro-dance producer Audien…because the track features Lady Antebellum, a country group

[For Kelsea Ballerini, Taylor Swift comparisons used to be a liability. Not anymore

Phil Guerini, Radio Disney’s vice president of marketing, says that’s exactly how executives hope to define Radio Disney Country: Lack of definition of genres. While that idea may upset purists, Guerini says that will be a major benefit for the listeners who are already accustomed to different genres

“Even country music fans don’t purely listen to country music,” Guerini said. He noted that as the country format has embraced to have a more pop and rock-leaning sound, some of the audience (particularly the younger set) won’t seem that surprised to hear songs from a pop artist on a country station

Radio Disney Country, which like Radio Disney is available to local radio stations nation wide and on digital apps, is a natural evolution for the parent company, given that ABC is the home to programming such as the CMA Awards and primetime drama “Nashville.”The Disney Music Group even used to own Nashville-based Lyric Street Records (which has since shuttered). So the idea for a Disney country-themed station, which has been in the works for about two years, is on-brand

Radio Disney Country stations across the United States and Canada will be able to keep their playlist, programming, station name and imaging, including all jingle packages and services pryer to the local brand announcement this summer

Be prepared to air music that’s even younger than ever

Over 3500 radio stations will be launching the hole branding at once. WBCT Grand Rapids is the flagship station

If you need any imaging package ideas incase you need to change your imaging after the launch, I would recommend these services I’ll just list them here, no links as you can find them in the Country, Imaging and jingles tags on this blog

Country Splat! Dave Meffert voices this service You can use him as your signature voice or use your own voice talent. Honestly, I would stick with Dave Meffert as he’s a good fit

360 Country Jingle and branding service from TM Studios

IMGR Country even though the demo isn’t on the main IMGR site yet, the new jingle and imaging service itself has finally launched and is now available. The service is already customizable with your own voice talent. Plus the jingles are 100% in line with today’s country programmers

Short Bus Radio they have a country imaging library. Just because Dave Meffert no longer creates stuff for short bus radio doesn’t mean that they stopped updating the library

Reelworld One and Production Vault are 2 more good choices

If I had to pick something, My top 3 would be Country Splat! IMGR and 360. All other libraries will fit the station as well, but not as flexible as the top 3

As noted, Reelworld, TM Studios and Wise Buddah are providing the jingles and imaging for the new venture. Even Zone Radio Imaging is apart of it!

Compass Media launches new countdown show for CHR, Hot AC and AC. The Radio Disney Top 30 Countdown

SHOW TITLE: Radio Disney Top 30 Countdown

HOST: Ernest “Ernie D” Martinez

TIMES: Weekly

Radio Disney and Dees Entertainment have announced a distribution agreement that will provide radio stations across the United States access to the Radio Disney Top 30, a weekly program featuring the most popular songs among kids and families. Dees Entertainment is an entertainment content distributor owned by Rick Dees. The company syndicates over 50 hours of content each week including five editions of the Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 countdown show to over 1000 affiliates worldwide. The three hour Radio Disney Top 30, hosted by on-air personality Ernest “Ernie D” Martinez, originates from Radio Disney’s Burbank studios. The program showcases music and entertainment that’s relevant to kids, tweens and families and includes exclusive news and artist and celebrity interviews both in-studio and from sets and special events. Phil Guerini, VP of Programming/GM for Radio Disney, said, “One of our greatest attributes is that parents consider Radio Disney to be a trusted music-centric environment that encourages connections between them and their kids as they listen together. Rick Dees is a visionary who has long tapped into exactly what people want in pop music so we stand to benefit enormously from the expertise and resources of the global business he’s built.” Dees said, “Disney is synonymous with world-class family programming, and Ernie Martinez brings likability and broad appeal as well as relevant music for kids and families, a reason why this show has such terrific potential for stations who are looking for family-friendly music programming.”

— Dees Entertainment’s Joe Kieley and Bob Catania will oversee Affiliate Relations for the Radio Disney Top 30.

The Radio Disney Top 30 Countdown has launched on exactly 40 radio stations nation wide and is available to CHR, Hot AC, and AC stations, with a Country version launching next year.

The imaging library this show uses is the ever popular Short Bus Radio. The jingle package produced for the show, chart number jingles and all, were produced by Wise Buddah over a 5 month period. The jingles feature a high energy presentation, with a 20 voice vocal group led by heritage jingle singer Beverley Staunton. These jingles aren’t your typical jingles you would air on your station. These jingles feature live horns, synth, guitar and some orchestration with a memorable 10 note sonic logo.

