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Reelworld releaces new high energy country package for US*99 Chicago

The third custom package in a roe in the Chicago market has arrived!

High energy. High impact. Country branding.

Country jingles that stand up to the energy and excitement of any other format on the dial while staying true to the essence of country radio. Authentic instrumentation, high energy vocals and fast-paced production to brand your station with attitude and impact.

As we evolved US*99 to sound hotter, we knew that a jingle package from ReelWorld was going to really make us stand out from other country stations. This package fits the sound we were going after and still meshes well with today’s country music.

Jeff Kapugi
Program Director US*99 Chicago | VP/Programming – Country CBS Radio

Package includes:

•20 Core Themes



•Top Of Hour



OK. this is a better package than the 94-9 The Bull package RW releaced earlier this year. This new package is short, but it also has slogan cuts that are indeed high energy.

Package review to follow.

Here is the US*99 package. Listen to it here.

Lock this package in your market now before it gets locked up. And trust me, it will get locked up.


Reelworld relieces the next generation of classic hits. Introducing K-Hits, Chicago!

The new sound of Classic Hits. The K-Hits package takes the signature sounds of the format and brings them to life using today’s production techniques.

Retro synths, 80’s guitars and that big stacked vocal sound come together to create a Classic Hits package with the excitement and emotional impact of the songs we love – without sounding dated.

K-Hits has always been a little more cutting-edge, a little younger, a little different than the average Classic Hits station. Our new jingles elevate the sound of K-Hits and make us a true pioneer of the format.”

Todd Cavanah Vice President of Programming CBS Radio/Chicago

Package includes:

• 10 Core Themes

• Top Of Hour

• Holiday

• Weather

• Contest

This package gives any classic hits station a fresh coat of paint. A full 2 thumbs up from me.

This new package features a full 20 voice sound that will cut through, and give your station the energy it deserves.

Lock this package up in your market right away, before it really gets locked up!

Here is the full K-Hits package check it out!

The all beverley vocal option is available to stations not wanting to use the 20 voice vocal group.

Reelworld introduces WYCD 2016

“ReelWorld jingles have been part of WYCD’s success for many years. I can’t imagine the station without our signature jingles on the air.

Tim Roberts, Operations Manager

Program Director WYCD-FM

Bold, unique and 100% authentic country jingles.

Country radio is about more than just the music. It’s about faith, family, community and feeling connected. When it comes to jingles for country radio, they need to inspire that same emotional connection. They have to sound as real as the music you play and feel as authentic as the lives of your listeners.

That’s exactly what the new WYCD 2016 package is all about.

With the new WYCD package, you have a choice of vocal stiles. You can either take the solo rout, or go with the full 20 voice vocal group. Either way, your jingles will sound like the music your listeners connect with every day.

Package includes:

• 8 Core Themes

• 2 Top of Hour

• 2 AM Show

• Promo• Traffic

• Weather

• Multiple Mixes of Every Theme

• Instrumentals & Vocals

• Production Beds

The new WYCD package comes after the launch of Reelworld’s new jingle playout system last week. This new playout system is now more flexable than the last playout system.

Reelworld relieces Sunny 2016!

Uplifting jingles for today’s AC radio

Introducing Sunny. A modern jingle package designed for today’s AC radio.

Created for iHeartMedia’s Sunny 99.1 in Houston, this new package pairs contemporary production with warm, uplifting musicality and sounds great alongside the wide variety of songs and artists heard on AC playlists.

Sunny also includes Top Of Hour themes, powerful news and utility beds, and a vibrant Morning Show theme to help your listeners start the day right.

Nothing sounds more like Sunny 99.1 than our brand new ReelWorld jingles. They are contemporary, uplifting, bright and happy and really put the fun and sing-a-long back into AC radio imaging.”

Marc Sherman

SVP/Programming KODA-FM

Package includes:

• 10 Core Themes

• 2 Top of Hours

• AM Show

• Instrumentals and Vocals

• Production Beds

This package came out of nowhere. With Cam Brainard now being the new imaging voice of KODA, I didn’t think I would expect to hear a new custom Reelworld jingle package. What a great surprise!

New jingles from Reelworld. Star Radio 2016

A new year means a new sound for 95.5 Charivari. The Munich based station broadcasts across Munich with a daily reach of 214,000 listeners and is number 1 in their market.

