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Jingle package review: Y Country

This package is being advertised as a true country jingle package. And for once, this new company has finaly naled what a true country package sounds like.

The company I’m refering to is BDP. and the jingle package I’m reviewing is the companies first effert into the country format.

Commitioned by WYTZ 97-5 Y Country in Bridgman, Michigan. This station broadcasts to the entire south west michigan area.

BDP produced what I think is one of the best jingle packages for a country station.

There are 2 flavers you can choose from. The Mainstream version, and a rock version.

While I like both versions, the rock version doesn’t feature a front weather open sing, which will probably turn some stations off. Don’t worry though, as BDP can customise your version exactly the way you want.

I like the Mainstream version better. BDP added fittle and steel guitar elements along with bluegrass instrumentation.

The package breaks down into 5 main themes, 1 top of hour, 2 jock cuts, holiday, weather and morning show cuts. That’s nice, but the finished package features all mixouts and extra production elements.

After hearing both versions, I like them both equally. But extra points go to the Mainstream package. BDP just flat out nailed it 100% with this one. Points deduckted on the rock version for not offering a frunt weather vocal sing. However, with the jingles completely customizable, there’s enough room for a front weather vocal open.

The Mainstream version nails it perfectly! Everything is there. The Top Of Hour cut maybe the catchiest toth jingle I have ever heard. Plus, combine bluegrass instrumentation with steel guitar and fittle elements, and you got a true country jingle package that is emotional, upbeat, and fun all at the same time!

The vocal group is 100% organic no stacked vocals, no synthasized beds, just the wright balance of textures.

I think we as program directers and imaging directers should support BDP for what they accomplished here. If your a country station, I 100% highly recommend the new Y Country package.

Side note. WYTZ uses both versions which means a full 22 + cut jingle package which means every element is getting allot of use on the station. However, they had to resing the morning show cuts as Wild Bill has been replaced with Matt Malone. So the lyrics you’ll hear on air is Matt Malone in the morning, 20 in a roe all day! The demo cuts has the Wild Bill version. Also, I think the station was smart not to air the rock weather bed and instead opted to use the mainstream version of the weather jingle. But all cuts work together perfectly and I’m glad I was able to hear them both on Y Country, and on the BDP site.

Lock this package up in your market before it gets locked up!


Jingle package review: New Country KYGO

Think you heard the KYGO logo in the modern era? Well, take a listen to what Bruce Upcherch created.

The package was releaced last july and has become one of many successful packages I have ever heard on air in the Country format.

There’s nothing I don’t like about this package, so hear are all the things I like about New Country KYGO.

1. Vocals sound amazing! Using the Zone radio imaging vocal group, Bruce Upcherch naled the vocal stile perfectly.

2. The instrumentation is perfectly naled. Bruce and his team made a country package sound completely true to the format. Heck, it’s so good, it can even work on a classic country station. And it shows.

3. The package has enough room for station frequency, long positioners and call letters.

The best part about this package is that it’s on over 3 duzzon country stations. Yes, country stations coast to coast have taken notice and are using this package. Is your station one of them?

I can’t wait to hear what the Zone team have in store for the next KYGO installment, should KYGO decide to order another custom package from them.

In the meantime, I highly recommend this package. You’ll be glad to use it. Lock it up in your market now, before it gets locked up!

Jingle Package Review: Peak FM

TM Studios this year relieced a Hot AC jingle package for KKPK 92-9 Peak FM Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Here’s the link to hear the package.

Things I like.

1. The logo matches that of New York Cities 95-5 PLJ.

2. The package contains vocal options. You choose. solo or group.

3. The package rocks, literally. It might sound like a rock package, but don’t jump to conclusions. It’s definitely a Hot AC package.

4. The vocals are good. I like the solo mixes. I also like the Zone Radio Imaging vocal sound that some stations use.

5. The package features room for station frequency and call letters.

6. This is a keymatch package. That means every jingle you play matches any song in a station playlist.

Bottom line. If your a Hot AC station, I recommend this package. It’s fresh, it’s current, it’s upbeat, and it stands out!