I heard this new show on flagship station KKHH Houston and I 100% highly recommend you air this show on your station before your competitor does. It’s a really fun show and it’s definitely younger than other countdown shows in the market.

Contact Compass Media to air the Radio Disney Top 30 Countdown in your market today!

Side note. The AC version airs jingles that are upbeat, but not as heavy as the more powerful CHR version.

Go here to learn more about the new show. The demo on the page doesn’t feature the new jingles unless you air the program in your market.

New jingle company launches to the radio world. Spine has arrived!

Grand Rapids, Michigan. Press release: October 5, 2015. The radio world has welcomed a new jingle company during The Imaging Days 2015. Introducing… Spine, founded Anthony Timmers and Jean-Paul van Druten.

Over the last couple of years this duo has worked for several strong brands around the world including NRJ, Radio 538, Warner Brothers, MTV, Sky Radio, BBC Radio 1 and WKTU and many, many more. As of October 5th 2015, they combine their forces in the new jingle company Spine.

Anthony Timmers: “The origin of jingles is fading more and more. With Spine we bring back the original structure, combined with contemporary sounds and production styles. But also our workflow has completely changed. Spine is creating the “Spine Backpack”: a database consisting of a wide variety of ’now sounding’ jingles. With our concept “Rethinking Jingles” we also provide more sustainability of our cuts, there’s a clear production link to the playlist – but will not have sound-a-likes as result. So in terms of jingles: we got your back!”.

Jean-Paul van Druten: “Exactly! :-)“.

On the introduction of the company can be heard and viewed again, of course lots of new productions can be found on the site also. Also via Twitter (@spinejingles) and Facebook (/spinejingles), Spine will be giving updates.

Any radio format can use Spine. The site itself launches at 6:00 PM tonight. Spine’s jingles can be customized with any logo.

So whether your format is CHR, AC, Christian Radio or Country, you’ll sound amazing with Spine.

Here’s the Spine website.

Spine can do a custom package for your station. Or, you can get a resing from any of Spine’s jingle packages on the site.

Welcome Spine to the world and get the sound of Spine on your radio station now!

I’ll be doing a review on this new company. You’ll find that review in the next post.

Westwood One acquires Short Bus Radio long turm, Ad large media to distribute Wise Buddah jingles in the United States

No sooner did Dave Meffert, founder of Short Bus Radio leave TM Studios and Short Bus Radio on Friday afternoon comes word that Westwood One has added Short Bus Radio to it’s line-up.

From All Access.

WESTWOOD ONE has signed a multi-year extension with imaging service SHORT BUS RADIO, which is a collective brain trust of major market producers and audio contractors who provide radio imaging, programming, and production elements to 400+ stations across 12 formats. Under the new agreement, WESTWOOD ONE will manage advertising sales for all Short Bus production and imaging libraries.

“PAUL and MIKE, with their team, have created a tremendous business by helping countless stations and managers stand out in the market with terrific sound,” WESTWOOD ONE COO CHARLES STEINHAUER said. “It is a pleasure to continue this partnership and we look forward to growing it over the years to come.”

“We are so excited to continue our relationship with WESTWOOD ONE,” SHORT BUS RADIO CEO/Pres. PAUL BAHR said. “Business is about relationships, and we value our partnership with WESTWOOD ONE and all that we have accomplished together. We are honored to be part of the future at WESTWOOD ONE.

Also, Wise Buddah, who just signed multi-year deals with radio station owners in the united states earley this week just found a US distribution company to syndicate it’s jingles.

This just in to the newsroom.

New York, NY – August 9, 2015 – AdLarge Media has signed on as the exclusive U.S. radio distributor and national ad sales partner for Wise Buddah Jingles, the internationally acclaimed jingle and music imaging service. Wise Buddah has worked with some of the world’s leading radio brands, including BBC Radio, Virgin Radio, and SKY Radio, and makes its U.S. debut with stations in Sacramento, Spokane, and Milwaukee.

Wise Buddah Jingles specializes in the production of jingles and ID’s across the Hot AC, AC, CHR and many other formats. The twenty-one year old award-winning company has been recognized with a Sony Gold Award and two Gold Awards at the NY Festivals.

Wise Buddah Jingles’ unique sound and great customer service made a huge difference in the sound of our radio station,” stated Brett Andrews, Program Director, WRIT, Milwaukee.