95.5 Charivari chose the new imaging to sit alongside their Hot AC playlist featuring todays best music and in doing so, has opted for a fresh new sound comprising of 10 core jingle themes, a morning show theme for ‘Die Herold Show’ and a suite of news and information beds. They are the first in Europe to take ReelWorld’s new Hot AC package ‘Star Radio 2016’. The custom jingle themes were composed by ReelWorld’s European team with the vocals being recorded at studios in Hamburg. It features a bright and friendly sound with modern production values.

Jan Herold, Programme Director and breakfast host: “It was a real pleasure working with these guys. Straight to the point, professional, phenomenal – the new jingle package is just mind blowing!”

Star Radio is A bright new Modern AC jingle package. It’s new for 2016, available to stations all over the world! Star Radio is also available to stations in the US airing a Hot AC, AC and Christian radio format.

KOST 2016 and Kiss Seattle 2016 from Reelworld

It’s now official. Reelworld has relieced the new jingles for KOST Coast 103.5 Los Angeles.

Press reliece taken from the All Access Website.

Reelworld has completed and released its all-new jingle package for AC stations, with a launch at iHeart Media AC KOST (103.5)/Los Angeles.

KOST 2016 is a jingle package designed to complement broad AC playlists; from current hits to the biggest songs and artists of the past three decades.

Commented REELWORLD Creative Director ERIK HUBER: “Working on a jingle package for such an iconic set of call letters as KOST-FM is truly an honor. The magnitude of what we were composing was front of mind throughout the project, from the initial concepts through to final mastering. I think we’ve created something truly special, just like the station. This package is a perfect synergy of tempos, moods and textures that somehow manage to sound timeless and current at the same time. It’s an instant classic!”

Added KOST PD MICHAEL La CROSSE: “I wanted to start 2016 with something brand-new for KOST. REELWORLD created a jingle package that’s exciting, contemporary, feels good, and sounds right at home next to any song in our deep playlist.”

The package features 12 core themes, including two top-of-hour themes and weather and traffic imaging.

To listen to the demo or the entire package, Click here.

Also, as a bonus package, Reelworld has relieced Kiss Seattle 2016. A brand new jingle package that’s as fun, energetic and exciting as today’s biggest hits.

Click here to listen to the package cut by cut.

I’ll start off with the Kiss Seattle 2016 package. You get 10 main themes with various mixouts, and a Top Of Hour cut. Unfortunately, no utility cuts Morning Show, Promo, Weather, Contest, News or Traffic beds are provided. It’ll sell well as usual, but points deducted for no utility cuts. Still, it’s a great package.

Kost I expected this to happen. If you remember KOST Christmas, you’ll be amazed at the new KOST custom. This is a package that RW naled successfully and I can’t wait to hear it on more stations soon.

I would get a jump on these packages. Both will be locked out of markets vary quickly.

Kiss Seattle and KOST are available to Christian radio stations as well.

Get these packages on your station now before the competition gets a jump on them!

Reelworld big In Deutschland

A storming year for ReelWorld, the jingle and imaging company with offices in Seattle and MediaCityUK, continues with the launch of their latest custom package on Germany’s bigFM.

The jingles, which were exclusively revealed in Amsterdam at a launch party ahead of Imaging Days 2015 on Sunday, are now on-air alongside the Stuttgart station’s new ‘Susanka and Rob Green’ breakfast show.

The 10 new themes were composed by ReelWorld’s European team and the vocals were recorded at their MediaCityUK studios near Manchester. The final package includes additional mixouts for the rest of the station’s output with the ‘’s Biggste Beats’ slogan.

Mate Stojic, the station’s Production Director said that “we were originally looking for a top of hour and came back with the best breakfast package ever! Every cut is part of a big picture that gives us creative freedom to tell our story and take the morning show to a higher level.“

bigFM reaches 2,405,000 listeners every week and the combination of contemporary production values and friendly melodies mean this package performs not only for CHR stations, but for Hot AC stations in search of a more current vibe.

Programme Director Patrick Morgan also commented on the new package, which was also sung for the new breakfast show, saying “we are very excited with our breakfast package. It reflects a state-of-the-art, cutting edge production. This helps underline the key attributes of the Big FM brand. The jingles are outstanding and they get our message to the audience in a very uplifting and positive way.”