Jingle package review: Country Legend

Here is my review on TM Studios Country Legend.

Things I like.

1. Instrumentation is good. I wouldn’t say this is a hot country jingle package. I’ll put this package under the mainstream country catagory seeing there’s steal guitar and fittle in the instrumentation.

2. Vocals are nice. I like the mail/feemail vocal mix. I wish TM offered this vocal stile more, the only other package I’ve heard would be 360 Country.

3. Plenty of room. You have plenty of room for station frequency and call letters at the end of every cut.

The only thing I don’t like is the package contains no slogan mixes, even though it clearly says slogans in the cut by cut demo. However, it’s not the biggest dealbreaker in the world, as TM said there’s room for your station’s slogans and positioners. So, that’s no big deal.

To end my review, I’ll say this. The new sonic logo in Country Legend sounds good, the vocals are good, and the package has beutiful instrumentation. It’s a good package for mainstream country stations. I wouldn’t use this on a hot country station, but that’s just my opinion.

Here’s the link to Country Legend. Have a listen.

Jingle package review: K-Hits Chicago

Here’s my review on Reelworld’s new jingle package for K-Hits, Chicago.

Things I like.

1. Slogan mixes. There’s room for everything you can think of as far as your positioner goes. This is a great package that features various keys and tempos.

2. Vocal sound. How do you describe a jingle package in 1 word as far as vocals are conserned? Huge! How about a 20 voice vocal group with a 10 voice option for those stations who don’t want that big of a sound.

3. The package stands out. Especially the Weather bed. Very Michael Jackson-ish in the opening string section.

4. Room for call letter placement. Yes, you finaly have a classic hits package inwhich you can use frequancy and call letters at the end of every cut.

5. The package keymatches your playlist. This is what I call a keymatch package. You can go from song to song just by matching the key of the song.

6. The instrumentation is spot on! This is what I call a true classic hits package without sounding harsh.

There’s nothing as far as the stuff I don’t like. If there’s 1 thing, it’s that RW should add more vocal options. Other than that, I think I’m through with this review.

Here’s the K-Hits chicago package.

I say this package is worth a listen to and if your a classic hits station, you should totaly use it on your station.

Jingle package review: Buz’n Country

I have decided to launch a new feature on my blog as of today.

This new feature was inspired by Youtube channel Flossy Carter, who reviews all kinds of tek.

Here, I’ll be reviewing various jingle packages from various jingle companies.

This is a once a week feature.

Know that like Floss, I pledge no allegiance to no jingle companies. I like them all, and they have been great friends of mine for years.

If I say a jingle package is good, I’ll say it’s good. If I say a jingle package is bad, I’ll try my best to explain why.

The first package I want to review is TM Studios Buz’n Country.

Here are some things I like after listening to the package.

1. The instrumentation is good. Granted this package has little to no country instrumentation, but that’s no surprize to me.

2. There are 2 weather beds instead of 1. Good for KNMB Twin Cities to commission 2 weather beds. Gives the package more variety of tempos to pick from each hour.

3. The vocals are good. Not the best, but definitely not the worst. A mix of mail and feemail vocals with a group harmany definitely make the package added energy.

Things I don’t like.

1. No slogan mixes. Though this package offers room for positioning statements, there are no slogan mixes in the demo cuts. I did hear slogan mixes on some stations though.

2. Not enough room. I feel there is no room for station frequency and call letters. Not a big deal since most jingle companies can edit the tracks, but I would’ve loved to hear frequency and call letters out of the box.

3. The beds are too short. All beds are 30 seconds in actual length. Not enough in my opinion. 60-2 minutes should be the length.

Overall, Buz’n Country is a good package to use on any country station. Allot of stations are using this package, and I heard longer beds on some stations who use it.

I hope this review helps you out in any way when choosing a new jingle package for your station!

I’ll have more to come, stay tuned!

Here’s a link to Buz’n Country.