“Wise Buddah Jingles will help our affiliates grow their brands by strengthening their sonic signature locally,” noted Jessica Sherman, Senior Director, Affiliate Marketing, AdLarge Media. “It’s exciting to bring such a superior quality of jingles to the U.S. marketplace.”

So this week was filled with big imaging and jingle news. Dave Meffert leaving TM Studios completely to joine Wise Buddah as it’s VP of content, Ad large Media distributing WB jingles in the US and Canada, and Short Bus Radio has found a new home in Westwood One.

Something tells me that things will become different for all parties once the dust clears. All I can say is whether you use IMGR, Wise Buddah jingles, or Short Bus Radio, know your going to create great imaging for your radio station. All thoughts and prayers go to WB, Short Bus Radio, Westwood One, and Ad large media as they make the transition. Hears to new imaging in these last months of 2015 and beyond!

Wise Buddah newsletter September and October 2015. WB headed to the states long turm, Dave Meffert joins the company as VP/creative

Wise Buddah has relieced it’s monthly newsletter for September and October 2015.

Here are just a couple of highlites.

The company has signed long turm, multi-year deals with 10 of the biggest radio station owners in the united states. These include Cumulus, I heart Media, CBS Radio, Beasly Broadcasting, Entercom, and Alpha Media to name afew. They expect more station owners by the end of the year. As part of the deal, radio stations will be able to use WB’S newest imaging service IMGR, as well as using any jingle package from WB’S catalog of customizable packages available on the website. All packages work for any radio format. Or, they can get a complete custom package that not only fits any format, but that package gets syndicated for other stations, giving the package a new lifespan.

In addition, Dave Meffert, the world’s popular imaging producer has left TM Studios after a long 5 year run and is joining Wise Buddah effective October 5 and will be the Vice president of creative content for WB. This means that Dave will handle all of the companies catalog of jingle packages as well as handleing imaging and production for IMGR’S formats. and creating production music libraries. Dave will stay in New York City, but his jingles and imaging he produced with TM Studios will now be in the hands of Bruce Upcherch. Dave reports to Phil Tozer, production director. for WB’s offices in Seattle, WB’S US home base.

This is a great time for Wise Buddah as the company is shuffling it’s staff. Their jingles are on stations worldwide and are customizable. I can’t wait to hear what they’ll put out with Dave in command. All I can say is congratulations to everyone involved with WB and congratulations goes out to all of the radio station owners in the United States. the fact that more owners are to follow is more great news as IMGR is taking radio imaging by storm. Literally.

Radio stations can go here to hear IMGR’S most recent highlites and sign up for this new imaging trend that everybody is talking about. IMGR comes in 2 formats CHR and Hot AC, with 2 more to follow Country at the end of the year, and AC launching earley next year. Radio stations in the country arena can sign up for IMGR Country now. IMGR CHR has hit the 50 station mark, and IMGR Hot AC has hit the 30 station mark. Incredible job for the team at Wise Buddah as IMGR is only 7 months old and is already growing it’s client base.

Radio Disney CHR brand gives way to new CHR Hits Now! network

There is a new network in town as Radio Disney CHR branding goes away in favor of a brand new CHR network created by Westwood One called Hits Now!

Here is all the info about the new network.

HITS NOW is Top 40 for the 21st Century! The best of pop, urban, alternative, hip-hop, and rock music – all packaged with an upbeat attitude. It’s the ultimate mass appeal, high-impact format, playing the most popular hits, packaged with imaging that captures a youthful spirit.

As you can tell, Westwood One created a teen oriented CHR format that has been in the works for over 2 years. This network is now on the air and is on all CHR stations that were previously under the Radio Disney handle.

The network uses Short Bus Radio CHR and stations can localize the imaging however they want.

I’m hearing Hits Now! on most of the CHR stations owned by Cumulus and I can say that this new venture is worth airing.

Contact Westwood One now to air Hits Now! in your market. Find out what 3000+ stations already know about the new network. Lock Hits Now! on your station now before the competition does!

Nick radio launches this week, competition arises

NEW YORK (AP) — Nickelodeon is getting into the radio business.

The children’s entertainment network has joined forces with Clear Channel Media and Entertainment to create its own station on Clear Channel’s online iHeartRadio.

Nick Radio launched Monday with “The Way” singer Ariana Grande — also star of Nick’s “Sam & Cat” — as featured guest DJ, along with another Nickelodeon act, Big Time Rush.

With its entry into radio, Nick Radio will provide some competition for Radio Disney, Disney’s terrestrial and Internet radio stations. Like Radio Disney, Nick Radio will feature kid-friendly Top 40 music, stars from its network and celebrity interviews.