ReelWorld’s Paul Fernley was at the helm of the bigFM project: “Pop music is cool again. It’s riding high on the singles charts across Europe and this package is a celebration of those songs. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Mate and the team on this fresh, new sound and we’re very pleased to have a package that matches today’s pop flavor.

The bigFM package follows on from a recent jingle update for 104.6 RTL Berlin who last month took a new set of jingles from the ReelWorld ONE CHR service as well as a custom made Top of Hour sequence. Elsewhere, ReelWorld recently released a new set of jingles for Heart, the UK’s number one commercial radio station, and a custom imaging package for BBC Radio 1Xtra.

This package is now available to US stations with a CHR, Hot AC and Christian radio playlist. The Heart jingle package is also available to AC and Christian radio stations.

Go here to check it out!

And go here to listen to the new Heart network custom.

Grab these packages for your station now before the station across town does!

Article taken from Reelworld’s US website.

New holiday jingles from Reelworld

Reelworld has just put out Coast Christmas, a jingle package perfect for the holiday season.

Here’s the press reliece taken from the US Reelworld website.

As the flip to Holiday programming becomes more popular and profitable than ever before, LA’s KOST 103.5 FM has partnered with ReelWorld to produce a new standout Christmas Jingle Package for the upcoming season.

Featuring 6 Core Themes and 2 Top of Hours – each with multiple length mixouts – the KOST Christmas package is designed to pair seamlessly with new holiday releases as well as all the Christmas Classics that keep your listeners singing along through the season.

Michael La Crosse, program director at KOST 103.5, had this to say about the new KOST Christmas package: “The holiday season is the most important time of year for us at KOST. Jingles and the emotional bond they create are such a huge part of that. Our new ReelWorld package is the perfect way for us to help our listeners feel like they’re home for the holidays.”

Erik Huber, ReelWorld’s creative director, offered his thoughts on the appeal of the package in the modern holiday programming marketplace: “With our new KOST holiday jingles we’ve embodied the spirit of Christmas in a musical brand that is perfect for today’s AC radio. We went the extra mile to infuse this package’s musical DNA with elements of both contemporary Christmas songs as well as the timeless holiday classics of yesterday, giving the jingles a warmth and depth that’s equally at home with Burl Ives, Bing Crosby, Mariah Carey or Justin Bieber. Best of all, the package can be sung using either our time-tested Nashville vocal group, or our fresh new vocal blend created specifically for this package. Either way, the end result is a definitive musical signature that is sure to set the standard for AC holiday imaging for many years to come.”

KOST Christmas is now available and contains everything your station needs to own the holidays this season. From the emotions your listeners experience, to the promotion of your station brand over the holidays, KOST Christmas pairs perfectly with your holiday playlist and truly is the perfect gift for your station.

Whether your racing to be the first to flip for Christmas or smoothly making the transition to holiday music, KOST Christmas is the perfect tool for your station.

Put it this way. Your listeners sing along to the Christmas songs on your playlist, while your station’s branding gets some upbeat feel good magic.

You can listen to the package here.

Of corse, with the new Christmas package, that could only mean 1 thing. KOST has commissioned a new custom package for the rest of the year. We shall see what happens next.

It’s market exclusive. Grab it on your station now this year before you get put on the notty list!

Side note. Multiple logo options can be used. If you don’t care for the new KOST melody, you can use your own logo melody or a heritage logo melody you’ve been using for a long time.

New fresh jingles now available from Reelworld

First Reelworld created Segway jingle packages for 94.9 The Bull Atlanta, then B96 Chicago. How did you think they would top those 2 packages? Simple, they created a third Segway jingle package for Hot AC!

Introducing Fresh 102.7 New York, Reelworld’s newest way of matching your station playlist.

20 main ID’S with a mis mosh of mixouts, Promo, Top of hour and Weather beds. Everything you need to Segway into the songs on your Hot AC playlist.

These 3 Segway jingle packages include no slogan cuts, though you can use the donut before the sing to create liners with your slogan.

Reelworld has been creating Segway jingle packages for a reason. They want to craft something different. Something that would match every station’s playlist, no matter the format. They succeeded with their CHR and Country packages, and hope to succeed with this new Hot AC package.

You can listen to the new Fresh 102.7 package here.

Lock this package up in your market before your competitor does!

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