Radio Disney Country review. Superb, just superb!

Bilbord did a great review of the new Radio Disney Country branding.

I’ll post this review here, then add some words of my own.

From Bilbord. This reviewer is from Fairbanks, Alaska and listens to RDC on Wild 94-3.

Radio Disney Country was one of those radio station ideas that instantly made sense from the moment it was announced to Billboard in June. Let mainstream country stations dither on whether country’s youth movement is desirable or sustainable, or whether Taylor Swift was ever good for the format. A month later, Kelsea Ballerini’s “Love Me Like You Mean It” went to No. 1, making it clear that even if Swift was no longer country’s youth ambassador that, there is still a need for the position.

Radio Disney Country launched Nov. 4, timed to arrive with the CMA Awards. Unlike its “family top 40” namesake, Radio Disney Country exists online and on local country radio stations for now, and if there’s a station made for online radio’s infinite dial, it’s this one, but so far this is a test of what a true pureplay can accomplish. It is, at least, starting out with Radio Disney’s cume and publicity unmatched by any Internet radio station besides Beats 1.

In an opening day interview, Radio Disney GM Phil Guerini told the Washington Post that Radio Disney Country will go beyond country’s traditional walls. It would be easy now to do an “acoustic pop for younger listeners” format that goes from Ballerini into Vance Joy. Radio Disney Country isn’t that, but in the first 24 hours it was possible to hear EDM artist Audien’s current pop hit with Lady Antebellum on lead vocals, or pop-era Taylor.

As with Radio Disney itself these days, there are long stretches where its new country sibling doesn’t sound so much like “the other.” Unlike the early ‘00s, Radio Disney doesn’t have to manufacture that much of its own pop music now. There is a presence of young artists from outside radio’s walls here, but not a preponderance. Both stations also have a number of songs that aren’t particularly youthful in focus, but aren’t inappropriate for a family radio station either. So you’ll still hear Darius Rucker’s “It Won’t Be Like This For Long,” one of those acceptance-of-adulthood songs that very much marks mainstream country at its most, well, mainstream.

You also won’t hear that much Swift; it took me two-hour stretches of listening before she made her first appearance. In fact, until I heard Danielle Bradbury’s “Friend Zone” — one of the Radio Disney Country songs that you won’t hear on mainstream country — that I finally heard a song that takes high school as its theme, which Swift brought to the format for the first time nearly a decade ago.

One of the best, most notable aspects of Radio Disney Country is its strong concentration of female artists (and yes, consecutive female artists). Ballerini’s No. 1 hit was, in part, an industry make-good for the dearth of female acts, and an attempt to put the great Nashville nightmare of “saladgate” behind them. On Radio Disney Country, Maddie & Tae play next to Jana Kramer.

It’s also worth noting that, across two listening sessions roughly twelve hours apart, I heard a vastly different station. The opening night broadcast featured Betsy Spina and artist interview audio to tie in with the CMAs. There was a lot of Radio Disney Country-specific imaging including a custom song intro from Hunter Hayes. The next morning, Radio Disney Country was jockless and the imaging was actually all from Radio Disney itself.

These are station launch hiccups — as was the song I heard twice in the course of a half-hour on the first day — but if there’s anybody whose side channel shouldn’t and doesn’t have to sound like an Internet side channel, it’s a Disney property. Like Sirius XM’s The Highway, there is significant “national superstation” potential here, if properly taken advantage of.