Besides iHeartRadio, it will also be on Nickelodeon’s own website.

Needliss to say, competition has arised. This new localized branding has been launched on over 1500 CHR stations, using their own name and imaging.

The flagship internet radio station itself uses Sticky FX Brain freeze and CHR volume 1 for production, and TM Studio’s Complete Hit Radio jingle service as it’s jingle package.

All of Nick Radio’s liners contain Nickelodien’s heritage instrumental logo. Nick Radio’s jingles, however uses the Z100 logo.

Everyone can go here to stream Nick Radio.

If your a CHR station, especially if your a CHR station playing artists like One Direction, Fifth Harmony, Bruno Mars and Pitbull, you might want to keep your playlist teen oriented, and as always, make your imaging stand out from the competition! And make sure that your station plays the newest stuff first. CHR radio can learn from Nick Radio.

Radio Disney Country launches this fall

From Radio Insight

Radio Disney will launch Radio Disney Country, a modern, multi-platform country music-focused network for families, this fall. It was announced today at CMA Fest by Phil Guerini, Vice President, Programming and General Manager, Radio Disney, who was accompanied by country music’s youngest rising stars Hunter Hayes, Maddie & Tae and Kelsea Ballerini. The 24/7 network will feature chart-bound young artists and today’s biggest country hits, including Florida Georgia Line, Hunter Hayes, Maddie & Tae, The Band Perry, Kelsea Ballerini, Thomas Rhett and RaeLynn.

Country music continues to grow in popularity among tweens and teens. As a trusted name in family entertainment, Radio Disney is delighted to introduce a new music outlet dedicated to country music and expand upon the engaging content we successfully deliver through Radio Disney’s multi-platform network,” said Guerini.

The channel launch will coincide with the 2015 Country Music Association Awards in November and will live on the Radio Disney App, as well as on third party digital platforms. Multi-platform offerings will include music videos, in-studio interviews and performances.

“I am so excited about Radio Disney launching a country channel,” said Ballerini. “It’s so cool to get a new generation and a new group of ears on my music…and all of the awesome music coming out of Nashville. I think it will be great for the format, it’s been great for me, and I’m hopeful to do more with them in the future.”

Radio Disney Country is produced by Radio Disney, a multi-platform music brand known for introducing new artists and playing the music of many of today’s most popular young artists, including, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and Shawn Mendes. It is widely recognized by the music industry as an influencer to drive music awareness and is among a select group of mainstream radio stations tracked by Billboard and Mediabase music panels. Radio Disney’s Top 40 playlist is driven by listener requests and represents major label recording artists, including One Direction, Katy Perry, 5 Seconds of Summer, Fifth Harmony and Demi Lovato. Billboard magazine has also twice cited Radio Disney in its “Maximum Exposure” list, which names the Top 100 ways to get music noticed. Radio Disney reaches millions of listeners each week across its national feed originating from Los Angeles,, Sirius XM satellite radio on channel 79, HD Radio, ShowMobile, Aha Radio, Slacker, TuneIn, iTunes Radio, and the Radio Disney iOS and Android Apps.

Radio Disney Country will be more than just a 24-7 radio network. It will be a radio brand. When Radio Disney Country launches this fall it will be on over 500 radio stations across the United States. The flagship station that will launch the new Radio Disney Country branding will be WBCT Grand Rapids. Radio stations under the Radio Disney Country brand can use any name they want Wolf, B, Hawk, Cat Country etc as well as just use frequency and call letters to brand their station.

Imaging wise, the Radio Disney Country network itself will use Imagio and | Audio Architecture for sweepers and promos, and a masivv custom jingle package produced by Zone Radio Imaging, just like it’s CHR counterpart which airs on over 3500 radio stations as a brand rather than a network. As part of the new Radio Disney Country branding, radio stations can use any jingle package and imaging library they want.

The new Radio Disney Country branding is flexable. Every Country station’s music selection will be different. Most of the radio stations that will launch Radio Disney Country will be CHR intencive, playing music that’s younger and sound like today’s music, and using jingles and imaging libraries that are used on both CHR and Country stations. Others will be Hot AC intencive, meaning that the jingles and imaging won’t be hard hitting like the Country radio stations with a CHR presentation. The music Hot AC Country stations play sound like today’s music, but not as hevy and younger.

If you want to air the new Radio Disney Country branding, just follow the mediabace Country music charts and decide whether the imaging on your station will be CHR intencive or Hot AC intencive. That’s about it.

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