Here’s Radio Disney Country on Nov. 4 at 8 p.m. ET:

Lindsay Ell, “By The Way”

Darius Rucker, “It Won’t Be Like This For Long”

Rae Lynn, “Better Do It”

Big & Rich, “Run Away With You”

Luke Bryan, “Play It Again”

Sam Hunt, “Break Up In A Small Town”

Dan + Shay, “Nothin’ Like You”

Maddie & Tae, “Shut Up And Fish”

Big & Rich, “Run Away With You”

Rae Lynn, “God Made Girls”

The Band Perry, “Live Forever”

Audien f/Lady Antebellum, “Something Better”

Lucy Hale, “You Sound Good To Me”

April Kry, “Fireflies”

Hunter Hayes, “Still Fallin'”

… and here’s the channel on Nov. 5 at 6:20 a.m. ET:

Hunter Hayes, “Still Fallin'”

Thomas Rhett, “Crash And Burn”

Rae Lynn, “Better Do It”

Tim McGraw, “Top Of The World”

Brothers Osborne, “Stay A Little Longer”

Hunter Hayes, “21”

Danielle Bradbury, “Friend Zone”

Rascal Flatts, “Rewind”

Maddie & Tae, “Fly”

Jana Kramer, “I Got The Boy”

Kenny Chesney, “Save It For A Rainy Day”

Lindsay Ell, “By The Way”

Taylor Swift, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

My thoughts. These songs are the same songs when I heard the new sound of south jersey’s WPER Cat Country 107.3. However, WPER uses a localized playlist, it’s live most of the time, and the imaging and jingles from 360 Country from TM Studios fit the new branding perfectly. WPER airs Tast Of Country Nights, but that doesn’t concern me one bit as that program is syndicated and uses the same imaging and jingles used during local programming.

All in all this was well worth the wait and launch, and I’m really excited that over 3,000 specific Country stations got on board. In 2 words, superb job one and all!

There are Country stations everywhere airing RDC with different names, imaging and jingles, as well as having a localized playlist and community presence. Chances are you can listen to RDC anywhere you go!

The internet radio station itself uses 360 Country, Jingles and all. If your station needs new imaging and jingles, consider using 360 as your next imaging service, just like RDC and over 400 Country stations nation wide!

Short Bus Radio review. Always new, always fresh.

2 months ago, the #1 imaging service we in the radio industry call Short Bus Radio was taken over by Westwood One.

Dave Meffert, who owned SBR for 13 years, left the company as soon as SBR changed ownership. However, despite all that’s been happening with SBR recently, Dave still produces SBR imaging, and will continue to do so for a long time.

Short Bus Radio is still always up to the challenge of creating imaging that’s new and fresh. Nothing literally has changed since the Westwood One takeover. Your station will still receive new content every week, ready to go for your station.

In a PPM world it’s nice to know you have a imaging service you can count on for the latest sweepers and promo shells, music imaging, beds and FX, and more.

Short Bus Radio just launched their new website, which you can checkout here. New and potential clients can listen to the newely updated format demos and get a free 30 day testdrive to try SBR.

I like the new site design. The demos still say Dial Global, But I bet they’ll change to saying Westwood One soon. All in all, I still highly recommend SBR.

Seats are starting to fill up fast. Contact Westwood One and get Short Bus Radio in your market today before there’s a full tank of gas!

Splat! Review. Really worth getting for your station.

Radio imaging competition is good. Your station has a choice from the biggest and most successful imaging libraries and services anywhere

Here’s another one of those highly successful and most talked about imaging librarys you’ll find

I mentioned Splat! back when I started this blog, and I’m really surprised everybody is taking notice

Splat! is a Dave Meffert creation and is airing on over 600 radio stations nation wide. It’s smart imaging for the busy radio programmer

Splat! Launched it’s new website and updated all of the format demos last month. No longer do you need to contact the company to air the sounds of Splat! on your station. Instead, you just fill out the form on the sign up section of the new website, and that’s it. Are you programming a cluster? No problem, just provide Splat with station call letters separated by commas

You have 2 options. You can either use Dave Meffert himself to voice your station, or use your own voice talent

This is a great imaging service that I 100% highly recommend you use on your station. After hearing the updated formats demos I can say that Splat! will be the imaging service of choice for many more program and imaging directors for the foreseeable future

Splat! is a barter only service and is market exclusive

Radio Stations, here’s the sign up form. Just fill up the form and your done!

Splat! will help with those tight deadlines. Grab Splat! Now for your station or cluster before the station across the street does, and all seats fill up!

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